February 22, 2012

Hello friends! Yes, I'm still here...I needed to take some time away from blogging and focus on myself for a couple weeks....Sometimes life hands you a lemon and I had to spend some time making some lemonade....My lemon is the diagnoses of diabetes....While my first initial reaction was I wasn't going to tell anyone...That can be a lonely road and I know many suffer from this...My daddy has had it since he was in his 30's and I had gestational diabetes while I was pregnant with Luke 5 yrs ago...So, I was already aquainted with it....

I'm doing good! I have cut out all sugar and I must say that I feel better than I have in a long time...I have been able to control my levels with what I'm eating, but I opted for some medications to help me out to lose weight....The HARDEST thing for me is eating...I'm so use to not eating all day until dinner...I have had that lifestyle for years...Now, I have to eat breakfast...I have to eat lunch and snacks....That has been the biggest adjustment...I have to have something with me at all times because my sugar tends to go low....So, it is a big adjustment, but I'm managing it....

My daughter, Taylor, has even cut out all her sugar just for herself and to live healthier....I'm so proud of her...Sugar free chocolates are our indulgences when needed and we don't crave things like we use to...I actually wish I had started doing this years ago just for feeling better...

So, that is my path I'm traveling right now...Taking one day at a time, working on weight loss and loving every day!!!

In the meantime, I'm still working on a few orders, creating as usual with my normal routine, doing my household and motherly duties,etc...You know how it is...Moms are still needed no matter what is going on and at this time it hasn't been a big factor that I let stand out...

But I would like to hear from any of you that deal with this....Any delicious low carb recipes you enjoy that is diabetic friendly that you'd care to share with me?

I hope you all have a wonderful day...It's suppose to be 78 tomorrow...Spring time is near!!! 



Roberta said...

I can't help with any recipes, but it sounds like you're adjusting well to this new eating plan. I'm glad you're feeling better and I'm sure that makes the transition easier. I am one of those people who eat all day and I think you'll find that will help with your weight loss. Good luck! ~Roberta

Susannah said...

Hi Jen...well, you know what to do... and you can handle it, for sure. I'll be saying some prayers for you and Taylor to help you along with this. I think it is nice that you both are in this together. That helps.


marly said...

My nephew is Type 1 with an implanted pump. He still drops like a rock for no reason. The other Type 2's in the family always keep a box of Fiber One cereal on hand, and when having carbs, eat a 1/4 cup of the cereal first. The high fiber really slows down the carb digestion process. Congratulations on changing your diet! Not easy to do.

Ronda said...

Hi Jen,

Keep up the positive attitude, it is so difficult to make lifestyle changes...sounds like you are doing well and have the support of your family,,so great that your daughter is changing along side of you. Take care. ~Ronda

PS..I'm sure there are lots of great diabetic cooking blogs...and try this Pinterest search http://pinterest.com/search/?q=diabetic

http://lasoffitta.canalblog.com said...

Take care my dear friend...

Humble Heart Designs said...

My husband suffers from type 2 diabetes and he does very well with his diet. If there is a class at the local hospital or clinic in your area, I highly recommend it. We learned so much and it has been very helpful to know how to read labels and shop for required foods. Also if you are consuming a lot of carbs you can counteract them with extra protein and fiber. God bless you!

Penny said...

I'm glad you are feeling well, and adjusting to your new lifestyle. How wonderful that your daughter is doing it along with you! It's always easier to do these kinds of things with others. I hope you find some good recipes out there -- I'm sure there are lots of good ones to be found!

Ellie's Country Accents said...

Hi Jen,
I am Type 2 diabetic. I Have been for 10 years. It does take adjusting. I found always eating protein with a carb is important. I carry a package of nuts (peanut,almonds) in my purse as well as Glucerna Bar). Email me and I'll answer any questions and put together some recipies.

My Colonial Home said...

Evening Jen....I received your e-mail and comment on my blog but have been gone the entire day...just got home.
I am so sorry about your diagnosis....but you sound like you are doing so well...it's mind over matter and you got it!!!!
I always felt so much better when I cut out the Sugar's...they are so harmful but darn it they are soooo good.
I am praying for you...glad you shared with us kiddo.

Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Hi, Jen:
I'm going through the same thing, and I too only eat dinner. I'm still not getting the hang of the 3 meals and 3 snacks. I use the recipes on
The website is fantastic. Please visit for meal guides, exercise, etc. It's a great website for diabetes.

aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

Hello Jen.. I have been a diabetic for about 12 years now. I have not kept my sugar under control. I had a wake up speach from my Dr about a month ago. She wants me to not eat any white starch foods at all.. It has been hard. Diabetic eating has changed over the years.. I do eat some sugar.. I have lows also. I have a hubby that is a picky eater. I good Diabetes Cookbook is - Real Food for People With Diabetes. by Doris Cross & Alice Williams. They took regular foods and made them where diabetics could enjoy them. Taste good. Wishing you well!

Anonymous said...

You have a good attitude about the diagnosis and that is half the battle..I am glad you are posting again and also that you are feeling good..Take Care..

Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

Hi Jen!
So proud of you to be taking the diabetes 'bull' by the horn...it is a very serious condition if ignored, but you sound like you are on target with a plan...So happy that your family is such a strong support for you too!
Being healthy is a wonderful thing ~ sending up thoughts & prayers of healing for you!

La Maison des Plaines said...

Hi! Jen,

Pleased you took some quality time for you. Sorry! about the news.

The good news is that medical advancements concerning diabetes is ongoing. New treatments and cures are being found each day for many different disorders. That's a good thing!

I know many people who have diabetes and are living long healthy lives. That's a great outlook! Hope you find some comfort in knowing the positive side of this issue.

Have a sunny & relaxing day!

Blessings & Hugs,