March 31, 2010

I wish I had taken pics of all the baskets I sent out, but I did get a shot of these two before I tucked them in their box....These were personalized ones that Stacy ordered...I had so much fun making these...I wish I had had more of them..I did save 4 for each of us, so I will show them when I get them finished...

Have a blessed Spring day!!..It is suppose to be 82 here today!!

hugs, Jen

March 30, 2010

My next simple primitive x-stitch pattern to be released soon.......

Tim just sent me my front cover to my next pattern...This is my second pattern I will be coming out with soon!!!

I hope everyone has had a great day!..
The weather here is sunny and in the 70's...Just beautiful!!

I was up to 53 emails this morning, so it will take some time to reply...But I will reply to everyone!!!..Thanks for all your compliments on my home!!

Until next time!!!~~hugs, Jen

March 29, 2010

Country Sampler Needs Homes to Photograph!!

WANTED~~~PRIMITIVE HOMES!!...Gloria called me a few minutes ago..She was the stylist for my Country Sampler photo shoot...They are needing homes to photograph...Anyone interested????..They really want several homes in one area, but don't let it stop you from submitting photographs if you don't have anyone that lives around you that decorates primitive also...I didn't have anyone near me either...So shoot me an email and I can give you the info...It is so simple!!...Bill and Gloria were so wonderful to work with and my photo spread couldn't be any better!!So hurry and give me an email if you or someone you know might be interested!!

I hope everyone is having a great Monday!!..I'm feverishly working on orders and enjoying these 70 degree temps...~~hugs, Jen

March 26, 2010

Twenty two years ago today I became Jennifer Taylor Gass....Wow! Where does the time go?...So far today I have been so blessed...My baby boy's fever is gone.... I got my copy of the Country Sampler in the mail...And I don't have to cook dinner because I'm going out to a restaurant of my choice...

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!!~~hugs, Jen

March 25, 2010

Click here for pics from the current issue of The Country Sampler...Click on #2 for my home...I can't wait to get mine!!..Still waiting!!..LOL..But I'm getting lots of emails from ones that have gotten theirs with well wishes and lots of compliments!!..Thank you so much everyone!!..Luke is sick today with a fever after only 3 days of school... So I haven't gotten to answer any emails today so far, but I will answer each of you as soon as I can...

Have a blessed evening my friends!!~~hugs, Jen

March 24, 2010

Free Download.......

Click here!...It takes you to The Country Sampler website..Go to the bottom of the page and there is a free download of the flower motif off my first x-stitch pattern...How cool is that?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Have a blessed day!~~hugs,Jen

p.s.....Still waiting for my magazine, wasn't in the mail today!!

March 23, 2010

Hi everyone!!...Sorry I had to take off the pics I had on here of my home in the new issue of the Country Sampler...Elizabeth emailed me and said it was a copyright infringement to have the pics of the magazine article on here...But she sent me these 3 pics that I could post of the original spread...So this is all I can show you ...

I have been getting emails from others that have gotten their copy in the mail..I'm still waiting on mine!!..So hopefully soon!..Or if it comes to our local Walmart..Whichever is first!!

It's been a sad time in our household for mama anyway!..I had to start Luke in school on Monday..My 3 year old in school..NEVER thought it would happen!!!...I wasn't going to send him til kindergarten like I did Taylor...But he has been struggling with putting his sentences together even though he says lots of words....So we made the decision that speech therapy would be good for him....I love his teacher and that has helped, but our babies and toddlers are only little for so long and I wanted him home...Once they start school they are in it for now on...So mama isn't happy right now, but the GOOD LORD knew I needed to keep busy, so I want to personally THANK all my customers who keep ordering and keep coming back for more offerings...I have so many orders to keep me busy this week and next!!..Thank you my friends!!!..

So while Luke was at his first day of school yesterday Taylor and I grabbed breakfast and went to Hobby Lobby....This is only 2nd time I have been there since it opened on January...I was hoping to find some more unfinished baskets, but no luck...I sold out on all the others...I had already searched Michael's and JoAnn's on Saturday...but I did find a goody I will be offering soon...I spent last night in the garage sanding...A little tease for you~~It has a hidden compartment...I haven't decided what to do with it yet, but something will hopefully come to me...

The other things I found were some neat frames that I painted and distressed....I'm thinking on what to put in them....I did bring one thing home for me..I bought a long shelf/tray that was in the decorating section..It looks like it is made out of old barn wood...It can be hung or laid on a table with drieds and fixins in each compartment....And it was 50% off, so it was only $7.50...I will try to get a picture made of it soon...

That is about it for now!..Just trying to keep my mind busy while missing my little boy!..I cried on the phone while telling my mom on Friday..No, balled like a baby telling her he is too little to go to school.....LOL....I know it is good for him, but I'm a stay at home mom that focuses everything around my family....But I can laugh when I hear my daughter say, "Mom's going to get her social life back!"...Well, for 2 1/2 hours every morning I guess I will, but that is about all the time I need til time to go back to get my baby boy...LOL

And thank you Sherrie!!!!...My sweet friend from South Carolina!..She has been sending me emails of encouragement and bringing a smile to my face...

Until next time!!~~hugs, Jen

On another note!...Tiger Woods is here in Augusta practicing for the Master's coming up in a few weeks!...It's that time of the year!

March 21, 2010

And The Winner Is...........


Congratulations Dan!..I've already sent you an email, so send me your address!!

Sorry in the delay of posting the winner..I got all excited with the Country Sampler pics and forgot to post it...Taylor picked the winner last night...

Have a blessed evening my friends!!~~hugs, Jen

March 19, 2010

Some basket orders.....

I'm working on for Karen's (from Tennessee) grandchildren and herself....Along with some "Spring" I added to the farmhouse today!

I got the painted eggs from Julie(frostcreekprimitives) on ebay...She is such a sweetheart!!!

Have a good weekend!!!~~hugs, Jen

Be sure to register for my giveaway to be drawn tomorrow night..Just comment on the previous post....

March 18, 2010


I got the grass in the mail to finish this giveaway!!...The rules are that you be a follower and comment on this post...Simple!...

It's a basket filled with some grass, and 2 eggs I made that are x-stitched on linen...The eggs are stuffed with buckwheat hulls...A simple sampler on top with the initials "rd" and a simple cross to represent Jesus...

So leave a comment if you want to be entered...I will be drawing a winner on Saturday night, the 20th, in celebration of the first day of Spring....

Also I added some new pinkeeps on my selling blog late last night if you want to check them out...

Have a blessed day, my friends!!~~hugs, Jen

March 16, 2010

My new primitive sewing box I made!!

Ok, picture heavy!!...This is my new sewing box that I have sitting next to my chair...When I'm not x-stitching, I just close it up and everything stays neat, organized, and hid away!!!...I also have one that sits under it that has my linens and evenweaves in it for easy access when I need fabric fast...I should have taken a picture...But these pictures show the inside and my contents...My boxes are fabric lined and hold my needles, rusty safety pins, and scissors....And then I lay my pinkeep on top...I love the organization, and I love the primitive look when I have it open and all the contents are showing....So what do you think???...Organization is a good thing!!!!...I'm off to add some to my selling blog for sale...So if interested then go check them out...Several limited colors available~~hugs, Jen

What is everyone up to this evening???...I'm x-stitching, staining, picking up the house, staining some more, etc...I had a dr's. appt. right in the middle of the day, so that slowed me down on getting things done...I see that I have 401 followers..So you know what that means!?!?!..I'm waiting for something to come in the mail before I can finish the giveaway and show you...So hopefully tomorrow!!

I hope to be back on here tonight with some pics of what I've been working on...I made it for myself and then I thought I could offer some for sale on my selling blog...So check back later and hopefully I will have it finished...So I'm off to get to working on it!!!!

I'm going to be adding things to my selling blog and I don't always announce it on this blog..So if interested then go visit my "Simple Goodes Stitched By Jennifer" blog from time to time if you aren't a follower....

I hope to be back later!!~~hugs, Jen

hugs, Jen

March 14, 2010

This is what I've been working on, but they're not finished without some x-stitch added....I will share when I get them finished!!

Until next time!!!
hugs, Jen

Hi, everyone!!...WOW!!!!...394 followers!!...I can't believe I have such a following of loyal friends visiting!!...If, I make it to 400, then I think it is time for another giveaway!!...How does that sound????...I've been thinking about some new offerings and I've been working on them today...Maybe one of them will be the giveaway!!....Hmmmmmmm!!!..Have a good Sunday evening!!

Until next time!!!~~hugs, Jen

March 12, 2010

Eye Candy Friday!!!

Here are a few of my favorite homes out of my newly organized "favorite homes" notebook...Enjoy!!!


March 10, 2010

Goodies In The mail.....

Look what came in the mail from Anne as a RAK....

Everything came so beautifully primitively wrapped in burlap, fabric, and jute!!...

She sent a pantry cake, 4 sugar cones, and a bag of primitive fixins...I could smell the most wonderful aroma even before I got it open...

Unfortunately the pantry cake broke in shipping, but it just makes it look like it's been sliced...

Her sweet children even included a bear for Luke!!

Thank you so much Anne!!...That was so thoughtful!!...Be sure to check out Anne's wonderful blog....

Everthing fits in with my primitives perfectly and these are my first sugar cones...I will show you another day where I put them all...I also have some other goodes I've gotten in the mail that I will share also, along with some Goodwill items my daughter has been bringing me home from her trips there..

And for everyone that has emailed and wants to know when I might have some additonal patterns, I just purchased my software last night for charting the designs...So be on the lookout for some additional designs in the next few weeks!!

I want to sincerely THANK everyone that has purchased my first little design!!...Thank you soooo much!!

Until next time!!~~hugs, Jen

P.S...Is anyone up for some primitive eye candy on Friday?????...Be sure to check back!!

March 9, 2010

Hi everyone!..Today was a beautiful sunny day that got up to 78 degrees...I had my sunroof open on my way to take Taylor to work...Wonderful!!

Well, I have finished for now...I worked all day yesterday and late last night trying to get all my things organized...The big stack of 6 notebooks are x-stitch patterns...Two of them are Fall and Halloween...One is Christmas...Two are samplers...And one is old patterns with some samplers mixed in....They are completely filled past capacity, except one...I'm going to have to buy some more notebooks!!..Do you think I have enough patterns??..I bought 3 new ones this evening..LOL...Yep, I'm definitely going to have to buy more notebooks and sheet protectors!!

The second stack of 3 are my favorite country primitive homes that I have been saving from magazines for years...And they are my absolute favorites...One is Fall and Christmas...The other is just everyday decorated homes...My home pics are in there that I was sent from Country Sampler for the next issue...Can I believe it???..Along with all my favorites, my home is in there!!!!...And then the actual magazine pics will be put in there in a few weeks when the next issue comes out...I wish I could show you, but I can't!!...You will have to wait a little longer!!..And then the last notebook on top is my "I want to make one of these" and tutorials I have for future references...Think I have enough projects planned??!!??..LOL ...Then Mr. T*F*A asked me "Where are you going to put all those notebooks now?"...HA...I'm not sure!!..Oh, wow!..Maybe I need to get the "I want to make one of these" notebook and decide on something to build to put them in..Hmmmmm!!~~Until next time!!~~hugs, Jen

March 7, 2010

Good evening everyone!!..Today was a beautiful sunny day...I have been going through tons of x-stitch patterns and magazines as far back as the 80's...DON'T LAUGH!!!..LOL....But the best thing I have come across is sheet protectors...

Now, we have been buying them for all the years Taylor has been in school, but I never paid any attention to them...Now, I've turned into a sheet protector maniac..LOL....I bought 250 of them today...I bought 100 last weekend....I've been going through all my x-stitch and getting them grouped together according to samplers, Christmas, Fall, etc...Some of my magazines I have been holding on to for years only had like one or two patterns I really liked, so I pulled them out and the magazine is in the "for my sister to go through" box....I can't even tell you how organized I feel...

So next, I will be going through my favorite home folders where I've been saving my favorite homes for years from Country Sampler and other country magazines that don't exist anymore...I got tired of saving the magazines, so I tore out the pages I wanted.. Then I stuck them in just a cheap folder....After years of them being in the folder, and me going through them, the edges are getting quite ragged.....

It's the small things in life that excite us, and right now page protectors are at the top of my list....LOL...So what have you been up to this weekend??~~hugs, Jen

March 4, 2010

New Primitive Offerings......

Are being added on my selling blog "Simple Goodes Stitched By Jennifer"... Click on the picture at the right... Keep checking back or go ahead and become a follower of my Simple Goodes blog!!..Thanks!!~~hugs, Jen

The start of a new collection...See under the bench?...I have 3 more around the house!..I've always wanted bee skeps, so I'm excited to finally have some for the Spring...

Enjoy your day!!!~~hugs, Jen

March 3, 2010

WOW!...Sorry I haven't been on here much!!..I've been sooo busy trying to decide on software to do more patterns, working on orders, painting more boxes, trying to get my picturetrail going, etc...Not to mention coloring, abc's, number's, colors, practicing cutting with scissors, puzzles, cars, and Star Wars.....WHEW!!!....I'm tired!!..LOL

But I did want to share with you two baskets I got from the Goodwill back in January...The small one was a bright white and the big one was a pale white....Mr. T*F*A spray painted them for me...Now they fit in my decor perfectly!!

Off to do some picking up toys and folding laundry.... Then hopefully some x-stitching...

Hugs, Jen