March 9, 2013

I got tickled when i found Maxamillion aka "Max" laying on my primitive dolls today....I kept finding my dolls in the floor and didn't know why....Now, I know! ha!

He usually snuggles with the one in my rocking chair I showed pics of yesterday...Many times I find him laying across her while laying on his back...He's so funny and he loves my primitive dolls for snuggle buddies...

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!!~~hugs, Jen


Penny said...

So cute!!! My sister's cat sleeps in her old antique cradle with the dolls she has in there..... Dolly moves them to the side and snuggles up in the middle.... most times you can see the imprint of her spot! They are too cute!!
Hope you are enjoying your weekend!!!

My Colonial Home said...

Oh I love these pictures of Max...he's so peaceful.
I miss my little Lola when i see pictures like this as she lived on my 'things' and curled inside herself too!

Anonymous said...

How adorable..
Have a great evening..

Primitive Stars said...

Oh my, to cute, I would also snuggle the prim dollies too, Francine.