March 29, 2012

WOW! What a busy day! Took Luke to preschool and then Taylor and I headed to a local fruit stand to buy fruits and veggies.....Then a fast trip to chick-fil-a and then Walmart for groceries....We got home just in time to throw everything in the kitchen and toss the refrigerated and freezer items in their places...Then over to Luke's preschool for his Easter egg hunt because today was his last day of school and SPRING BREAK HAS BEGUN!!!! 

So, I have been cleaning rooms, laundry, vacuuming, etc since i got home because when Tim gets home I'm officially done for the

I'm feeling better after the new meds were making me very nauseous for hours...really bad.... and I have to take the shot twice a day, but I guess my body has adjusted and I'm feeling fine now....

So, I'm off to get some cold water...I made two containers today..One with lemons and one with strawberries to sit on the counter for us to get when we want ...Ohhh! So fresh tasting...Taylor is making a sugar free chocolate pie tonight for after our dinner of salads...So, I'm ready for a LAZY evening and let SPRING BREAK begin....

Oh, do any of you ladies have husbands coming to the Master's next week?? Yes, it's time again where the world invades Augusta....We're just miles from the course and we don't venture where all the traffic will be certain hours of the day and thank goodness we know the back ways.....It adds a bit of excitement to spring break each year!

~~hugs, Jen

March 28, 2012

Happy Wednesday!!!

Oh, it's always a good day when I get some new early 1800's blues in the mail....The flash made them brighter than they are..Actually they are worn and faded...LOVE them that way!!!

I hope you're having a wonderful day!!

~~hugs, Jen

March 27, 2012

Yesterday, March 26th, was our 24th wedding anniversary......These are my 12 roses Tim brought home to me...They are beautiful, so i cleared an area on the table to put them...I'm also sharing a pic of our name tags where we met....We married a week after Tim turned 20 and I was 21....So, I guess that means we grew up met while working at a local drug store...Tim was working towards being a drafter, so he worked part time and went to school full time...We dated for a year and he got his first drafting job shortly before we married...I continued to work at Revco til Taylor was born 2 yrs later....Wow! Seems like a lifetime ago and in some ways seems like yesterday....I pray we're blessed with many many more....

~~hugs, Jen

March 26, 2012

Good Monday Morning!!!!..I hope everyone had a great weekend!! It was quite busy around here!! This morning I have spent my time doing laundry and picking up the house...

I also spent time reading up on a new shot (not insulin) i'm taking now..I'm taking it twice a day after breakfast and dinner...I have to take it at least 6 hrs apart....It took a while to absorb all the info and go through the steps, so that took a alot of my morning up...So, as of now, I'm taking 2 shots a day and 2 other pills a day after I eat...I have felt a bit off since taking it that I've had to sit a bit here and there, but hopeful it will pass...There is a new drug that just came out that you take once a week and my doctor may put me on it when I go back...Wow! that would be great! I hate taking tylenol for a headache, but i'm adjusting along with taking my thyroid pill everyday that i will always have to take...I have also lost 13 pounds....

I'm still emptying out the house here and there....I think I'm liking the more sparce look in my bedroom...I never have really liked alot of things in my bedroom or bath...And the wall I emptied i have never shown on-line....It is where our television sits with a peg board hanging behind it...I always had off white things hanging there and then I have some white in my bathroom....It's really nice looking at it with a fresh empty look....I've been going through patterns to decide what new samplers I'm going to make for the house....Which I will share with you!!!

Friday night we went out in the torrential rains to head to Hobby Lobby, Michael's, Chick-fil-a, and then to Lowes to look at carpeting and hard wood flooring...I saw one particular hard wood that I liked and thought as soon as I saw it "that is it"...."I don't have to look at anything else" hate this ceramic tile throughout the house except the bedrooms and gathering room...So, hopefully we will do it!

We'll enough chatting...I feel a bit better to get some more things done, so i better get at it....I hope you have a wonderful day, my friends!

~~hugs, Jen

March 20, 2012

Yes, this is what I feel like doing...Lying down!...ha!...I have been tearing down my house today and putting it all on my dining room table....Yes, I am! I've been wanting to change things for some time now and the best way I know how to at this point is to look at it with a fresh pair of eyes....So, at this point it looks like I'm either moving or just moving in...BARE! Peg racks are bare...The hallway is empty ( except for a lighted lantern I use for night time lighting)...I took everything off an entire wall in my bedroom...Samplers taken down in the bathrooms...I will be moving into the gathering room at some point, but not ready to sit and look at bare walls in the evenings...So, for now I'm holding off in there and the kitchen except for a few things here and there...I'm hitting my magazine pages i save in a folder for inspiration and from now through the summer (probably Fall, winter..ha!) I'm working on changing things....Adding new things, rearranging the old, stenciling ( I've been wanting to do), making some new wood pieces, and making it look like a samplermaker lives here...Do you want to follow along on this journey with

Until next time!!~~hugs, Jen

March 19, 2012

The air conditioning is on!! I just couldn't take it any longer this evening...With temps in the mid to high 80's for a week it was hotter in the house than outside...Where is SPRING???? Where has it gone??? I think we had Spring during the winter months here and now were going straight into the yellow clouds of pollen are everywhere...I was feeling really bad today and yesterday even though I checked my sugar levels and they were fine...So, I'm hoping it was just the heat!

Anyone else have theirs on yet? I feel kind of wimpy already having mine on in it is HOT here in Georgia!!

Until next time~~hugs, Jen

March 18, 2012

I hope everyone is having a restful Sunday! It is really warm here and sunny! I'm working on one of these pinkeeps for myself....I think I'm going to do myself a set in browns also...I'm going to order some wool and display them in a wooden bowl or trencher...Thank you Pineberry Lane for such a sweet design...I just love it!! 

Well, back to some stitching....big hugs everyone!!~~Jen

March 16, 2012

Hi there! How is everyone doing? I've had a sick little 5 yr old this week and have been busy clearing out and organizing in the house...Along with working on items for  the newest update on Primitive Handmades Mercantile for tomorrow....

It's been a busy couple of weeks...I've been trying to simplify things...Clearing out things and making plans & room for new things....Promising myself that i'm actually going to keep my work table clean so i can actually sew on items that i just love and moving some things to the garage  to get rid of or use to change things out from time to time throughout the year....Organizing frames, fabrics, etc...Just simplifying my life!!!!

And since Luke is starting to feel better and not running fever anymore I can get back at it soon...Plans for more offerings...Getting ready for spring break in a couple weeks, etc....

I need to start on some goodes to take to Ann's shop, Settler's Crossin' in Ridge Spring toward the end of next month  as they celebrate their first year anniversary..Ann messaged me on FB last week and asked if I'd come and bring things to sell....Of course I said YES right away! I told Taylor to plan on that day off from work so she could go too...She enjoyed going to Ann's shop in the fall when I went...I need a primitive shopping

So much to do, but for now I'm heading to bed....Ooops! It's 4:03....Didn't realize it was that late...I'm just a night owl and love when I can stay up late since Luke doesn't have school on Fridays...And I've been up late all week keeping a close eye on him with him running a fever....

 It has been exceptionally WARM here this week....86 today...UGH!!! Not ready for such warm temps along with the heavy thick pollen hanging in the air and on everything...Yuck! It's on everything already...

I hope everyone has a great Friday! Be sure to head over to the Primitive Handmades Mercantile update and check out everyone's new offerings!

~~hugs, Jen