June 14, 2009

What a busy Sunday afternoon!!!....I made my trip to Michael's to get some more shaker cabinets...They only had 3 and I came home with 3...I also got some small children's chairs on clearance for $9.99 each...I've been wanting a child size table and chairs set for Luke to eat snack and play at...And since the price was right I grabbed them up..So this week I will be getting them painted up while I do the cabinets...

So tomorrow unless it changes I will be going to get my eyes checked....Yes, the eyes are having trouble seeing the lines on the linen and evenweave when I'm x-stitching...I'm told at this age 40 to 42 that this will happen....Like overnight it happens...Well, mine did...It was like one day I had no problems and the next I did...And after about 8 months of it I've decided to go get them checked....So I have an appt at 1:00 and Taylor's is at 1:30...Actually it was her normal appt, so i decided as long as I was going to be there I should go ahead and get mine looked at...

I've be
en tweaking again on the fireplace mantel...You will either love it or hate it...I put a set of my boxes in place of the clock and I hung a bunch of sweet annie that I got from my friend Karen (KM Primitives blog) a while back...Actually I got two bunches and I've since cut the other one up and added around the house...I will share that one day with you...But in the meantime here is my new mantel...FOR NOW anyway!!!...LOL

And the Mercantile Gatherings!!!..Do you have a subscription???

Until next time!!..hugs, Jen

p.s....You're going to have to bare with me on all these spaces between my pics...Since switching to mozilla firefox it seems no matter what I do I have them.....And I don't know what to do about them!!!!UGH!!!


Kris ~ Simply Prim said...

Hi Jen!
I know what you mean about needing glasses overnight. I was the same way! (I'm 46 now) I've been depending on my reading glasses too much lately. I'm just shy of putting them on a chain and wearing it around my neck! It's tough getting old!
You'll have to check out my blog on Friday morning. I just tweaked my fireplace, too, and posted pics of it.
Congratulations on being featured in Mercantile Gatherings!!

Take care,

My Colonial Home said...

Jen how wonderful - the pages are put together so beautifully!
Now I'm more anxious than ever to see it in the magazine.

Sandy said...

Lucky you...you received your MG magazine. I can't wait to receive mine in the mail :) Looks like a good read!

I love your fireplace display and everytime I see the color or your mantel...I just love it!

Good Luck for tomorrow and I hope for a great week.

basketsnprims said...

Everything looks fantastic & I can't wait to get my copy. It should be here anyday now. I didn't have to get reading glasses until I was over 50 but it seemed to happen overnight. I got the progressive bifocals & absolutely hate them ~ I get the cheater glasses from the $ store & they are perfect. Congratulations on your home in MG.

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Hi Jen,
Love the mantel and the sweet Annie...I finally got to Michaels and saw all that you bought, I have a 50% coupon so I have to make it back out there to get one of those cabinets:)

I had to get glasses too in my 40's, I think it was around the age of 45 that it happened to me:) I just use the Dollar Store ones I like them better than my perscription ones.
Have a great day and I'm loven my MGM...look at it everyday:)

Janene said...

I love your fireplace!
I need to get ahold of one of those Merchantile Gatherings magazine...it was too hard to read the text in your pics...LOL LOL

Lee Hill Primitives said...

I can't wait to receive my copy in the mail. I checked my mailbox every day.... can't wait more days....

Raggedy Angel said...

Your mantle looks great....I can't wait to get my new (old) one in.
I have alway had perfect eyes.....when it started to fade, I went to get them checked....the doctor kept saying ....over 40 this, over 40 that and over and over! I finally said ok ok I get the idea!

I can not wait to get my MG....maybe today!!! Beth

Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

The spread in MG looks wonderful Jen. I hope to get a copy this week so I can read the article and have it forever!

My eyes are the same way and even with glasses, stitching is much much harder!! UGH

The mantel looks great. For now! :-)

hugs, Linda

Debbie said...

Congratulations on getting the other shaker cabinets. I wish we had a Michaels around here.

I remember the change into bi-focals all too well. Its just a part of growing old I guess.

Its wonderful about being in Mercantile Gatherings. We don't get that around here but I would love to see it sometime. Congratulations!

Take Care,

Holly Hills Primitives said...

I'm waiting impatiently for my copy of MG! Can't wait to see your article! You don't have to worry about your fireplace, it looks great - as usual! Hope you have a wonderful week, Dawn

Never So Simple said...

I could spend hours just admiring you home. I know what you mean about the old eyes my eyes started about 41. :)


Susannah said...

Hello Jen... my Mercantile Gatherings magazine is not here yet...but will be coming soon. I look so forward to reading about you and your prim home!


Karen said...

Jen it looks great and I can't wait to get my copy and look at it in detail - congrats on being in the magazine. Your a great inspiration.


everyday mom of one said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, My sister in laws would love your home. Maybe you already visit their blogs cozy coops corner?

Lydia said...

Jen, same thing hapepend here with glasses!

I can't wait to see your pictures -haven't received my copy yet either. Can't wait!

The Charm House said...

Love your fireplace!!!

A Bit of Colour said...

I'm loving the cranes above the fireplace!

Kit said...

The fireplace looks really good. Congratulations on the spread in MG, the pics look wonderful!

Jennifer Ann Fox said...

Yep, I did the same thing when I turned about 43 and then went to eye doc. Instead of getting the glasses they prescribed at 300.00, I just got about 10 pair at Walmart which works fine for me.
They told me that after 40 until age 55 your eyes get worse each year......I believe it. But reading glasses does it for me.
Love your house pictures

theresa said...

Hi Jen! Received my copy in the mail on Monday and can not put it down...your home is so beautiful! I love the colors you have chosen to showcase your treasures....the story about you was beautifully written...God Bless You and yours...till next time. Hugs Theresa

Linda ★ Parker's General said...

Ahhhhh, the glories of age.....Are your hands wearing, too? Old Arthur visiting? Gravity wreaking havoc on your body--all over? You jusy gotta roll with it, Hon!
What is Mercantile Gatherings? Can you get a sample of it?
Your mantle is perfect. I love changing things and it drives my DH crazy. I guess his Mom put things someplace and left them there ---forever.... I can't do that. I love changing up.

Wish there was a Michael's closer to us. Hobby Lobby is 35 miles away.