December 30, 2009


Notice anything new on my fireplace??...And "No" I haven't taken down my Christmas yet....Hopefully today!...Do you see a new addition?...If you said the stockings on the quilt crane then you're right!!...I sewed these up on Christmas morning...I kept walking by my sewing machine and I kept seeing the stocking pieces laying there beside it....So while Tim and Luke were putting the new train set together I sewed....Yes, on Christmas morning...What can I say!!....I have to be creating something...So I sewed up all the cream ones...I also have dark brown and black to be sewed up....I must say they were aggravating to sew....I made them out of stocking material and my sewing machine didn't always want to cooperate even on different settings....I guess that is why the brown and black haven't been sewn yet..LOL

I have also been going through my x-stitch patterns to find some patterns that have been requested info on and to decide what new items to do this year....I love doing this at the beginning of every year, but I'm still in Christmas mode also this year for some reason....I still have Christmas designs that I didn't get around to...So I will be working on some Christmas items for myself this new year to tuck in my personal Christmas decorating when I finish them....And I have new orders also to get started on and one older( halloween) order to finally finish...I will be sharing with you more this year what I'm working on and my favorite designers and designs as requested in emails....And we may get it it together to offer some of my little simple designs I think up that have been requested...

I need to say that I'm sorry that I'm so behind on answering emails...With festivities beginning the week before Christmas including a teenager and young adult Christmas party here of 14 people, trying to finish Christmas shopping, leaving to visit family out of town for 3 days, and then all the activities leading up to Christmas and after....And Tim is still on his vacation time from work so we have been coming and going...So answering emails have been nearly impossible...So bear with me and I will get you answered soon...

I hope you have a good day...I may tackle Christmas decor today!!...

Until next time!!~~hugs, Jen


Black Sheep Lisa said...

Love those stockings!

At Home With Amy said...

Your stockings are adorable. I too have my Christmas decorations still up and I have no plans of taking them down before the weekend. I may even wait unti next weekend. It seems like it took forever to get everything up and I'm really not excited about taking forever to take it all down. I'm waiting for the mood to strike me.
Enjoy your New Years.

Homestead Wares said...

LOVE the stocking's...I would like to have a browm get busy on them!!!

Linda* ~ Josephine’s Daughter said...

Hi Jen...The stockings are very nice. Great jod, as always.
Hey, didn't we just just put all the decorations up?...feels like it!
I must admit, I have started taking mine down and things look so bare...time for some redecorating.

Leslie said...

I always love looking at photos of your home :)

Nothing wrong with sewing on Christmas day :) And I am like you, thinking that now that the Christmas rush is over and I did what I had to do, I may work on some of the stuff for myself that I thought of but never got to. I worked on one Christmas project off and on throughout this past year and you know, it was a welcoming change. Sometimes I get sick of doing whatever holiday or season we're in after awhile so it's nice to change!

Have a Happy New Year!


Love My Country Home said...

Love your fireplace and all the decorations especially the pottery.

Happy New Year.

Unknown said...

Your stockings are just darling ;)


Linda said... the little stockings
as well as everything else in the photo!
I am still working on some little mittens that I started making. Would like to finish them before I put everything away.

Jody said...

Love the stockings Jen! They look so cute on your fireplace. Happy New Year to ya!

~Judy~ said...

Love the stockings Jen!