November 15, 2013

 Good Morning!! I have my fireplace heater going and the twinkle of white tree lights to warm my heart this chilly Friday morning...Yes, the big tree is up...Not decorated...Just white lights...I put it up Monday evening after my husband suggested it last Friday..I have all my other trees laid out in the floor in Taylor's old bedroom ready to be put together....I must say it is so much more relaxing to do Christmas decorating earlier...I usually always do it the day after Thanksgiving and rush for weeks to get it done and take pictures...Then I'm stressed and then it's time to take it down...UGH! So, this year I have a more laid back, check back with me this time next week...ha!

Today is the update for the selling group I'm in...Primitive Handmades Mercantile...Have you been over there to check out everyone's wonderful goods? If not, be sure to check it out! New artists have been added to our wonderful group of ladies!
I worked hard at giving each piece a really primitive antiquing and am very happy with how they turned out...I also stitched them on a large count fabric to make them much larger...So, be sure to check out the measurements...

Well, I'm off to put some trees together and hopefully all my lights work since i bought all new ones last year...I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

~~From the farmhouse!!~~hugs, Jen

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Margs Primitive Quilts said...

Jen ... Your handmades are just beautiful !!!!