April 5, 2018

House Projects...Part 2

Some of our first projects were building a wall around our landscaping after our front yard flooded a few times and washed the mulch away...The wall took 2 years to build...We bought bricks as we had the extra money to buy them...The first year, the wall on the left was built and a willow tree was added in between the front windows...I bought the willow tree from Cottage Farms on QVC...The next spring, we continued to buy bricks a few at a time, and the right side was finally finished...It was a test of patience because we wanted it done to see the end results...But we do our projects as we have the extra money...

In the meantime, I also persuaded Tim to pull out the bushes that were crowding my butterfly bushes..I did a lot of complaining about those 2 bushes..lol Now they had room to spread out and I was able to see the ground...We have had some snakes up under our bushes, so I always keep that in mind when choosing plants...

Another project in the front was our plain garage door...This was all Tim's creation! The hardware and faux windows were designed by him and made at work...They were applied with strong velcro...Even the handle! It has held up all these years...The garage door goes up and down as normal...

In the picture of the house at the bottom, I see that the privacy fence is still up at this point...I did love the honeysuckle vine growing up over the fence on the left...Over a 2 year period, the fence was taken down on the right, and then the next year the left was taken down...That leads to another project...

And it continues~~Jen


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