March 9, 2010

Hi everyone!..Today was a beautiful sunny day that got up to 78 degrees...I had my sunroof open on my way to take Taylor to work...Wonderful!!

Well, I have finished for now...I worked all day yesterday and late last night trying to get all my things organized...The big stack of 6 notebooks are x-stitch patterns...Two of them are Fall and Halloween...One is Christmas...Two are samplers...And one is old patterns with some samplers mixed in....They are completely filled past capacity, except one...I'm going to have to buy some more notebooks!!..Do you think I have enough patterns??..I bought 3 new ones this evening..LOL...Yep, I'm definitely going to have to buy more notebooks and sheet protectors!!

The second stack of 3 are my favorite country primitive homes that I have been saving from magazines for years...And they are my absolute favorites...One is Fall and Christmas...The other is just everyday decorated homes...My home pics are in there that I was sent from Country Sampler for the next issue...Can I believe it???..Along with all my favorites, my home is in there!!!!...And then the actual magazine pics will be put in there in a few weeks when the next issue comes out...I wish I could show you, but I can't!!...You will have to wait a little longer!!..And then the last notebook on top is my "I want to make one of these" and tutorials I have for future references...Think I have enough projects planned??!!??..LOL ...Then Mr. T*F*A asked me "Where are you going to put all those notebooks now?"...HA...I'm not sure!!..Oh, wow!..Maybe I need to get the "I want to make one of these" notebook and decide on something to build to put them in..Hmmmmm!!~~Until next time!!~~hugs, Jen


Sherrie said...

Oh Jen,how inspiring!! I bought sheet protectors last year and about a month ago bought the binders to get organized, but guess what!! It hasn't happened yet and I soooo wanted this accomplished before I have another week or so? I am going to think very optimistic!!
I may have you beat on the x-stitch. LOL
Prim friend, Sherrie

Susannah said...

I am there with you, Jen! I have been trying to do this for a couple of years. And guess what? It has happened here this winter! Everything thing is in, on to closets and such. Yuk!

You have done a great job and how happy you must be! Good job!


Janet - underthewillow said...

wow you're so organized! that is fantastic! but now where to put all those notebooks! he had a good question huh? LOL


Sandy said...

Now that is whay I call very well organized! I stole one of my closets to mine in and I use that closet to put extra items, crafts that I will be making. So everyone in the house knows that's Mommy's closet. Just a thought :)

~Judy~ said...

OMG....that's a LOT of patterns!!!
Great idea with the different seasons and holidays. I have mine by designer but I like your idea better. Now get busy!!!

hugs, Judy

Lee Hill Primitives said...

WOW, You did a Great Job!I have my dolls patterns in prim boxes, but your idea is much better and organized. My friend you have an amazing pattern' collection.

Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

OH YES!! You need just the right new piece of prim furniture to store those in. I say once the magazine comes out - you go and celebrate by buying something special!!

I can't WAIT for the next issue!! I just know it will be one of my favs in my folders someday!!

JeanM said...

Wow so organized. I need to do something like that. In the mean time I will cheer you on.

My Colonial Home said...

My goodness you are one organized gal!
What a huge collection...have you made all those patterns in the folders????
Thanks for sharing Jen,

Angie Berry ~ Berry Homespun Primitives said...

OH MY WORD girl!! That is craziness!! Haha! How wonderful to have it all where you know where it is. I think you need to find a lovely prim wooden trunk to store them in. I'm anxiously awaiting the CS with your home pics too!

Connie said...

you are to organize, but it is good to do this, I can't wait to see the sampler book, found your blog and like reading it so I put you on my blog list. HAPPY CRAFTING!