October 25, 2012

Operation tile removal is in phase 1....Tim removed the little strip around the floorboards and 2 tiles are now removed.....We're going to be in a construction zone for a while...But I keep looking at the end result...
On another note...I'm having some computer issues...Our computer keeps going out...Cable Co says its not on their end, but it is cutting out 1 or 2 times a day now...If Taylor isn't home to remedy it I am stuck with no computer....So, if you message me and it takes a couple days to get back to you then that is why...I hope Tim can figure out what the problem is and quick! :)
So, now I'm thinking the Fall decor is just more for me to move and it might be packed back up....Furniture is going to be moved this weekend and it's going to be a mess...I will take pics for you to journey along with us!

Until next time!
Blessings from the farmhouse! ~Jen  


~Sara said...

Good luck! It looks like it will be worth the effort. The new flooring is gorgeous. Blessings~Sara

*Kountry*Porch*Primitives* said...

Love what you chose!! It will be worth the mess and chaos. I posted fall pics if you wanna take a peak ~Kriss~

Unknown said...

I am loving the flooring also! Maybe you already said, but what kind of flooring is it? Does it have a brand and pattern name? I know that you are having computer problems, I will putter around your blog to see! :) We want to put flooring in as well, and I love the farmhouse look of the flooring! I agree with Sara, it is gorgeous!


My Colonial Home said...

Oh Jen this floor is to die for...I love it.
I love my wood floor but with it was a tad more old pine look...but it's still wonderful...and great to walk on too.
Hope you can stay connected!
Miss you kiddo!!!

lms said...

wow....its going to look great....and you will be so happy you did it....i still am in awe of everything you do....can't wait to follow along with your redo...linda

Prims By The Water said...

Good luck Jen..it will look beautiful! We are starting on our kitchen..just one wall for now before Christmas, cause we host our family Christmas. Take care and cannot wait for the updates! Janice