October 5, 2008

Finally the weekend is almost over....Weekends are always so busy around here....Last evening we met friends for dinner and then we took our 22-month old,Luke, to get some new clothes and shoes...He has to have a new wardrobe at the beginning of every season....~Shirts,socks,shoes, and pants~He had been running around barefooted and had no long sleeves for some of the cooler mornings....He was none too happy about trying on shoes and let EVERYONE in the store know about it...We finally gave up on more than one pair....But he got everything, but new pants....So there will be more shopping.....

Today was church...Then a lunch of pasta and meatballs that were waiting for us in the crockpot..Thank goodness!!...As soon as lunch is over then I rush to get Luke to sleep for his nap....And the sooner I get him to sleep the sooner I can lay down for one....And I don't miss a nap on Sunday!!..HA!HA!..I even tell my daddy not to call me on Sunday afternoon...It's nap time!!!!....But today it would be a short one...Tim had a meeting at church and I had to take Taylor over to campus for her sorority meeting....Dinner...And now everyone is in bed...Oooooooo...The weekend is finally over!!!!

There is something growing in my bathtub!!!!....My dd works at an educational toy store....Last week she brought this tiny little creature home and said she was putting it in the tub...I was busy doing something at the time,so I only caught half of the comversation....Later on I look in the tub and I see a wash cloth laying over the creature in several inches of water....Well, I knew it wasn't real, but it still gave me the creeps!!!...I remember when we moved here almost 10 years ago...In our other house a big lizard was in our toliet in the master bath...I mean BIG!!!...I still think it was someone's pet that had gotten loose in the water line....I've never seen any that big running around outside since we've lived here.....Anyway to this day I still think about it and always turn on the lights when entering the bathroom...Well, all week it just unnerved me knowing that that thing was in the tub!!!...Sometimes I'd peek in and just make sure it was still there..HEE HEE!!!.... When I 'd look in I couldn't see anything because the wash cloth covered it...Then one day the tail was sitcking out from under it's cover!!!!...Ooohhh YUCK!!!!.....It was definitely growing!!!...And Taylor said it had to be in there til Sunday...We'll it's Sunday and it's still there and it's BIG!!!!...HA!ha!....I'm ready for Monday!!!!!!....I'm off to do some x-stitching!!!

Hope you all had a good weekend!!!!.....Jen

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Tay. said...

haha. you're such a nerd... you have to admit that that lovely lizard was AWESOME!! :]