October 8, 2011

I Know! I Know! I should be sleeping at 1:44 in the morning, but I'm dusting and rearranging....I know I will suffer for it in the morning, but I felt that my farm table in the kitchen needed a change....

I've been working on my Fall decorating and hope to finish it this weekend with Luke having Monday off from his preschool class...So, since he has Fridays off also that means we have a 4 day weekend...Yeah! So, I will be working on Fall decorating and new orders I've gotten this week...In between a soccer game and any other family activities....What plans do you have this weekend????????

hugs, Jen


Trace4J said...

I also got some of those tarts from walmart..love!
Blessings Trace


Green Creek Primitives said...

Hi Jen, I find I do my best rearranging in the middle of the night, love how your rearranging turned out. I will be making snowmen and santa's. Have a great weekend. Vicky

Earlene said...

Happy Saturday! We are going out on the motorcycle and enjoy the beautiful Fall colors. 80 degrees today and tomorrow with sunshine all day. Doesn't get any better than that! At 4 today is my youngest (8) granddaughters birthday party.
Hugs to you Jenn

Penny said...

Well, I have the most exciting day planned today! My husband and I are going shopping for toilets!! Yup -- we are restoring my grandmother's homestead and today is toilet-shopping day -- we've been given orders from headquarters (the builder) that this is the next step in the process, so off we go.....
Tomorrow we will be going to the Giants football game. In between, we will be getting some last minute things done for our daughter's wedding -- next Saturday!! Busy, busy!!
Have a good one, Jen!

TheCrankyCrow said...

I, too, hope to get a little more decorating done - although no hopes of finishing it up....Gave a baby shower for my niece today so that pretty much took care of the day (and a few others last week....so now it's catch up time!) Love how you pull things so together....Hope you're enjoying your day! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Isobel -Argante- said...

Hi Jen,
are you really dusting at 1:44? Well... you could stitch also, couldn't you?

Your photos are always great! Have a lovely week end (here is very very cold, and I think I'll go to an 'apple feast' tomorrow.

The Primitive Hare

frontporchprims said...

Yeah for four day weekends. I love that you are dusting and rearranging that early or should I say late? It looks great. -Steph-

My Colonial Home said...

Hi Lady...you are into what we all have been doing. But at that hour of the morning...lady, you have your days and nights mixed! lol

Isobel -Argante- said...

Thanks my dear :-)
The atmosphere here in enchanted...

The Primitive Hare