May 19, 2017

Vintage Market day has arrived just across the river from us in North Augusta, SC...My daughter, Taylor, and I have had our tickets for months...We were on the road early after taking my 3rd grader to school...We had tickets for the early admission...Now you know my primitive decorating isn't vintage decor, but I was determined to find some goodies amongst all the white...

The hippodome was pretty with sawdust and dirt floors...I think rodeos are held here... The morning temp was already warm, but bearable..
I had to take a pic of these gorgeous cement sheep...I would love to have come home with 1, 2, 3, or 4 of them easily....
Awww!! Gorgeous signs!
Standing in line, but it was fast moving....
And finally to my goodies that actually came home with me...When I left this morning I already had in my mind what I was looking for in particular...And that is exactly what I came home with...I was on a mission for galvanized items for my new deck...I was also keeping an eye out for a new antique watering can....I spotted the tobacco sticks in one of my first booths upon entering...Actually I bought 2 of them and they held them for me while I shopped more...And when I got there to pick them up the 3rd one was still there..So I grabbed it

And my last purchase I was on a mission for were some spoon herb markers for my herbs...So sweet! Made by a husband and wife team of "This Old Thing Designs" of Charleston, SC...(They have a website and are on fb)...And even made it more sweeter because of my love for Charleston...We visited often when our Taylor lived there in downtown Charleston a couple years back...

They even were sweet enough to make me a lavender and a mint as we waited...I will definitely be buying more as my pots get fuller and more are added...The variety of spoons are beautiful....So be sure to go check them out!

It was a fun morning spent with Taylor and she was gracious enough to help her momma by carrying all 8 of the galvanized buckets and I carried the watering can and 3 tobacco stick should have seen

I will be sure to check in soon again...I have a lot of new home projects to share with you...

And you can follow me on fb...I have had a taylors*farmhouse*attic page on there for a while now...

Have a blessed weekend!
From The Farmhouse~~Until next time~
hugs, Jen

February 17, 2017

My walk-about our back property...A beautiful spring day here in Georgia...The temps have been really mild this winter...We are trying to get back into some normalcy in our lives...We ended up losing my daddy, and a few weeks later my Uncle Jimmy...Daddy's younger brother...And we lost my mother-in-law last May...Tim said one day, "We had both of our parents this time last year, and now we have both lost one." 

Outdoors in our yard, is my sanctuary in these troubling times...Last year, we did our big deck project (I will share the story another day), so I spend alot of time on the deck and in our yard...My garden areas are starting to come alive...My hydrangeas are sprouting new leaves...

I plan on popping in more often...Y'all have a blessed weekend!

From the Farmhouse~~hugs, Jen


January 22, 2017

Me and my daddy....On January 4th, the LORD called my daddy home to heaven...The day before his 74th birthday on January 5th...My heart has been broken along with my momma's and my sibling's...He is no longer suffering and I take much comfort in that and that God allowed me to have my daddy for 50 years of my life...Not long enough, but I am blessed....I miss him daily! Remember us in your prayers...Especially my momma!

From The farmhouse~~hugs, Jen


December 28, 2016

 Christmas 2016 has come and gone...I spent the day slowly taking down and organizing my Christmas decor...Time for a thorough cleaning for the New Year...My daughter, Taylor, convinced me to leave the big tree up with just the lights til New Years....I love the twinkling white lights in the darkness...I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

From The Farmhouse~~hugs, Jen

December 27, 2016