April 28, 2011

I want to thank everyone for your prayers and comments you've been leaving on here and FB...The pics are of Trenton, GA where Tim grew up and we both have alot of family that live there....We lived there for the first 9 years of our marriage....WE have been in contact with Tim's brother and dad today....It is beyond words and my heart breaks for them....But sooooooooo thankful for our families while so saddened by the fatalities....It is such a small community....

I've been trying to get ahold of Tim's Aunt Louise, but have been unable to....I shared her home a few posts back with you...I pray all is safe on that side of the family!!!

We are fine!!..We're 5 hrs away and in contact with family....We also had family affected in Rossville GA, Ringgold Georgia, Cartersville, GA....etc.

So please continue prayers...The sun is shining here and all storms have passed...We got some bad ones around 5 am this morning....

THANK YOU Linda (Behind My Red Door blog) for calling and checking on me...So thankful for my blog and FB friends!!!

Hugs to all of you!!!...Jen
The road leading to my granny's house in Trenton, GA......
 Total devastation in my husband's hometown of Trenton....A small town nestled between Sand Mountain and Lookout Mtn....As the storm was approaching i was trying to call my granny and aunt that live there....We have family there on my side and Tim's....It's UNBELIEVABLE!!!!...We still can't wrap our minds around it....Tim's parents and one other home was the only 2 in their neighborhood that are liveable we were told....They are sleeping in their hallway tonight, but part of their roof is gone....The woods behind their house are gone and Tim's dad said he though it went through the backyard....A tree fell on their truck and they are unable to get out of the subdivision....

I've also been on the phone with my mom tonight as sirens were going off in their town...They are above Atlanta....Now I'm waiting and watching the radar...We're suppose to get it around 3 am....


Lord Jesus, be with the south tonight and ones in the path of these storms....Hold your mighty hand of protection over us as the storms pass...In your name...Amen!!!

April 27, 2011

New Offerings!

I added a couple new items on my selling blog....I have deleted all my old posts from the past to clean up my blog and will be randomly adding new things....I do add things from time to time without saying anything on this blog....So be checking!

Until next time~~hugs, Jen

April 26, 2011

Are you a follower of A Primitive Place?.......Do you get the A Primitive Place magazine?......I stitched a sampler for their new giveaway...Check it out here...Be sure to join their blog and get a subscription, so you won't miss out on wonderful primitive eye candy!!!......The magazine is AWESOME!!! And while you're there sign up for the giveaway!!!

April 24, 2011

Our un-traditional Easter dinner....But it sure was tasty!!!!
I also want to ask for prayers today....Our hearts are heavy as this is our first Easter without Little Rob....These past 4 months have been difficult for our entire family and all that love him.... This year will be the "firsts" of everything that he won't be here for....Thank you all my friends!!! God Bless!!!!~~hugs, Jen
Our family wants to wish you and yours a Blessed Easter....HE'S ALIVE!!!....Our savior has risen!!!!!!!~~hugs to each of you, Jen

April 23, 2011

Mmmmmmm! What are you fixing??

Tim asks... "What is this?"

I grinned and replied "multitasking"......LOL....I had to share!!!

April 21, 2011

Wow! 2 posts in one day....But I wanted to share my new friend, Lee's website with you....I made these samplers from her primitive patterns....I stitched the Nettie Perkin sampler in black, grays, and a pale blue....

They are just WONDERFUL!!!!...So all you x-stitchers out there be sure to visit Lee here....

Have a wonderful evening!!~~hugs, Jen

A little peek inside!!!!

April 19, 2011

I was going through some pictures and noticed i hadn't shared these from last October when we were visiting family in Trenton, Georgia....While there, we went to see Tim's Aunt Louise....Louise's house is THE HOUSE that got me into primitive/country decorating back in the early 90's....Wood plank flooring, paneled ceilings, stone fireplaces, furniture pieces with sinks inserted in them, pie safes, old quilts, etc.....Everything a country/primitive decorator would just melt at....The floors even squeak in places as you walk around....

These are pics of the house and front porch with wisteria vine growing all over it....Along with a pic of the property....Back behind it is the view of Lookout Mountain....Absolutely gorgeous in the fall...

Until next time~~Have a wonderful evening my friends!!!~~hugs, Jen

April 16, 2011

Hi everyone!...What a wonderful Saturday...A nice productive day of working in the house, and cooking a southern meal...While Tim and Taylor went through all 29 totes of Taylor's in the garage....She got it down to 12....Memories of baby clothes, barbie dolls, stuffed animals, books, etc....I'm determined that garage is going to be cleaned out before the heat hits for good....I've been working on this for 3 years since we moved into this house....And this is the year!!!! Did I say that last year?!?!?!?!?...lol

I have a 10 foot church pew  that came from an old church in Savannah sitting out there...I couldn't get it in this house and I'm not cutting it to make it shorter, so i have all my craft supplies on it....plastic drawers, boxes,plastic totes, etc....I have  really gotten rid of alot of my supplies that i don't use anymore...I still have my tent,tables, etc from when I did craft shows...Someday I might need them again....

I need to go through my Fall and Christmas totes and to thin them out some...I have drawers of x-stitch books..... Along with my drill, drill bits, nails, sander, scroll saw, etc....All the things I need when I'm doing wood projects...Boxes of frames....A huge old 1800's streamer trunk...Boxes of American Greetings stuff (My mom works for them and they use to just throw things away after each holiday)....I can finally get to my boxes of tissue paper mom had saved for me....My priority shipping boxes....So, I can see a light at the end of the tunnel....

We're suppose to have some HOT days this week up to 90, so I hope to get some work done out there in the mornings....Luke only has 4 weeks of school left of his 2 hr morning class, so i hope to get alot of this done during that time and be finished by the time he is out of school....Hopefully!!!...lol

So what things are you all working on right now? Yard work, gardening, home projects? I love hearing from you!!!!~~hugs, Jen


April 15, 2011

Sometimes I have to add a little color to my drabby colored decor.....So far this year this is all I've done towards Spring/Easter decorating....I guess I need to get busy!!!!

Have a wonderful Friday!!!!

hugs, Jen

April 11, 2011

A New Offering On My Selling Blog..........

Hi everyone!...I'm holding my 4 year old off the computer long enough to add a new offering on my selling blog...I'm offering a set of 3 pinkeeps/bowl fillers filled with heavenly lavender...I'm definitely keeping a set of these for myself...Aww!...He is waiting so patiently...lol...So email me if interested...I won't be on the computer til later so Luke can play some computer games....Have a great evening!!~~hugs, Jen

April 5, 2011

Pattern Now Available......

Little Brown Peacock pinkeep now available in a pattern....$7 for e-pattern and $9 plus travel faire for mailed pattern....Just email me and let me know if you want one.....Thanks!!
I'm enjoying my week of Luke's spring break...I've been busy working on some new items for my selling blog and we've just been relaxing....I was stitching this morning at 2:57 when the bad storms hit....Fortunately, we never lost power completely other than a few seconds of going off and on....Winds were reported up to 70 miles a hr...Thankfully, the worst was over in an hour and I headed off to bed around 4:30 listening to rain and thunder....

It didn't hinder the Masters today....Sunny and the temp had fallen from the 87 we had yesterday to 65 today, but it is suppose to get back to the high 80's in a few days...We only live 9 1/2 miles from the course, so I'm staying close to home and out of the traffic....It's spring break, so we're being LAZY!!!!!...

Then, when school starts back Luke only has a month left of school...Even though he only has a 2 hr class I'm soooooo ready for summer...NOT the summer temps, but just time off...I love spending the day with my kids when Taylor is off work and is home from her morning classes.....Laughter in the house with her playing around with Luke....Those days will end in a couple years when she finishes school and makes plans for her future...

I'm ready to have time to get new items made for my selling blog after I get my orders finished and some swaps....And boy, oh, boy do I have things planned!!!!

I plan on sharing some pinkeeps with you as soon as I finish them, so be checking back in a few days!!..I 'm working on finishing the prairie girls tonight...I'm making 5 sets to offer....

The picture is of the top of my computer cabinet...I just got the stack of antique ticking today...Love the blues and browns!!!

Off to check dinner...I made chicken pot pies...Have a great evening!!!..

I will be busy stitching with my feet propped up~~hugs, Jen