June 19, 2009

Shaker cabinets~Tweaking~MY secret File

Hi everyone!...I hope you had a good week!...This post is going to be short, but full of pics...Dang, I bet you hate that!..HA!HA!....I know how we all like our pictures!!..So I'm jumping on here while Tim and Luke went to the store and to get us something to eat...

First off I've been working on my shaker cabinets this week..Had the first coat of black on them on Tuesday...Then on Wednesday when Tim went to sand them for me the sander dismantle itself right in his hand...Fell completely apart...UGH!!!! And double UGH!!!..So he ordered another one and I'm not sure when it will get here...Not soon enough I know...So we may be borrowing one...I want to get them finished and put in their new home...

I re-tweaked the fireplace because I wasn't happy with the way the fireplace was photographing with the sweet annie...So it will be loved somewhere else and I've gone back to this...Looks better ya think??!!???

Ok!...I want to share with you my secret file!!!...If I lost it I KNOW I would cry!!!...It is full of my favorite houses and articles...I have been collecting these for the 19 years I've loved country and then primitive decorating....This home is one of my all time favorites...It is shaker inspired and I inspire to have my home more like it someday...I have shaker elements here and there in my home and have always love the simple clean lines and simplicity of the style...And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shaker baskets!!..I always have!...I will be sharing some more pics of my favorite houses from time to time with you..


And then I wanted to share some pics ...One with flash...One without...Of my freedom pinkeep that I made for myself....I have it in the dough bowl/trencher on my coffee table....

Oh, finished before they got home...So I will run and get to working on my laundry and Tim won't think I've been on the computer..HA!...At least until he reads my blog on Monday at work....Does your hubby read your blog???...Mine does!:]...
Until next time....hugs,Jen


Never So Simple said...

Your fireplace looks great. Your home is gorgeous and so inviting.


Kris ~ Simply Prim said...

I love the tweaking you've done to your fireplace! Looks great.
I'm sure those shaker cabinets will look great when you finally get to finish them. Hopefully, you'll get a sander soon!
I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who rips out pictures of things and saves them! lol My SIL used to tease me about it.

Take care,

PrimWyoGirl said...

I really like your mantle the way you have it now. It looks great! Did you say black on the cabinets? Guess everyone needs some variation LOL! Hope you get your sander soon! The pinkeep looks nice in your bowl. I like the simpleness of what you have in there. Jayne

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the article in MG! The pictures are just wonderful, you should be so proud. Have a great weekend, Dawn

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Hi Jen,
I bought a cabinet like that at Michaels on Wednesday because I had a 50% coupon from Sat. Our Michaels is about 25 miles from here so I don't get to it often, but I made a special trip with that coupon to get the cabinet, right now it's sitting in the garage:)

I love the mantel, I have the same trouble with herbs just don't know what to do with them.

Jennifer Ann Fox said...

Your fireplace looks great either way!! I have some dried flowers tied with ribbon and just hanging in one of my bedrooms over a bed and they just add a flair to the primitive decor. I also like the dried herbs bunched and hanging in kitchens. I also love baskets too.
Yep, my hubbie reads my blog too.
My kids do and complained so much I hesitate to write much about them anymore.
North Georgia

Carey's Farmhouse Kitchen said...

I just read your article in Mercantile Gatherings and it was just wonderful. I have that exact same house saved too. I believe it was a young couple that the husband had built the kitchen cabinets that look like cupboards pushed together. I always loved that house. I think the wife made baskets too. Good luck getting your cabinets done. I looked for one but didn't find one.


Susannah said...

Hi Jen, Your house is always lovely! You have a way with making everything look just right. I really like your fireplace mantle just as it is right now.
Those shaker cabinets are teriffic! I can not wait to see them when they are done and in place.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Wendy/TheCozyYellowHouse said...

Your home is so wonderful Jen and I love what you have done with the fireplace!! I have the same magazine with that shaker style home in it and I have always loved it too! Have a great weekend!~Wendy

basketsnprims said...

Jen ~
I like your mantle much better this way & your secret files are wonderful. That is the look that I love ~ their home is just so cozy & inviting. I'm sorry to hear about your sander. Have a great weekend.

Laura :) said...

I pull articles too! I like to keep mine in a notebook with sheet protectors. I now have 3 notebooks! I take them when we go somewhere or when I think I might get bored and need to see some prims. My dad likes to look at them with me.

Can't wait to see your cabinets when they're done!

Laura :)

Cindy at Mountain Hollow said...

Your cabinets are great. I love visiting your blog and seeing all of your great work.

Penelope said...

Ilike your pics! and your fireplace!

Unknown said...

Your home is Gorgeous!! I need to find somewhere that sells the Mercantile Gatherings magazine. I have heard so many ladies talk about it and cant find it in stores anywhere!! :(
Keep those fabulous photos coming!! I need all the inspiration I can get. And your home absolutely gives it to me!! Take Care, Tammy

Jody said...

The fireplace looks perfect that way! Great tweaking there...:)
I am anxious to see your cabinets finished as I just purchased one a couple of weeks ago. It is stained right now, but I would love to have mine black too...another thing on the "to do" list...:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,
I loved looking at the pictures of your home in MG and reading the article...it was wondeful!!
I also have a secret file of homes that I pulled out of magazines over the years. I started mine back in the late 80's...and I just love to look through them and get ideas for my home.

Jill said...

Thanks so much for commenting on my new home photos. I love the way yours is decorated and I too love anything Shaker! Your stitching is beautiful too :) Many Blessings,

OldeAnniePrimitives said...

Love your fireplace and mantel. Your house is so warm and inviting! Those cabinets look great!

You're too funny...when I hear my hubby drive up I shut my computer down and pretend to be working! LOL! I'm hoping he doesn't read my blog...at least he never says anything about it! Have a great week! ~~Annie

schutt6 said...

LOVE it all Jen! I need to get my butt to Michaels and get me one of those cabinets! they are GREAT!!!

I also wanted to let ya know I got my copy of MG and DROOL DROOL DROOL!!!your home is AMAZING! :-D
so glad the featured ya!

Leslie said...

The fireplace picture is like a photo out of a magazine....great work!

Nope, my hubby doesn't read my blog. He only half gets that I have one...it's just not important to him. Not many people from my life know about my blog....I kind of like it that way! LOL


Anne said...

Looks great, as usual...your article in MG was also terrific..cant wait for the cs issue to come out of your place. My hubby does read my blog....no one else in my family though, I too like it that way!

Dawn Buie said...

Good morning Jen! I love how you save all the pictures of homes you enjoy..very cool idea! I can't wait to see your shakers all finished! Thank you so much for commenting on my post! Have a really good day Jen..--Dawn