November 29, 2010

Hi everyone!...I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving...It has been non stop today with grocery shopping, a drs. appointment, etc...I wanted to let you know I put some pictures on my picturetrail of Christmas 2009 if you want to check them out....Just click on the picture on the right...

I also have been working on orders and trying to finish up some new offerings to add this week to my selling blog...I will let you know when...I'm fixing to go curl up in my chair and do some x-stitching while Luke is napping....He had 6 shots today...YES! 6 of them.....It's been a long day!!!~~hugs, Jen

November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving my friends!!!!


November 16, 2010

It's Beginning...........

to look a bit like Christmas...Guess what I'm working on today??!!

Have a great day my friends!!~~hugs, Jen

November 15, 2010

Good Monday morning!!...My favorite day of the week!!!

I have just added this new offering on my Simple Goodes selling blog for your consideration...

I'm busy getting Christmas trees out this morning...LET CHRISTMAS DECORATING BEGIN!!!

Have a great day!!~~hugs, Jen 

November 12, 2010

HI everyone!!....I've been away from the computer since posting my last post working on finishing orders, clearing out the Fall decor to prepare for Christmas, planning Luke's birthday party at school today, and then his actual birthday party tomorrow...My daddy was admitted into the hospital, so I've been on the phone with him and my mom...It's been a long week and alot has been going on...

In my next post I will post some more on the electric fireplace heater I got...I have received quite a few emails and comments asking questions....So instead of answering each one individually I will do a another post...Sorry i haven't had time to respond to your messages this week...

Christmas is going up on Monday!!!....While Luke is at school on Monday morning for 2 hours I will start putting up my 8 ft twig tree...Or at least get started on it....I want to get as much as I can done next week because we will all be home the week of Thanksgiving and I want to rest some that week instead of the house being torn apart with Christmas totes, etc...I want to rest, get some offerings made for my Simple Goods blog, watch some movies, and just spend time with my family....

Speaking of my Simple Goodes blog....I added some new offerings on there tonight and I have more to add soon....I'm going to be working on some new items this weekend...So check back!!

Have a great evening!!~~hugs, Jen

November 8, 2010

It may be cold outside, but it is toasty inside!!...I have been wanting one of these little heaters that look like a wood stove since last year...It has a remote and it doesn't get hot to the touch...See where it is plugged in to the left in the first picture?...And the flames are so real looking!!!!...You can even turn the heat off and just use it for the ambiance...And the best part is I have been toasty warm all weekend instead of freezing...I'm sooooooo cold-natured when the temps drop....

We had alot of festivities going on at church this weekend due to it being our 20th year anniversary with dinner, bonfire,fireworks, etc on Saturday night...Then a church wide lunch on Sunday...It was so nice to come home and turn this heater on and feel warmth in the house in no time!...And I love being able to look over and see a "fire"....

We had a wood insert in our former home and I always had a fire going in it...I've missed not having one in this home the past two years...So this is my substitute with no cleanup or work..Does it get any better??

Off to work in the house!..I LOVE Mondays!...My favorite day of the week...I hope you have a great Monday also!!!~~hugs, Jen

November 4, 2010

I love my new santas that I got last month during my birthday month....I'm hoping to add more brown this year to my Christmas decor...Sandy of Missouri Dry Goods made them for me, and has made several of my dolls that I own....So with these to look at and a WONDERFUL smelling Christmas tart in my burner, it is smelling and looking like a bit of Christmas!!!

Off to work on orders on this rainy morning, while Luke is at his morning class. Two hours pass fast and then I'm back to get him!!

~~hugs, Jen

November 2, 2010

Added to my selling blog....I will be adding more..Check often!!

I couldn't resist.......................

I just put it in a frame...I made one last year, but not for myself...So this time, I stitched it on 22ct. Hardanger over 2 threads...It makes the picture alot bigger than the 28 ct I normally stitch on...I knew I wanted it framed, and I may just make myself a pinkeep also....This is a JENNY HOFFMAN DESIGN of Country Rustic Primitives....And it is one of my favorites!!!...Thank you, Jenny, for a wonderful design!!

~~hugs, Jen


November 1, 2010

November 1st............

Good Monday Morning and November 1st!..I hope you had a great weekend and Happy Halloween!!..I just finished taking down the few Halloween decorations...So the house is back to normal with just my Fall decor...But, in my mind all weekend I have mentally been planning Christmas...YES, I said it...Christmas!...I've decided it is starting to go up the week before Thanksgiving...Tim has the week of Thanksgiving off and I don't want to have the house tore apart with Christmas along with whatever else may be going on that week...So, the week before I will at least be putting up trees,etc...It is coming up fast!!!...Where has this year gone???!!!??

I took some time this weekend and worked on some Christmas items...I will be adding them here and there on my selling blog, so be checking from time to time when you visit to see if I've added anything new...

Well, off to get Luke and then I have a list of things to try to get done today!...I hope you have a wonderful Fall day!!...Leave me a comment and let me know what you're up to today!!~~hugs, Jen