January 8, 2009


Wow!...It's been really noisy here today...They must be doing military maneuvers on the military base nearby...Military helicopters have been flying low over the house off and on all day...And Luke hasn't liked it at all...They are really loud and the house vibrates and they must go at a slow pace because it takes forever for them to pass over especially when there is several...
Ever wonder why we buy our toddlers alot of toys for Christmas?!?...Luke has followed me around all day while playing with a matchbox car, a flashlight, and an orange {unpeeled, of course}....And the orange HAD to sit on his tray at lunch, too...Really funny since he won't taste an orange for anything....
And then when I get through blogging we are going to dust...Luke LOVES to dust!!!...He has his swiffer duster and I have mine and he will dust all over the house right along with me...HA!...cheap labor!!...I better enjoy it while I can!!...But the funny thing is on days when I see that he is bored I will give him the duster and you'd think I'd given him a new toy...He loves to dust!!!
This is the little red lantern I got while I was antiquing with my sister right before Christmas...I had gotten it to put in the hall bathroom, but the outlet is right at the end of the blue bench I have on the counter like the one in the master bath...It is used for the blow dryer, hair straightner, etc, so I think the bulb won't last as long with it being unplug constantly...So I guess I will have to put a battery operated candle in there...And I have some on the way...In the meantime the little red lantern has found a new home on the shaker cabinet beside the front entry...I'm really liking it there!!...It's soooo cute!

As I was going around cleaning and rearranging today I wondered why I loved primitives so much...A lot of people just don't understand!!...One reason I love primitives are the textures and the worn and torn look of something that has been loved and well used...So I decided to snap some pictures of textures in my home..I will be sharing pictures for my next posts!!!
A tattered quilt I bought for Luke's nursery before he was born...

the tattered pieces i cut from it to make something special out of it....

One of my favorite old advertising boxes...I love worn wood!!!

and textiles.....

These are some of the textures I love from my home!!...I will be back to share some more with you!!...hugs, Jen


Unknown said...

As always...love your home and textured goodies!..have a great nite.

basketsnprims said...

Jennifer, what a wonderful post. I often wonder how old some things are, who made them, and enjoy the well worn look of them. Luke and his orange ~ how cute.


Lori said...

Love your lantern..and that quilt! Jen see if Luke wants to come "play" at my house...it needs dusting.. LOL

Something Nice and Pretty said...

I love those swiffters!!!

Love the textures too.
Have a great day.

Rhonda said...

I love old tattered textiles. The thought of the work that went into them then how much they were loved and used. I make up stories to go with them. My friends just laugh. I'll have to do a posting of all the "tatters". What a great idea. Thanks for sharing your tatters.

Anne said...

I just found your blog, love your home and all the things in it. you have wonderful taste. look forward to visiting some more!

Teresa said...

Hi Jennifer:

What a great post. My oldest loves to "organize" and straighten up....I know what you mean about use it while you can!! Where in GA do you live? I'm in Canton. Take a look at my blog sometime!


Take care!


My Colonial Home said...

Hi Jen,
Love all your favorite primitives in your home....it's just a gorgeous setting of pretties you have.
Hmmmmm, wonder where the battery candles are coming from! lol
They are on their way!!!

Love the orange story about Luke...he's soooo cute.


Backwoodsprim said...

You have the coolest stuff and put it all together so nicely!!
I get so excited when I see you've posted new pics! LOL!!!

Have a good day!

kathy said...

Your little lantern is perfect there, so cute! Love all your pictures of the "old stuff"...the textures are wonderful ~ blessings, kathy

Jennifer said...

I remember those sounds of airplanes from our military days...the windows would shake like crazy!! Some days I forget how "quiet" it is now!!
yes it is funny to try and explain to people what and why we love primitives! Loving things with old chipped painted is a definately a preference!
Have a great weekend!

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

Hello Jennifer!
Come on over to my blog....have an award waiting for you!