May 31, 2009


I hope everyone has had a great weekend!!!...I've sort of been dragging this weekend and haven't gotten a lot accomplished...I'm fixing to get 4 baskets of laundry folded and clothes started in the washer....Then I hope to get the top of my computer cabinet arranged in a way I like it....Tim hung a quilt crane above it...So I will share pics when I'm happy with it!!....Then I'm hoping to finish the sampler I'm working on and get it in a coffee bath tonight...Those are my plans anyway!!

We took a drive several weeks ago...I've been wanting to take pics of our former house....I really don't have but one good pic of it and that was from one Spring ....But
every time I've been by it since, we moved a year ago, the yard has been terrible!!!!!...It really broke our hearts because Tim always had the yard spotless...We always had compliments on how beautiful it was...It was like the house was crying out to us saying "Why did you leave me!!"...A Christmas tree wasn't even put up at Christmas time in the huge bay window like I always did...We found out that the couple divorced....So Sad!!!...So I was thrilled when we drove by that day after visiting neighbors across the street and saw the yard looking freshly mowed and clean...So I had to snap some pics for you!!!

It has taken us this whole year to let go of this house...We hated selling it and moving, but the house has masonite siding and every year we were spending money replacing rotted wood and repairing...And also it is a two story and we knew that years from now this couldn't be our final home with aches and
pains from climbing stai
rs...So we put it up for sale and put it in God's hands...Our philosophy was if it sells then it was meant to be....Well, we had an offer in 11 days!!!...

So this is our FORMER home!!!...I absolutely love this house!!!...Are you surprised it's blue????...LOL

And our NEW home we've been in for a year...A one story brick...Yes, we lost 200 square feet in the process, but it goes to show that any home can be turned primitive....Even if it is a plain little brick house...In a cul-de-sac...Nestled between houses....

So Tim is working on the outside...It is like a clean slate...It amazes me that this Spring there were no flowers of any kind that popped up...It's kind of sad that no one has ever planted anything around it...I thought at least some day lilies would pop up somewhere...No!!...

So soon I will show you a few pics of the back yard and property...So, I'm off to fold clothes and then hopefully finish the sampler I'm working on...So until next time....have a good week!!!...hugs Jen


Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

Hi Jen,

Our home has some crummy old shrubs and instead of bark or pine mulch it had gravel around the shrubs. NOT one flowering shrub or perennial so all the pretty stuff in this yard we added! I hadn't really thought of it until you mentioned your new house. I guess we have done more than I give us credit for! LOL

I know with your love and magic touch, your new home will be just what you dream it can be!!

hugs, Linda

adsgram said...

Jen...what a beautiful 'clean slate' to work with. I agree with your surprise that no one had planted anything at all, but now you get to do anything you want. Next Spring's outdoor blog should be a real beauty!

Have a great week...


Susannah said...

Jen, Your home is beautiful. Now you can make it your own. I think you will have fun!


Kris ~ Simply Prim said...

Morning Jen,

Both homes are beautiful!! I think it'd be fun to start with a clean slate. That way you can plant what you want! Looking forward to seeing more pics of your home and what you do with the landscape.

Take care,

Janene said...

They are both amazing homes!
I love being surprised when I walk into a home and the inside is so different than what is protrayed outside!
I like that guests feel the same way!

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Just goes to show you that any house can be "prim". Both houses are beautiful and I can't wait to see what you do with the outside of your new one. Your decorating is wonderful, so I'm sure the outside will be too! Have a great day, Dawn

Jennifer Ann Fox said...

Your home is beautiful. I used to live in Waynesboro, right below Augusta, before we moved to the mountains.
Jennifer D

ohiofarmgirl said...

Both houses look wonderful. Our first home was blue too but we moved in 2000 and I am amazed at how big all the trees have gotten...I planted all of them!!!
Thanks for sharing. Dianntha

My Colonial Home said...

Jen your former home is just lovely - but I think you got a keeper witht the new one...and look at all that yard! Wow.
I really like your new one seriously.

Debbie said...

Just wanted to say Hi and let you know I loved reading your blog. I will be back! :)

Take Care,

Lydia said...

Wow Jen, I just don't see where you're going to put all those wonderfully prim things in that smaller house - I have a nice 2 story with A LOT of spare room!

Lori said...

Jen.. YOU can make any house a dream home..smiles