October 17, 2015

 It's a beautiful autumn day here in Georgia today!! We are actually getting some fall temps..We have been outside most of the afternoon burning the debris from the trees falling months back and cleaning up from the remnants of the flood we had a month and a half ago...The backyard looks a wreck after all the mulch and plants were washed away...But the autumn leaves are falling and covering all of it up...Still no colors here yet..we don't really get colors til November here...I can't wait!

I hope everyone is having a beautiful autumn day! The rest of our day will be football on the television...Georgia and Tennessee games are always big here in our household...And we won't mention in front of Tim that Tennessee beat Georgia last weekend...lol...You can transplant me in Georgia after marrying a Georgia boy, but you can't take the Tennessee out of this girl! 

~~From the Farmhouse~~ Hugs, Jen