March 3, 2010

WOW!...Sorry I haven't been on here much!!..I've been sooo busy trying to decide on software to do more patterns, working on orders, painting more boxes, trying to get my picturetrail going, etc...Not to mention coloring, abc's, number's, colors, practicing cutting with scissors, puzzles, cars, and Star Wars.....WHEW!!!....I'm tired!!..LOL

But I did want to share with you two baskets I got from the Goodwill back in January...The small one was a bright white and the big one was a pale white....Mr. T*F*A spray painted them for me...Now they fit in my decor perfectly!!

Off to do some picking up toys and folding laundry.... Then hopefully some x-stitching...

Hugs, Jen


Kim said...

Wow, both those baskets look natural. I can't tell they have been spray painted at all. Great job.
Have a great day.

Prim Blessings,

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Me neither...I thought they were antique, tell hubby he did a great job!


Linda* ~ Josephine’s Daughter said...

A busy life is a happy life!

Mr. T.F.A. did a great job on your baskets.

I haven't posted much lately. I must be haing Blogger's block.

Take care Jen and I hope you sell tons of e-patterns.


Jeanne said...

WOW !!! those baskets came out wonderful !! Great job !

Tamera's Craft Palace said...

The baskets look fabulous!! what did he spray them with??

I'm curious--what kind of pattern software are you looking at?? I'm thinking along those lines myself!

Tamera @ The Stone Fence Cottage

Angie Berry ~ Berry Homespun Primitives said...

I was wondering how you had time for all that you do and having a little one around! I have a four yr. old and they can be a full time business sometimes! =] But he will soon be going off to school, so I will enjoy him while he is here even if he takes away my stitchin' and craftin' time.