October 29, 2010

A Few More Touches!!!!

He enjoyed this Halloween decorating....Mom did too!!:) :) :)

Just a touch of Halloween...I brought some things in and took them back out...They scared Luke...So, two simple light up pumpkins and some rubber mice is all we have out...Maybe more next year, but maybe not...

~~hugs, Jen

October 28, 2010

Christmas is getting closer!

I have passed this simple Christmas sampler a thousand times while it has been laying  beside my sewing machine the past couple of weeks...As I glanced at it today I said "It is time!"....So I grabbed it up, chose a simple tea dyed osnaburg I always keep nearby, and started sewing...It came out as I planned...A simple Christmas sampler pillow...I think I will try to make some for all my primitive chairs if I have time....

My plate is really full...I've gotten orders in for the personalized name samplers I showed in a previous post along with some Christmas items....I'm working on my huge Christmas sampler that I'm trying to get finished to turn into a pattern...Life is good!!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes!!..You're all so sweet!!

I hope you're having a good Thursday!...We got much needed rain last night, but the A/C has been turned back on once again since Monday (as if it even went off)...It has been so muggy, but the temp is suppose to drop some this weekend...

Until next time!!~~hugs, Jen

October 27, 2010

Aww! It's my birthday all day!!!..I've been overwhelmed by birthday wishes from old childhood classmates, family, and friends in phone calls, emails, and facebook!...The computer is a wonderful thing!!!

I wanted to share with you the post I got from my daughter, Taylor...She went to class this morning and came home with a big bouquet of balloons and made me breakfast before heading back to school...THANK YOU TAYLOR!

Taylor Gass

Taylor Gass MOMMM!!! I hope you have a super fab coffee-dyed birfffday with some rust spots and places beaten with hammers. :) LOVE YOU!

That made me laugh!!


 Thank you all for blessing me by coming to see what goes on in my little part of the world....With compliments, words of encouragement, and sharing your world with me....I'm blessed on this, my 44th birthday, that God has given me!!...May God bless you all in return!!...BIG HUGS, Jen

October 26, 2010

We made a trip to Northwest Georgia this past Friday...Trenton, GA...Tim's hometown and where we lived for the first 9 years of our married life...It is also where i spent my holidays and summers while growing up while visiting my grandparents and family...

It is beautiful there surrounded by two mountains...Sand Mountain and Lookout Mountain...

Tim played football in high school, so we went in on Friday, so he could watch a football game...I hung out with one of my best friends, Kathy Ross...WE have been friends for about 23 years and usually when we visit I just run by and see her...But this time we ate dinner and hung out....The first time since we left Trenton 14 years ago...It was great spending time with her!!!

Then on Saturday we headed back toward Atlanta to spend the afternoon with my family....And when I go to visit I always visit Liz's Antiques...As usual I brought a few things home with me....A chair (YES, I have a few..lol) and a crock....The crock on the right in the picture...

But while still in Trenton, Tim's aunt, Louise gave me a piece of an antique baby bed...She has one piece of it in her home with candles and such hanging from it...Isn't it WONDERFUL??!!??!?!?!?!?!..I'm seeing early blue fabric hanging on it...

The only reason we could get it in our SUV is because Taylor didn't come with us on this trip...Our first trip without her...She went on a trip with a bible study group...

I hope you're having a great day!...I didn't get enough sleep last night, so I've been dragging today...UGH!..I hate days like this when I don't get much done!...Well, off to work on laundry!

Until next time!!~~hugs, Jen

October 20, 2010

My view into my kitchen with a touch of Fall added......

I hope you're having a blessed Fall day!!!~~hugs, Jen

October 19, 2010

A New Offering On My Selling Blog..........

Brown civil war reproduction print sewing/needles book has been added to my sewing blog...Have a great day!!

~~hugs, Jen

October 18, 2010

My view...............

Just fun pictures of the view from my computer cabinet.........


It is BIG!!!...I said I wanted to do a big Christmas sampler....Like a big one for over the fireplace....Well, I opened a pack of evenweave fabric (20" x 27") and I DIDN'T trim any!!....NONE!!!..Are you seeing what I'm saying???...It is BIG!!!..I had no idea how long the bottom would measure until I got finished....It's gonna be BIG!!!! lol..WOW!..Am I up for the task????...We'll see!!

And what is going to be on it???..I have no idea other than maybe a cabin....I design as I go...I have no clue where my needle may lead!!

All I know is "Christmas In Rutherford Co. Tn 1871" is going to be BIG!!

Hope you're having a great Monday!!..My favorite day of the week!!!~~hugs, Jen

October 14, 2010

I'd rather be a pumkin face........

SOLD!My orders are finished!!!...Yeah!...So, now I can get started on new things....Here's a simple sampler I designed and added to my Simple Goodes selling blog...Last night I started on a Christmas pillow....I will show you when I get it finished...

I hope you're enjoying this wonderful fall day!!!...We're having a simple meal of soup and cornbread this evening...YUM!!!...With family time, movies, and hopefully some x-stitching...The perfect night for me!~~hugs, Jen
Here they are antiqued some more....I'm sooo pleased that you love them Lisa!

October 13, 2010

Whew!..What a day!...I've been running around getting items boxed up for shipping since this morning after dropping Luke off at school...Along with antiquing box orders, baking samplers in the oven, etc....All orders are going out tomorrow....Then I'm moving on to new offerings....

I wanted to share a personalized order that I just put into frames...I can't wait to make some for my family...I've been wanting to for some time and then I got this request....I love how they turned out!!

I hope you're having a great day!!...Can you believe this week is half way over already?

Until next time!!~~hugs, Jen

October 11, 2010

Sewing Books........

Look what I worked on last night until 4:30 am this morning...Ok, I didn't start on them til after 1:00 am....But that is how I get what I get done....When Luke doesn't have school the next day I pull all nighters alot of the time...I'm a total night owl and have been for all of my adult life...THANK GOODNESS I have a little boy that has ALWAYS slept late when he can...So he is totally like his mom in that way...It allows me to work with my needle....And most nights I stay up til 2:00 or 2:30....Then I get 5 hours sleep...Some days warrant a little nap time, but most days Luke doesn't nap...That is how I get things done....

So last night I worked on these...The design is a NOTFORGOTTEN FARM design by Lori....As soon as I saw her new design back in July I knew it was going to be my very first needle book...So i stitched it up....One in Lori's chosen colors and one in blues for myself...And then they sat from July til October....I was a bit intimidated in making one because i HATE sewing....But I quickly found out as I started on these last night that I enjoyed putting these together (except for the few times I had to use my seam ripper..lol)

So I sewed them up in the chosen fabrics I had decided on months ago...The brown in a reproduction civil war print and mine in a early 1800's fabric from an old quilt that was taken apart...I'm still not through with them...I'm going to add another patch on the inside for needles to go with the pocket and I need to add a button to the front so it can button close....Perfect to lay next to my x-stitching chair and when I travel...And I found that my little sewing book fits perfectly in the pocket....So what do you think????....THANKS Lori for a wonderful design!!!

Until next time~~hugs, Jen

October 10, 2010

I LOVE 3 day weekends!!..It just makes you want to get so much done...With only 2 more orders to get done I decided to take a break and paint my cabinets I've had for well over a month....This will put me up to 6 of them....

So what have you been up to this weekend???


October 9, 2010


Here is my diningroom at 3:22 in the am...The hired man's bed may be going into storage...It is taking away from my new darker color scheme...I've always loved that little bed, but it has been a challenge to put it in this house...In our other house I had it in our HUGE master bedroom....I don't know!...I guess I'll live with it for a few days.....UGH! Decisions!

And see that blue and white quilt piece hanging on the back of the chair?...A birthday gift to myself to add to my collection!!

With bed???....Without???....Maybe leave it til after Christmas???....All I know is I'm off to bed...

~~hugs, Jen

October 8, 2010

Well, you either love it or hate it!!!...I'm going to sand it more tomorrow...And I have been thinking about repainting my boxes, but now I love the colors next to the black, so I'm glad I didn't...I love my fireplaces and I have them on all year long...And did you notice????...I rearranged my table, but now I can't put my workman's bed in there....It won't fit...So I'm not sure if I'm going to leave it this way or put it back....UGH! Decisions!!!

It is done!!!!!....The fireplace is painted black....I'm going to let it sit and then sand some....I hope to show another pic tonight....

SO FAR............................

I held my breath and started painting....First I painted it one of my favorite shades of brown, but it just didn't pop....Everything else in the room kind of overshadowed it....So I put a thin coat of black and hand sanded it with my sanding disc....A thin coat makes it so you don't have to sand as much....Actually, I used a foam brush and even rubbed it on in most places...

The first picture is with a flash....And this is without a stain...Just sanded...I could hear Linda (Behind My Red Door) sigh as I started my first stroke..LOL...You know how she loves her reds!

And I think I panicked for a minute because I'm pretty sure this paint color may be unavailable now....I've had it this red for probably 16 years...I wrestled with gray, brown, the brown I painted the trim, my favorite shade of blue,etc...But as you can tell in the last picture that I have; my shaker cabinet, shelf above the fireplace, and bench ( that I brought in from the front porch) is in a dark blue....I think they go together well with the black...What do you think??

I'm still not sure about the other one...It might be another color all together...I can tell you that my all time favorite rooms with black fireplaces are Linda's of the Keepingroomhttp://thekeepingroomprimitives.blogspot.com/ and Ann's house ( a home tour)http://www.farmhouse-primitives.com/store/WsAncillary.asp?ID=11 that Pam has on her website....I absolutely LOVE their homes!!!

I'll keep you posted!!!..Let me tell you I APPRECIATE EVERYONE'S comments and suggestions....

~~hugs, Jen