November 13, 2017

I have to use this day to tell how GOD has blessed us....In 2002, I was told I had cancer and I had 6 months to a year to live...That wasn't in God's plan...As soon as I went into remission I asked the doctor if we could have another baby...I always knew he was meant to be...In 2005, I miscarried...I prayed that if I wasn't to have another that God would take that desire away from my heart...But he didn't! I learned through it all that it is in God's time..Not mine...In 2006,  2 1/2 weeks after my 40th birthday, I gave birth to Timothy "Luke"...My first words I whispered to him when they handed him to me were "I have waited so long for you!"....I was at 4 years remission and our family was now complete....His smile and laugh lights up my heart everyday! He is a constant reminder of God's grace and that God gave me my heart's desire! HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet 11 year old!!!

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Josephine's Girl said...

As, what a lovely blessing your boy is! So happy for you!