May 2, 2011

Tornado coming over the mountain toward Trenton......


Robin said...

That is one angry looking storm!! I was so glad to read that you and your family are safe. Blessings to you and yours. (millstonemercantile)

Kerri Arthur said...

Oh Jen!
I am so glad that you are ok,
Did you hear from your aunt?

It is unbelievable what has been going on this spring.

Praying for your family and all the families that have lost.

Big Hugs,

The Prim Colonial said...

Our prayers are with you. My husband has family in Hueytown, Al. and we finally were able to get a message from them..they are ok, house ok, but on both sides of them total devastation. I hope all of your family members are fine and beginning the recovery process. Please keep your prim friends posted. ~ Beth

Mel said...

How devastating, our hearts go out to each and everyone involved.

May God Bless