October 18, 2010


It is BIG!!!...I said I wanted to do a big Christmas sampler....Like a big one for over the fireplace....Well, I opened a pack of evenweave fabric (20" x 27") and I DIDN'T trim any!!....NONE!!!..Are you seeing what I'm saying???...It is BIG!!!..I had no idea how long the bottom would measure until I got finished....It's gonna be BIG!!!! lol..WOW!..Am I up for the task????...We'll see!!

And what is going to be on it???..I have no idea other than maybe a cabin....I design as I go...I have no clue where my needle may lead!!

All I know is "Christmas In Rutherford Co. Tn 1871" is going to be BIG!!

Hope you're having a great Monday!!..My favorite day of the week!!!~~hugs, Jen


WoolenSails said...

Can't wait to see what you make.
I am in a cross stitch mood myself, so maybe I will make up something this week.


Penny said...

Anxiously awaiting the next update on this cross-stitch -- I know it will be wonderful!!
Have a great Monday!

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

It is big, Can't wait to see it all finished!
Have a nice day

bayrayschild said...

WoW! Good luck to you on this ambitious project.
It will be fabulous, no doubt.
Your work always is!


basketsnprims said...

I know coming from your clever designing self that is will be awesome. Keep us posted, my friend.

christina said...

Can't wait to see the "big" christmas sampler!! I hope you will be making it into a pattern. I'll have to have it. I enjoyed so much making the Grundy co sampler. I'm sure this one will be AWSOME!!! Blessings Christina

Alicia said...

Wow! I can not wait to see what this sampler will be! Of all the holidays, Christmas is my favorite. You do such beautiful work Jenn! I know that it will be awesome.


Sandy said...

Oh boy...I can't wait to see what you will come up with :) I know it will be awesome!