May 16, 2013

Hey everyone! It's that time again!! We have all started updating our Primitive Handmades Mercantile pages...Be sure to stop by and check out everyone's offerings...I have added some patriotic goodes on my page...:)

May 7, 2013

My view from my work table......

 It's been a busy week and a half at my sewing table...My final orders are going out and I'm ready to start on something new...I have my next few months planned out of what I want to get done...Patriotic samplers, Fall samplers started, and some new original ideas I want to put needle and thread to fabric....Also designs charted that have been asked to be made into patterns....So much planned!! I hope I can do most of it!
Next, I'm working on some pinkeeps with my early blue fabrics like I mentioned a few weeks back and some patriotic things...

I also wanted to share part of my view from my sewing table....It is suppose to be in the mid 80's Thursday and Friday....No wonder the fur babies lay here all day watching the birds and squirrels...

 Off to get some things done in the house, pick Luke up from kindergarten, homework with him, start dinner, etc....Oh,, and Taylor is on her way home from Atlanta...She has been visiting my side of the family since last Friday after she graduated...I look forward to us all being under the same roof tonight...:)

Blessings from the Farmhouse!!~~hugs, Jen

May 6, 2013

I came across this video this morning...It touched my heart being a country music fan and a George Jones fan...It brought back memories of how hard it is to sing one last time for someone...

When i was a teenager my Papa Ross passed away at only 42...He was my papa by marriage and the only papa I would ever know on both sides...I loved him dearly and I still miss him every day....I grew up singing and competing when I was young...Papa use to say "If you come sing I will go tell that preacher that I will go to church"..I use to just laugh...I never did sing for him until the day we laid him to rest...It was hard, but I had to sing for him...

Then 2 years ago, my younger brother asked me to sing at little Rob's funeral...He wanted me to sing the hymnal I sang growing up and I had competed with that song...Robbie had sung that song to little Rob at night when trying to get him to sleep...Daddy and I sang it...It was important to me that I do this for Robbie and I asked for prayers to be able to because i had a bad cold and i only have one vocal cord left from having cancer...I also went back up to his grave site after everyone had left and sang for him one last time one on one...This video is beautiful, but reminded me how hard it is to say goodbye by singing to your loved one....Goodbye George Jones! You will be missed!!!

Oh, onto happier things today! My orders are finished and I'm glad to be starting on new things...With only 2 weeks and 2 days left of school I better get moving and getting some things done....The fur babies are asleep and the house is quiet, so I'm headed to my work table...I hope you have a very blessed day!! 

Hugs from the Farmhouse!! Jen 

May 3, 2013

 Taylor from years back and Taylor last night...I wasn't going to cry last night, but as she walked down and the music played I found myself overtaken with sadness and happiness all at once...Memories of her blonde curls, pink glasses, and her little freckled nose...Where did that little girl go? Spread your wings and fly Taylor Gass!!! ALWAYS follow the path GOD has chosen for you!!! I KNOW you will do amazing things in HIS name!!!

May 2, 2013

Taylor graduates!!!

Today is my 22 yr old's
graduation from Tech school...Taylor graduates with her degree in Graphic Design/Web Design/Pre Press....Where did the years go?