December 30, 2011

Kenny Chesney - Who You'd Be Today

Thirty years ago I lost the boy that held my heart and a year ago today I lost my 13 yr old nephew....I know they are with the LORD....Two that were so young and hadn't begun their lives, but I know the heartache of the ones here that miss them....Until we meet again I know you are playing baseball with Papa Ross and Mr. Jim coaching....I miss you all that have held my heart!!! I THANK GOD for him placing you in my life for as long or short of a time you were meant to be here....LOVE to you always and I know you will be there to meet me when it is my time to leave this earthly home.......


Never So Simple said...

My thoughts are with you today. Life sure isn't fair. I think those left behind get the raw end of the deal. I hope you get through this time.

Hugs and Prayers

NancyW said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family today, I know its hard to face the *first* of everything and I am only hoping that for your whole family the New Year brings some comfort