November 6, 2009

Hi everyone!...I hope you had a good week...What happen to the past 2 weeks....I'm so sorry I haven't been on here in a week and a half...After meeting Dana on my birthday I was busy the rest of the week getting ready for a yard sale and my regular stuff with the kids...Mix in potty training with Luke that I'd been procrastinating on starting back....I had 10 orders to finish up and get mailed out....So everytime I thought about blogging it kind of got pushed back to later, but later never seemed to happen...I'm still cleaning out in the house and taking to Goodwill....Still clearing out in the garage and taking to Goodwill...I don't want to bother with another yard sale even though we did pretty good!!!...(I ordered myself 3 german twig trees)

But on my birthday I awoke to have 52 emails from facebook from well wishers from childhood classmates, family, blogging friends....It was such a treat and I continued to get them throught out the day and evening....

Then Dana, Taylor and I had a lunch from Panera Bread along with Luke here at my
home after a tour of the house...Dana was so anxious to see the house and she kept telling Taylor I was famous!!ha!ha!...I was so flattered!!...We spent the afternoon chatting and getting to know each other...And Dana so graciously brouhgt me 3 bags of tarts , candles, and wax items...I was sooo appreciative!!!...THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH DANA!

I have pics of the pumpkin tarts in my dough bowls and trenchers mixed in with my items...She made them orange and black...They add the perfect touch!!!...Then she gave me the candle and unfortunately i notice that I didn't get a pic of my black Jack-o-latern with the tea light in the top of it..UGH!
Don't you love the pears!!!???!!!....I got two sets....One with crows and one with the weeping willows...

Wonderful smelling tarts!!!

A cute snowman!!!...I'm going to get some more of them to go on my twig tree that I got last year...It has been in my garage awaiting wax ornaments that I decided I was going to decorate it with.....

I've always wanted a lamb and am always looking at them, but have yet to order one...Well, I have one now!!!...I added it in front of the Taylor's plate...So now I think I have to get wax items to sit in front of each plate...I like how they blend in together and don't stand out....

The trencher on my gathering room table...The wax pumpkins are the
perfect finishing touch!!!

Dana and I made plans to get together again really soon and we're going to take a trip to a primitive store in Aiken, SC that I didn't know was there...

Thank you for making my birthday so special Dana along with my family,facebook friends, and blogging friends that left me messages on my blog!!!...THANK YOU!!!!

Then as soon as Tim got home we rushed off to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's....I love their salad bar!!!...And right after we sat down Tim asked me to order for him and excused himself....I ordered and went ahead to the salad bar and when I got back to the table I had a gift with a card on the table....I looked around and picked it up...One thought went through my head, but I brushed it aside because Tim doesn't like to buy me primitive things since I buy enough of them myself...But after tearing the simple brown paper off of it I almost SQUEALED!!!... The man sitting across from us at the next table smiled at me because he could see my pure JOY!!!..Tim had gotten me Jill Peterson's Homestead book!!!...When he got back to the table I asked him how he knew and he said he had read it on my blog that I wanted the first one....He called Jill and ordered it and she signed it with a message!!!...What a special birthday I had!!!!!

Then a few days later Taylor said I had a package and Luke carried it to me..He loves when I get packages, too...But I knew I hadn't ordered anything..So I look at the box and I first see A lil somethin...Then I see Audrey Hanna...I recognized the name and I knew Audrey was a facebook friend and she always leaves me messages on my blog...I immediately noticed how good the boxed smelled!!..heavenly!!!...Audrey sent me this beautiful doll!!!..She is perfect and fits right in with my other dolls and decor...I announced to the girls that a new friend had arrived!!.ha!ha!...She came with a pinkeep and a pumpkin...Audrey sent a beautiful card that made me cry...It was so sweet!!...Aren't the unexpected gifts the best??...THANK YOU SOOO MUCH AUDREY!!!...

So now I'm anxious to get started on new items since....I'm fixing to head over and post a few items on my selling blog, so if you get a chance come check them out in a little while...

Have a wonderful weekend!!~~hugs,Jen


Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Sounds like an absolutely wonderful time you had. You are so loved.

Lee Hill Primitives said...

Great birthday gifts. Lucky girl, everything looks nice.

basketsnprims said...

What a wonderful birthday you had & such wonderful gifts. Love that book!

Janene said...

Oh how wonderful! This sounds like the birthday to beat all birthdays!
How sweet of your hubby to be sneaky like that...what a keeper!!
Enjoy your weekend!

Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

I am so glad your birthday was so wonderful!! How thoughtful of Tim to order the book! He's a keeper!! Love all your treasures from Dana as well!

Black Sheep Lisa said...

I love all your birthday goodies!!!

Jenny said...

Hi Jen,
What a special husband you have!!
Oh, how thoughtful of your facebook friend to send such a prim wonderful birthday gift! I love your doll!
You are so blessed!
Enjoy your Saturday!

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Such a happy birthday you had! Your DH is a keeper to get you the book and signed yet! How lucky are you:) Love the primest doll that you Audrey sent you:)

Kris ~ Simply Prim said...

I'm glad your birthday was so special! How very thoughtful of your hubby to get Jill's book for you! And i love all of the goodies you got from Dana and Audrey!

Take care,

My Colonial Home said...

Oh Jen I have to be the worst friend....HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! And after you were so thoughtful to send me and Doug that wonderful Anniversary box.
But I do remember you said you celebrate the entire month so I'm not too late am I?????
Love your wonderful post...I have a wax covered snowman like the one shown...just bought him at wholesale this past month.


Dana~HomespunTreasures said...

It was so wonderful getting to meet you I had so much fun!!! I'm so glad you liked all of your candles!! I LOVED all the goodies you made for me I will cherish them!! I can't wait to see your house all decked out for Christmas!!!


Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

Glad you had a wonderful birthday!
Love the book, I saw it in an
antique mall over the weekend.

Bear Hugs~Karen

carolyn@simple~primitive~devotion said...

Well Happy Birthday, a little late! Sounds like you had a perfect day and received many precious gifts.
The book from your hubby is awesome! And unexpected gifts from friends are always a treat.
Have a great week!