August 14, 2009

Update from Sandy of Missouri Dry Goods.....

I received this email from Sandy of Missouri Dry Goods....Sandy is the one I got my dolls from in a previous post....This is the latest update......

Where do I begin?? Lots of emails coming in with well wishes still. All the prayers have been paying off!! Last night they took my Brother In Law's ventilator out and he was talking to us!! YEAH!!! He has a few loose teeth from the accident and we are hoping that they tighten back up. He doesn't remember the accident or even leaving from work, but he has his wits about him and know's who everyone is. They even got him out of bed and had him sit in a chair for a couple of hours and he was even joking around with the nurse's. Then I just got word a few minutes ago, that he has improved so much they moved him out of ICU today!! HIP HIP HURRAY!! Still a very long road to recovery, but we will Celebrate any improvements as they come.
I will be starting some Primitive Raffle's on Sunday Evening and will add more as items get donated. You can buy chances for $1.00 each or $6 for $5.00. Then you can choose to put all of your tickets on one item or dived them between the items. On Oct. 2nd I will draw a winner from each item that is listed. The winner's will be posted on my Picturetrail.
I also have two new items posted on my Lemon Poppy Seeds tonight as well. So if you get a minute stop by to check them out. I hoped to have had more done, but my time has been spent on trying to get a Fund Raiser, Bake Sale, Auction Donations and other things going for my Brother In Law's Benefit. The Raffle tickets are here now, so if you are interested in purchasing any please let me know. They are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00 with 1st Prize:$500, 2nd Prize: $250, 3rd Prize: $100.
That is about it for now. Have A Wonderful Weekend.
~Prim Blessings~
Sandy Holt
Missouri Dry Goods

So go check out her picturetrail and her site on Lemon Poppy Seeds....


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~Star Spangled Pretties~ said...

Thank you so much for the tutorial! And don't you worry about keeping us waiting at all- we all know you were busy getting ready for your awesome photo shoot! :0) Can't wait to make my plates! :0)