December 29, 2013

3 yrs...In our hearts FOREVER......

In honor of Little Rob...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure your firearms are secure and locked away from your children or from someone else getting them...All it takes is a careless moment and a child can be GONE forever....I will never let my child go to another person's home without asking if there are firearms in the home and if they are locked up....Little Rob was killed at a friend's house when the boy decided to get his parent's gun out and aim it at him...We all know what happened next! Just telling your child to not touch your gun IS NOT ENOUGH!!! PLEASE be sensible!! Careless moments can shatter families forever!!!



Penny said...

Has it been 3 years? Oh my.... such a sad and senseless loss for your family.
Good advice for anyone owning guns!

Primitive Stars said...

So heartbreaking, sweet Angel up in heaven, Francine.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Let the memories fill your mind, warm your heart & lead you through.

Such a sad tragedy.
Great advice to share.


bayrayschild said...

Continued blessings to you and your family.
May you have a great New Year.

Hugs, Audrey

Colleen said...


Can't imagine the pain of losing a child. My heart goes out to all of you. (and, yes, our guns are locked in a gun cabinet and only DH knows where the key is).

Carol Roll said...

Unimaginable heartache to loose such a dear and beautiful child.

sending you warmest wishes and that you have many blessings this year and that your faith gives you comfort.