October 31, 2011

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from our homestead to yours!!!!!

October 21, 2011

Just me and Spider Man hanging out today....lol...Our home is a haven for super heroes... I never know who is going to make an appearance....Some days I hang out with Captain Rex and Darth Vadar.... And even Woody from Toy Story comes by to visit...lol

Have a great weekend!!~~hugs, Jen

October 20, 2011

SICK...Yeah, that's where I've been...Last week, Luke decided to share his allergy cold with me...As if I wasn't already suffering from having the windows up in the house....So, after being out at his soccer game on Saturday it was pretty much down hill from there....Coughing, sneezing every 2 seconds, stuffy nose, watery eyes, into a full blown head cold....UGH!!!...I sat in my recliner most of the day Sunday with a cool cloth over my eyes...I still feel a bit lousy, but better than I did...So, I'm back to working on orders and thinking about Christmas ideas....But I'm thoroughly enjoying putting up my Fall decor...I think I might get a few totes out of the garage tomorrow...

So, in the meantime....I have gone over to my selling blog and marked the remaining Fall items i have left down with shipping included in those prices....So, it you were thinking about a Fall item you might want to go check it out...:)

So, what have you all been up to???

~~hugs, Jen

October 8, 2011

I Know! I Know! I should be sleeping at 1:44 in the morning, but I'm dusting and rearranging....I know I will suffer for it in the morning, but I felt that my farm table in the kitchen needed a change....

I've been working on my Fall decorating and hope to finish it this weekend with Luke having Monday off from his preschool class...So, since he has Fridays off also that means we have a 4 day weekend...Yeah! So, I will be working on Fall decorating and new orders I've gotten this week...In between a soccer game and any other family activities....What plans do you have this weekend????????

hugs, Jen

October 4, 2011

I'm offering a **Fall Special** on my selling blog of one of my favorite simple Fall designs....

October 2, 2011

More Fall temps have finally arrived in Georgia and might stay around some this week...I even pondered over putting on socks this morning....I didn't, but I thought about it...:)

I'm just pulling out some of my personal collection of Fall goodes...I really need to add some more x-stitch pieces to my collection...I will try to do that this following year...

So what are you all up to today??? Have you already decorated for Fall? I always watch for signs at the store before I start putting mine out...Last week, I saw my first signs of decorative gourds and i knew it was getting close to time....So, with the cooler temps this weekend I couldn't resist...I'm definitely sure that we will have many more days of hot temps here in Georgia, but for today Fall is here...:)

Have a blessed day!!!~~hugs, Jen