April 28, 2010

Hi everyone!...Here is another primitive piece in my home that has been asked about alot...I got this cabinet at Michael's in the unfinished wood section about maybe 10 years ago...They don't carry them now and haven't since...I got this one on clearance for $20....I painted it blue and sanded it really good~~added some stain~~and there you go!...I DON'T spend any more time on my wood pieces than I have to...I DON'T have patience to add several layers of colors...Just one coat, sand, and stain...Simple! And it has become one of my favorite pieces in the house...

On another note: I'm going to be away from the computer for the next 4-5 days doing some designing...I've been wanting to do this...I've got my graph paper, my chosen threads, and scraps of paper with notes and ideas on them ready....So any orders I've received in the last few days will be on hold til next week.....

Until next time!!~~hugs, Jen

April 26, 2010

A new blanket............

About 2 months ago we got new mattresses for our beds....Well, we didn't know afterwards we'd be climbing a mountain every night...The mattresses come up to almost under my arms (I'm 5' 3")...Our bed sits up high anyway, but no salesman told us you need to measure the height of your mattresses before purchasing them...And for about a week I slept on the couch because I was afraid to sleep so high up...But eventually I have gotten use to it and now it's "normal"....So every night I pull out my chair (see in picture) and step on it to climb in the bed...And we now have barely any headboard...And then I immediately found out that my Queen size coverlet barely covered the mattresses on either side, so since it was our 22nd wedding anniversary I requested a new king size woven blanket for our queen size bed....So it just came in this weekend...I got the black striped one, so I may end up switching out with Luke for his black coverlet and putting our blue one on his bed...He does have a blue primitive chest in his room that I painted...But for now this is the "MOUNTAIN" I climb every night....LOL

Until next time!~~hugs,Jen

April 24, 2010

Luke's new bed......

Luke's old/new 100 year old iron bed....This was Taylor's first bed also, but then it was white....Somewhere along the line Tim had it sandblasted and now its down to it's natural color of a dark gray...Here it is with a new black coverlet that I bought back in October 2009 before that pattern was retired...So now all I need to get is some pillows and some linen pillow covers....We also got new mattresses and were amazed when they arrived how tall they are on the bed...I can barely get on it because it is so tall, but Luke has not trouble scaling the mountain...LOL....And then I added the shaker cabinet I had done for his room that was purchased at Michael's with my 40% off coupon back last Fall....Topped with a candle holder with a battery candle in it...And the bed stays made up perfectly because he doesn't even sleep in there...LOL...He just plays with his toys on it...

Awwww!..He just came to the front door where I'm on the computer and threw me a kiss through the storm door and scurried off to continue spending  time with his daddy in the garage!!...I LOVE that sweet boy of mine!!!

I hope you're having a great Saturday...It has rained some and the temp is glorious!!!...Thank you LORD for some rain and a wonderful day to open windows!!

Until next time!!~~hugs,Jen

April 23, 2010

Another New X-stitch Design...........

Hi everyone!...Here's a new pattern....I have gotten many request for this one since Christmas....It is now ready!!!....$7 for an e-pattern and $9 plus shipping for a mailed pattern...So email me if you're interested in it!!!

Have a wonderful weekend my old friends and new ones that have just started visiting!!...Until next time!!~~hugs, Jen

April 22, 2010

A New Primitive X-Stitch Pattern.......Spring Tyme 1863

Did you notice???...On my sidebar???...I have a new pattern available as of this afternoon!!!..And close to having another one finished....So if you're interested in an e-pattern then let me know!Thanks so much for your wonderful comments and encouraging emails...I'm just humbled and flattered that you like my simple little free-hands and ask for them in pattern form...

Until next time!!!!~~hugs,Jen

My Newly Decorated Hallway!!

Hi everyone!..As you can tell I have been a little busy tweaking...I know! I know! But the quilts haven't gone far...They are folded and stacked up on the bench...I just needed a change..Those quilts will return, but for now I needed a more simpler primitive look....That same arrangement had been there for close to 2 years...I'm also going to work on changing out the samplers this summer also....But for now!...This is it!

One of the samplers is Lori's from Notforgotten Farm and the other two I don't recall because it has been many years since I stitched them...They both are very special to my heart because they have the birth and death dates on them of two very important people in my life...I will share that at a later time when I share some of my samplers I have in my home...The huge patriotic sampler is a Blackbird Designs pattern....

So until next time!!~~hugs, Jen

April 15, 2010

A Favorite Cabinet...........

This is the cabinet I store my over flow of paint in....I have little x-stitch samplers and primitive wax items hanging on it....It is one of my favorites!!..I bought it at Michael's probably about 10 years ago when they had them marked down and I haven't seen one since...I wish I had bought more...And I get alot of emails asking how I paint my wood pieces...I just painted it blue, sanded it, and then stained it....Simple!...I don't like to spend alot of time on my wooden primitives...I think for my next so many post I'm going to share my favorite wood items I have in my home that I've bought to primitize or made ourselves...How does that sound?

Until next time!!~~hugs, Jen

April 14, 2010

My work space.........

here it is on most days when I have orders and I'm working on getting boxes done...Sewing boxes in the priority boxes in the back beside my table...The first application on my boxes...3 more steps to go on them...And do you see anything missing??...My big tall stack of boxes that sat next to my faux fireplace...Well, they "sold" with a few more added in the stack...So I'm working on making me another stack of them...Newly painted and sanded picture frames, my sewing machine, fabric, baskets, etc....Yep!..That is what it looks like today anyway!...So what are you up to on this beautiful Wednesday?

Until next time!~~hugs, Jen

April 12, 2010

I wanted to share the little ladies I got from Lisa (Black Sheep Prims Homeplace blog) several months ago...They are a wonderful addition to my collection of black primitive dolls!

And Yeah for Phil!!!...I was so excited to see him get his 3rd green jacket...And that Amy was able to be there..It had been reported that she hasn't been to any of his golf tournaments in the last 11 months since undergoing chemo and radiation treatments...She did come to Augusta and had been resting in bed all week...What a tender moment between them when Phil came to her and held her...And then if you looked really close you could see tears come down Phil's face as he held her...What a moment!!!...God gives us moments of happiness in our storms of life!!.. This was a big moment of happiness for Phil after the emotions of dealing with his wife and mom having cancer this past year...I pray for many more moments of happiness in their lives as they weather this storm!...And I pray that there is a big rainbow at the end with many many years of happiness for them....

So as the golf world once again leaves us for another year it ended perfect in my eyes!!!

Until next time!!~~hugs, Jen

April 11, 2010

I did some damage in the pocketbook!....Guess what I'll be doing the next couple of weeks???!!!???..Awww! boxes and baskets to work on!...I love it!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!!!...We're waiting to see who gets the green jacket this year!..I always pull for Phil Mickelson!!...He's my favorite!!

Until next time!!~~hugs, Jen

April 10, 2010

Chairs and Baskets..........

Wow!...Three post in two days!..I just wanted to pop on here and show you what I unearthed in the garage today while I was working in there...They've been out there since we moved here...Remember: We lost 2000 square feet when we bought this house 2 years ago...So the chairs that once sat around my table in the kitchen in the other house have been in the garage since coming off the truck....Until now!...And I got them in before Tim noticed!...Until a little while ago when he asked me why they were in there...I told him they needed to be cleaned off...Well, Yeah!..That could have been done in the garage..:) wink wink!!

I've loved these chairs since I first saw them in an antique store in Cartersville, GA for $5 a piece...I bought all 4....When you sit on them you hear that crinkle sound and it reminds me of my Granny Jakes...She had high ladderback chairs that made that sound when I was a child....Soooooo you never know where they might end up at....:)

And I found 2 totes of baskets in the garage....I had painted the lids with Halloween scenes when I was doing craft shows up until 6 years ago... So Tim suggested that I paint over the lids and primitize (is that a word?) them....I'm painting them in black and Mississippi Mud (my new favorite color)....Then samplers and pinkeeps will gradually be added to them over the weeks....

Well, that is it for now!...Off to do some more baskets and then back to working on pinkeeps for my sewing box orders....Hope to have them finished by next week and on their way to their new homes....

Until next time!!!~~hugs, Jen

April 9, 2010

One of my favorite things.....

is my basket of scraps that I keep next to my work table...I don't use these to stuff things..These are my scraps I use to back pinkeeps mostly...The 2nd picture is one of my favorite fabrics...I have had it for many years..I still haven't chosen anything special enough to use it for yet...But I will someday...And when I do, I know that the fabric is safely tucked in my sewing basket of scraps just waiting...

Until next time...hugs, Jen

X-stitch Pictures to Share..............

Hi everyone!..It has finally cooled down here after a week of near 90 and over 90 temps....We finally gave in and turned on the A/C for a few days....It was terrible!!!..But today is perfect with a high of 73...And with a bit of rain last night it makes it more bearable with all this yellow haze of pollen on everything....And then right down the road The Masters is in it's 2nd day..I always pull for Phil!!!...Do any of your husband's watch it??...It is a beautiful golf course..We've been several times...

But this week I've been working on sewing boxes and doing some organizing...I wanted to share these two pictures I came across that I had forgotten about...The Amish one is a Diane Graebner design that I stitched on aida in 2005..I really like a more uniformed look for pictures like this, so i opt for aida material...I have some more of hers that I want to get done that I've had for several years...I think it's time to get busy!!

The little girl was stitched on aida in 2001...I can't remember off the top of my head who the designer was of this beautiful design...It was a book of several designs...I made it for Taylor, but her taste were changing as she was growning up.... So I think this will go to my first granddaughter...

Well, I'm off to play wih Luke..He has his "Cars" collection out...My favorite of course is Mater....He always cracks me up in the cartoon...I may be popping in with some more pics here and there to share, so check back...Until next time...hugs, Jen

April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from our homestead to yours!!

Be sure to take some time away from the bunnies, eggs, and family gatherings to reflect on why we truly celebrate Easter...Jesus gave his life to save us from our sins and arose from the dead...The tomb was empty!!...Jesus has risen!!

Until next time!!!~~hugs,Jen

April 1, 2010

New offerings on Simple Goodes blog....

I was a little late getting my offerings on my selling blog tonight...Tim decided to run a scan on the computer and it wasn't finished by 8,but I have added 5 goodes...So if you get a chance, then go check them out..

Until next time!!~~hugs, Jen