March 14, 2010

Hi, everyone!!...WOW!!!!...394 followers!!...I can't believe I have such a following of loyal friends visiting!!...If, I make it to 400, then I think it is time for another giveaway!!...How does that sound????...I've been thinking about some new offerings and I've been working on them today...Maybe one of them will be the giveaway!!....Hmmmmmmm!!!..Have a good Sunday evening!!

Until next time!!!~~hugs, Jen


Rory said...

I think the secret to your success is that you have a very nice, warm, and inviting blog. Congratulations from follower #394.

WoolenSails said...

Love visiting your blog, and lots of others do too.


Robin said...

I found you from Lori's blog and have enjoyed following it very much. Hopefully one day I will have as many followers. Keep up the good work. (Millstone Mercantile)

My Colonial Home said...

Wohoooo! I for one love visiting here and I know everyone else feels the same offer us something wonderful with the beautiful photos of your home as well as your wonderful creations.

primitivebettys said...

Yippee on all the followers! :) I like visiting & a giveaway is so sweet of ya too. Today, I finished stitching up your Spring Thyme pattern. It is lovely.

Happy Stitching & smiles to ya!

Betty :)

Diva Kreszl said...

congratulations! I see it's up to 397, you'll be flying past 400 in no time. Your blog is such a lovely place to visit, I'm not surprised at all by the numbers!!!

Never So Simple said...

I'm sure it will be 400 before you know it. Your blog is great and so is your decor.