February 17, 2017

My walk-about our back property...A beautiful spring day here in Georgia...The temps have been really mild this winter...We are trying to get back into some normalcy in our lives...We ended up losing my daddy, and a few weeks later my Uncle Jimmy...Daddy's younger brother...And we lost my mother-in-law last May...Tim said one day, "We had both of our parents this time last year, and now we have both lost one." 

Outdoors in our yard, is my sanctuary in these troubling times...Last year, we did our big deck project (I will share the story another day), so I spend alot of time on the deck and in our yard...My garden areas are starting to come alive...My hydrangeas are sprouting new leaves...

I plan on popping in more often...Y'all have a blessed weekend!

From the Farmhouse~~hugs, Jen