November 28, 2008

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas!!!

Hi Everyone!!...I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving...We had lunch with friends/neighbors that live across the street from our old house....We spend every Thanksgiving with them only this is the first year that we haven't been across the street..We're across town now!...But is was a great dinner with friends....An early lunch meant I could come home and get Luke to sleep for a nap and work on Christmas...I see a end in sight!!
Ok..Did you venture out today??..If , so, what time??...We went out around 1:30...We use to go out when we moved here 10 years ago..I mean we would go out at 4 or 5....But we always went out just to spend time together and enjoy shopping...I always had to go to Michael's and JoAnn's with my coupons....Well, either it's an older age or something, but I'm NOT waking Luke and dragging him out in the morning...I still had to stand in line at JoAnn's and Michael's, but not for long and Luke was enjoying himself thoroughly just being out while Tim watched him...Taylor had to work....
And believe it or not I came home from Michael's with more Christmas greenery to put up....But I have been weeding out Christmas the past several years...I've been willing to spend a little more for items that I know I will have around for a long time and greenery that looks more realistic....I emptied out the container of greenery I was looking for....At JoAnn's I bought elastic, fabric pens, and some buttons...Everything was half off....

I'm doing a swap with a friend, Vivian, on Webshots where we have our pics...These are the items I had picked out....I've really been enjoying deciding where to place them....I have finally put each one in a new home..Thanks Vivian!
Have you noticed that alot of red is mixing in with my blues?!?

And Oh! NO!...I had to call in my Mr. Fix-it man...My cradle was broke!!!..ha!
And what good work he does!!...All fixed!!

Well, off to do some more decorating..I finally got my tree up in the bedroom tonight...It is one of my favorites!!...I thought I'd share a couple Christmas pics...

Have a great weekend!!!...hugs,Jen

November 26, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!...Sorry I've sort of been MIA since last Thursday...My emails have piled up and I've not been on the computer reading blogs or messages...I took Luke to the doctor on Thursday to have 4 shots....Tim came home early to go, too...When we got home he asked for the pic of the cabinet I'd been wanting...I ran like the wind to get it!!!....I've been wanting one for many many years...One to put all my supplies away in and out of sight when not using...Especially since Luke gets into everything....Well, Tim spent several hours drawing a sketch and figuring up how much wood to get....I told him how I was going to do the sides when I got the wood to do it and that it could have one door or two...We then went for wood and supplies....We were gone several hours that night....Then on Friday night when he got home he said he was going to start on the cabinet....I was in the middle of still decorating for Christmas, keeping Luke occupied, and doing laundry....By about midnight he had the entire cabinet made except for the doors put on...WOW!!!!....DID I TELL YOU THAT I JUST LOVE MY HUSBAND!!????!!!.......On Saturday he finished it up while I was doing Christmas decorating, keeping Luke occupied, and laundry!!..LOL.....Later in the day I went out to put a coat of paint on it...His question was "What's the rush?"....Did I tell you I had wanted one FOREVER??...DUD!...Why not??!!!...So the blue was on drying by that evening....Then on Sunday it was church, lunch, get Luke down for nap, and then out to stain the cabinet....Sadly the cool weather was hindering the drying
process.....But on Monday evening it was ready to be brought in...YEAH!!!!!....
So from this mess to this......

I kept telling her I didn't need a Price Is Right model!!!!...ha!

By all means ignore that white trim and light fixture...It has been there since we bought the house 7 months ago...I'm ordering a new light fixture and the trim is going to be painted after the first of the year!!!...And I'm starting on curtains as soon as I get Luke to sleep tonight.....OH and by the way....Two weeks later I'm still working on Christmas!!!!.....
I signed up for a secret santa swap over on the blog "Bittersweet Prims"....I got my wonderful package from Mary from Temecula, California...Thank you Mary!!!

As soon as I showed Luke the snowman he walked over and put it on the tree and it has been there every since..The candle smells soooo good!!!...Thank you so much, Mary!!!!....
Also today I got my ebay items in the mail...I ordered some personalized letters to santa with our names on them....TIMMY, JENNY, TAYLOR and LUKE...They smell so good and I think they are made out of muslin....

Well, that is what I've been up to..I'm off to get Luke to bed and make some curtains....HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS!!!!....hugs,Jen

November 19, 2008

Whatcha Working On Wednesday!!!

Hi everyone!!...It's been a busy day and I haven't gotten to blog til now...I just got Luke to bed and I hope to get some more decorating done while everyone is asleep..Yes, I'm still at it..It's a slower pace when you're decorating a new house...I have totes labeled for each room and always knew where everything went from year to year...And just when I see an end I start emptying another tote and it starts all over again..
I went to get Taylor today over at the campus after her morning classes...As I was pulling in I saw a sign that read "POTTERY SALE"....Oh, now I was going to ignore that, but when Taylor got in the car she told me the ceramic class was having a sale and she thought I might like some of it...Oh, now why did she have to say that!?!?!?....That meant that I HAD to go check it out and especially since she said they had a $5 section....So I go over to the big tent and the first big piece I pick up was $2.00....Oh my goodness!!..I had to double check that price...The girl said there was a crack in the bottom...Well, yes there was, but the piece was beautiful and very sturdy...When she asked me if I wanted her to put it back I said "YES" quite quickly...Then the second blue piece I picked up was $2.00 also...I saw some dark brown pieces that were shaped like old crocks, but they had a shine to them...But I looked on down the many tables..Taylor called me twice to see if I was getting any..HA!...I found many pieces that I liked, but I had only $15 dollars with me....So in the end I got two more pieces that were $5.00 each...One of the $5 pieces is a good size piece also and I like the shape... Instead of it being perfectly round two sides had turned in some..So that made it go in the $5 section....I also found a small brown/mustard colored one...It looked like an antique piece with it's rough texture and color....So I guess what they considered imperfect was my gain today....I got all 4 pieces for $14....I think they will fit in with my Beaumont, Saltglaze, and Bennington pottery just fine...And they have the sale at the end of every semester!!!..Aren't they pretty!
The $2 pieces are on the right...I'm thinking they will be really pretty with some greenery for Christmas..And they will still be there on Friday,too...Might have to check some more out!!

So it's Watcha Working on Wednesday...As you already know I'm working on my Christmas decorating...I would like to have it completed by Thanksgiving...Usually I don't get it out and start til the day after Thanksgiving, but I have been so busy since school started in August with running Taylor between school, sorority stuff, orthodonist appts., and her work schedule that I want to relax some during the Thanksgiving weekend since Tim is off all week using vacation days...Well, as much as us mothers are allowed to rest..HA!...And I sure don't want the house tore apart with Christmas stuff....

I've also been working on getting some swaps and some personal pieces finished..I stacked them all together by my chair to get the backs stitched up and finished...

Then I pulled out a bunch of my boxes that I wasn't using to see how many sets I have....

So it's been a full day and it's not over yet...It's only 12:12 and I have plenty more to do before bedtime...Luke has a docotor appt tomorrow and has to have 4 shots, so I hope he does ok and doesn't run any fever like he has some in the past...So everyone have a blessed Thursday!!!...hugs,Jen

November 18, 2008

Good Tuesday Morning!!

Hi everyone!!...I was up at 7:30 this morning after 4 hours sleep..Taylor had to be at work by 9...I wanted her bed made up, clothes put up,and the bathroom straightened before I took her to work...It is a good day because all things were accomplished!!....Now Luke and are busy working...We don't exactly have the same goal...Mine is to get my Christmas put up...Luke's is to examine and redo everything I just did...ha!...I have three more trees to get put up today...Along with curtains to make, get some swap boxes ready, laundry finished, etc...The question is how many things will I get done today!?!?!?...And I can't get Luke down for a nap til I go get Taylor at 3...UGH!!...I thought I'd show you a peek into my family room so far....Got to get busy!!..
I also just listed my new ebay offering last night..It's a Notforgotten Farm design......

Have a blessed day everyone!!...hugs,Jen

November 12, 2008

Whatcha Working On Wednesday!!!

Good afternoon everyone!!..This seems like a Monday to us...Tim just went back to work today and Taylor to school and work after being sick....I kept having to remind myself this was Wednesday when it was time to go get Taylor at campus....And as Luke and I headed out the door he stopped right in front of me halfway down the sidewalk...I asked him what was wrong as we were in a hurry and I almost ran into him...He just stood there and said "WOW!!!!" over and over....Overnight the leaves had fallen all over the lawn and were many brilliant colors....He was captivated by them and had to pick some up to take with him in the car...In those moments in life you stop~~see and hear~~ what your 2 year old is seeing at that moment...And Luke was seeing millions of little leaves there just for him to take as many as he wanted....I explained to him why they were there and that God had taken his paintbrush and created these beautiful colors just for us....Then on the ride to campus I pointed out all the colors we are finally getting to enjoy...There are still lots of green trees, but we are having reds and yellows mixed in finally....And it is magical riding to Taylor's campus...Everyday that I go to get her we pass huge mansions and small cottages all mixed in together in an older historical part of town...It is quite beautiful any time of the year, but especially now!!!

My Watcha Working On Wednesday is filled with getting my "NEW" primitive Christmas tree filled with lights....I absolutely love it!!!...I got it from Heather that sells on ebay {oldesummerkitchen}....It is 8 ft and a German twig tree....But, NO, no pictures....not yet!...Oh my goodness, I have had such sweet emails and comments with compliments of my house...I hope I don't dissappoint you when I get my new one decorated...WHEW!!...The pressure!!...HA!...

So needless to say I have the house tore apart with Christmas totes to be put up...And Yes, I will get it done with Luke's help..HA!...He is my little helper!!...He doesn't remember any of it from last year, so he is loving it!!!

So off I go to get more done...I've been gone today and haven't been doing any decorating....I wanted to show you a little sampler I created all by myself!!!

What do you think???.............Have a good evening!!!.....Jen

November 10, 2008

We have been all sick this past weekend!!....Actually it all started last Monday when Taylor went to pick Luke up and he threw up all over her...And I mean ALL over her!!...She says it was the single most tramatizing experience of her life..ha!...As a mother I hope it is the worse she ever experiences...I think too it was pretty upsetting to Luke...Bless his heart!!...He's never been sick before...And Taylor was screaming for me like she had been shot....I ran in there not knowing what to expect.....I know it took a few years off of me!!!....ha!

So, he was sick with a stomach virus...He didn't really feel well all week...Then on Friday I picked Taylor up from school and headed into South Carolina to get a order of x-stitch patterns I had ordered...I felt fine all that time and on the way home and then IT hit me..I started aching and every nerve in my body hurt...I got Luke down for his nap and I layed down...I was in pain!!...It felt like my chemo treatments use to..It even hurt to walk....I was pretty miserable all night!!...Then on Saturday morning Taylor comes to my bed crying that she was hurting all over...Oh!!...Here we go!!!...She also had a bad headache..Thank goodness I never did..Of course my head was the only thing that wasn't hurting...She cried and moaned all day...Then she was throwing up.....Later that night she was calling me and when I went to check on her she said she was feeling better..Thank Goodness!!...We both still felt bad today and she even missed her sorority meeting to rest...We sat and watched a movie together this afternoon while Luke slept and Tim had a deacon's meeting at church...I hope the week is better!!!...Busy!..Busy!...No time for being sick!!!

I wanted to show you two more pictures I found in the garage several weeks ago while going through boxes of decorating stuff...We've been in this house 7 months and I'm still going through things in the garage...But that is how it is when you have a toddler..Not enough hours in the day!!...But it will eventully get done!!...Someday!!...Ha!..

Oh, I did add a photoshow of past Christmases at our old house we sold....We had ten Christmases there...So if you're in the mood for Christmas then check them out....I will put new pictures on when I decorate this new house for Christmas....Have a good Monday!!.......Jen

UPDATE!!!.....We're "all" home today still sick on this Monday!!..UGH!!...Except Luke...He's better it seems...But on a brighter note~my primitive Christmas tree arrived!!!!...Yeah!!!......Jen

November 7, 2008


4 YEARS OF AGE ~ My Mommy can do anything!

8 YEARS OF AGE ~ My Mom knows a lot! A whole lot!

12 YEARS OF AGE ~ My Mother doesn't really know quite everything.

14 YEARS OF AGE ~ Naturally, Mother doesn't know that, either!

16 YEARS OF AGE ~ Mother? She's hopelessly old-fashioned.

18 YEARS OF AGE ~ That old woman? She's way out of date!

25 YEARS OF AGE ~ Well, she might know a little bit about it.

35 YEARS OF AGE ~ Before we decide, let's get Mom's opinion.

45 YEARS OF AGE ~ Wonder what Mom would have thought about it?

65 YEARS OF AGE ~ Wish I could talk it over with Mom..

I thought I'd share it with you!!...I got it in an email......I love you, Mom and Dad!!!....Have a good weekend everyone!!!!....hugs,Jen

November 6, 2008

Hi everyone!...As you can tell I redid my blog layout...I also changed the halloween music to two songs that are VERY close to my heart!!!!... Being a MOTHER and CANCER SURVIVOR~~ who IF it had been God's plan would not be here right now....So if you get a chance listen to these two songs...They ALWAYS bring a tear to my eyes!!!..So you MIGHT want to grab a kleenex or two or ten!!!...Good evening my friends!!...hugs,Jen