December 31, 2008

Happy New Year Everyone!!!...We're enjoying staying home and watching Shrek with Luke...I think the excitement was too much for Taylor, so instead of staying home she decided to go out with friends..HA!...Today was alot more calmer than this time last week on Christmas Eve..

So to continue from my last post I will finally get to our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day...We had gotten home the night before from visiting family...Every Christmas Eve we go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast/lunch and always pick out a new ornament or two or three...HA!.

But before we went I got packages in the mail..This is the crock that I won on ebay for .99 cents...Can you believe it????...I think it is perfect for putting a primitive tree in next Christmas...I love crocks!!

And then these surprise gifts were from my new friend, Judy Poulos from Maryland...It was so thoughtful of her...Candles, a punch tin plate, dough fixins, and a new addition to our Christmas books...Thank you so much Judy!!...I value our new friendship!!

Tim and Luke at Cracker Barrel....

That evening was spent at church at the candle light service and then home for a light dinner of sandwiches and sweets....I still needed to get Christmas gifts wrapped and stockings made so Luke would have one to match ours...Yes, I hate to wrap!!!...I confess!....I say every year that I'm going to do better...Well, there is always next year!!...HA!

So I was going to just stiched up some plain blue flannel stockings....But Taylor wanted to have the names on them and a cuff...And I was all for it if she was going to help because I had to get to wrapping...

So a simple project took hours, but it was time we spent together and we will always have the stockings to remember...

Christmas day was spent with children's excitement...Luke awoke to a 2 foot Mickey Mouse awaiting him under the tree..At 2 years old he wasn't sure about all this Christmas stuff...But in years to come he will know exactly what it is!!
We didn't take any pics during the gift giving because we were busy videotaping everything, but Taylor was most excited when she got her IPOD NANO...But we really surprised her when she opened her argyle sweater...She has pointed them out a hundred times...It 's hard to surprise 18 year olds when they make out their Christmas list....
Some items Taylor got me...She has learned to love antiquing and found me this bottle...PERFECT!!!...She also got me room sprays from Bath and Body....Along with my omega necklace from Tim....I have been wanting one forever!!!...I love my gifts!!!!

For breakfast we had a breakfast casserole and french toast casserole....YUM!!

The rest of the day was spent relaxing with the kids and watching movies together...It was a good Christmas spent at home....
I hope everyone has a warm and safe New Year!!!!..The fireworks have been going off here in the neighborhood for hours!!!....hugs,Jen


~Judy~ said...

Happy New Year Jen! We are staying home tonight too. It is sooo windy and cold here. Talk to you soon.


Gathering Hope said...

Love the stockings Taylor made, and the pictures are beautiful. That french toast dish looks yummy!
You should share the recipe, pretty please and thank you!
Happy New Year from Tennessee...