December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!

Happy New Year from our old homestead to yours!!!!....I will be ringing in the new year with a needle and thread in my hand while watching movies...I look forward to the adventures of a new year....BIG HUGS to everyone!!! Jen

December 30, 2011

Playing around taking more pics of my kitchen with different lighting on a cloudy day.....
Hi everyone...I'm up late working on the house...Normally by now I would have all my Christmas taken down and given the house a good New Years cleaning, but this year it is still up....I was asked to have my home in a Christmas book next year, so I have been taking my time photographing many pics to go through....That is why I haven't shown but a few Christmas pictures on here this year..

I have a "Cabin On The Hill" tart  melting in my tart burner so the house smells soooooo good!!! I'm busy working on laundry, rearranging some things, and taking some night time pictures....Have ya'll taken your Christmas down yet?

I've already started working on some new samplers and projects, joined a selling group, and making plans for new things this new year....No resolutions here, just simple little changes....And thanking HIM for another year....Are you ready for New Years?...I'm ready for a new year...With the promise of hope, faith, and new adventures....

Until next time my friends! Hugs, Jen

Kenny Chesney - Who You'd Be Today

Thirty years ago I lost the boy that held my heart and a year ago today I lost my 13 yr old nephew....I know they are with the LORD....Two that were so young and hadn't begun their lives, but I know the heartache of the ones here that miss them....Until we meet again I know you are playing baseball with Papa Ross and Mr. Jim coaching....I miss you all that have held my heart!!! I THANK GOD for him placing you in my life for as long or short of a time you were meant to be here....LOVE to you always and I know you will be there to meet me when it is my time to leave this earthly home.......

December 23, 2011

I wanted to pop in and wish everyone a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS from our homestead to yours!!!

This is a hard Christmas...Please include in your prayers families that are missing loved ones...This is our 1st Christmas that my 13 yr old nephew was not with us last weekend as we gathered at my parent's home...He was so missed and at times the heartache was too much....

Hold your loved ones close and tell them you love them....Please include my brother and sister-in-law in your prayers along with our entire family.....

I wish you love, laughter, and peace during the Christmas holiday as we prepare for a NEW YEAR.....~~hugs, Jen

December 21, 2011

A little blue Christmas.........

December 20, 2011

Hmmmmm!!! I can't post anymore pictures....It keeps saying I've reached my maximum capacity....NOT good here at Christmas....Anyone else experience that on blogger???

December 14, 2011

A huge Christmas picture I painted in 2005 to go over our fireplace....It has been in the garage here in this house since we moved in about 4 Christmases ago....I pulled it out today...It won't fit over my fireplace, but I'm going to try to find a place for it......I'll let you know!

Christmas on my Selling Blog......

I have just finished putting the Christmas goodes I had left from my show this past weekend on my Simple Goodes selling blog....These are all I had left....So, let me know if you see something you like....Thanks so much!!!~~hugs, Jen
I've been getting teacher's gifts ready for tomorrow...Not everyone likes primitives, so I'm adaptable....I had these baskets on hand that I hand~painted to stuff with candy......I love handmade gifts and I can't wait to see Luke's face tomorrow as he hands them out....

Oh, my! I'm still here!!!!....I apologize that I haven't been on here in so long...It has been crazy lately starting with the whole family being home the week of Thanksgiving with the exception of Taylor working...But she was out of school along with Luke all week and Tim had the week off from work also....A busy week and then I started preparing for the Christmas at the Old Depot in 96, SC.....I had 2 weeks to get things made....Then I was preparing for Taylor's 2nd surgery.....And the day before that I fell and hit my head HARD...I had to take a day of practically being still and doing as little as possible and then several days of moving slowly....I felt off for a week and had a really sore head with a huge knot on it...I still have part of one left, but not as sore...Needless to say it scared me!!!!! But I'm A OK now....:) And Taylor's surgery went smoothly this time and hopefully this was the last one...

I wanted to share some random pictures from the Christmas show this weekend with you....I think these are from Ann Kuehn's booth as I came in the train depot....

I have some last Christmas items I'm going to get listed on my selling blog hopefully this afternoon....I've gotten a few new orders the past few days that I'm working on to get mailed out...And trying to finish up my Christmas decorating....teacher's gifts, etc....LOVE this time of year...I think after Christmas I'm going to need a

I've missed you all and I hope you're having a fun time preparing for Christmas!!

~~hugs, Jen

November 24, 2011

HAPPY THANKSGIVING from our homestead to yours!!!!!...God Bless you all!!!~~hugs, Jen

November 15, 2011

Hi everyone! I'm busy working on Christmas box orders, but I wanted to drop in and share a pic of my santa I got from Sherrie at our gathering on Sunday.....She got it at Ann's shop in Ridge Spring (Settler's Crossin').....I just LOVE him!!! I'm so glad I drew #1 and I chose the big pretty bag....THANKS SO MUCH Sherrie!!!

Christmas Goodes!!!

Christmas offerings are popping up here at the farmhouse on my Simple Goodes selling blog....Be sure to check them out!!

November 14, 2011

Do  you recognize anyone???? We had a gathering at Jill's beautiful home yesterday with Jill and Linda Rudman (Behind My Red Door) as hosts....In attendance were Jill, Linda, me, Dana, and Sherrie....And we had a WONDERFUL time and chatted away as if we'd known each other forever....We toured Jill's home, had a delicious meal, exchanged gifts, and chatted away....

Time passed quickly and Mr. Red Door arrived to pick up Linda....He was so friendly and got a friendly scolding from several about him not letting Linda paint her kitchen cabinets red....Something she has wanted to do for some time....

Then Dana and I were on our way....What a great day and Linda just messaged me and said she is planning for next year already....Can't wait!!!!

November 12, 2011

Tomorrow!!!! Tomorrow!!! Tomorrow is THE day!!!! I can't wait!!!!!

November 11, 2011

Hi everyone! I think I've posted this pic before, but I saw her and had to show it again because i haven't taken any new pics and I always like to show at least one every time I post...

I just wanted to pop in and let you know that there is someone very special visiting in the south and I'm meeting her on Sunday at a very special gathering that has been planned for at least 1 1/2 to 2 yrs...Sunday is FINALLY the day!! I can't wait to share it with you!!!!

Have a great weekend!!~~hugs, Jen

November 9, 2011

And greens, browns, and oranges.....LOVE these colors!!
In between everything going on today I have been playing...Playing in colors of greens, browns, and reds....While Luke had speech class with his teacher that comes to the house in the family room, I played in the kitchen with some red and blue boxes I have been saving for Christmas...Red boxes with blue lids....Stay tuned!!! :) ~~hugs, Jen
Thank you all that sent well wishes and prayers for Taylor....She worked for 3 hrs today, but felt really bad when she got home....Her teacher told her to take the rest of the week off from classes.....She was only there for 30 minutes today....Her next surgery is on December 1st....NOT looking forward to it at all!!!

ALL my orders are finished!!! I have some special things planned, so be on the lookout.... And I'm going to a VERY special gathering this Sunday that I will share with you next week...

~~hugs, Jen

November 5, 2011

I want to thank everyone that has known about my daughter's surgery and sent well wishes and said prayers....

A procedure that we were told would be easy has been nerve wrecking and emotional for me and her....We had an episode where I thought I was going to have to call 911 or my daughter was going to bleed to death in front of me....It was soooo scary and happened  so fast....I've never seen so much blood come so fast other than in a movie or tv....I think the memory will never leave me...I grabbed towels and had her lay in the hallway where she was...She was screaming and i was trying to remain calm or I would fall apart....My 4 yr old was there also and at the time I wasn't in the frame of mind to pay attention to how he was handling the situation....After Tim came in and a call to the doctor I went to the laundry room, called my mama (who lives 3 hrs away), broke down, and cried like a baby....I wasn't able to be upset while tending to her and then I fell apart emotionally....

So, I've kept a close eye on her....And she has to have this procedure again in a few weeks....This mother's heart hurts for her child tonight......

I just gave her a pain pill and will keep a close eye while she sleeps late into the night again tonight...So, I'm heading over to work on a final order to get out to try to fill my mind of other things....I've spent the evening getting my last orders ready for shipping tomorrow and Monday... Then I will get started on Christmas things as family things permit....

Please say a prayer for Taylor's healing....She has endured so much with this leg since she was born....It's so much to go into this late in the evening....Just  include her in your prayers and especially since she has to have it done again in a few weeks....She was very sad tonight with the knowledge that it has to be done again...

Thank you all sweet friends!!~~hugs, Jen


November 2, 2011

Touches of Autumn.......

A few little touches here and there....

November 1, 2011

Happy 1st of November!!!!!

hugs, Jen

October 31, 2011

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from our homestead to yours!!!!!

October 21, 2011

Just me and Spider Man hanging out home is a haven for super heroes... I never know who is going to make an appearance....Some days I hang out with Captain Rex and Darth Vadar.... And even Woody from Toy Story comes by to

Have a great weekend!!~~hugs, Jen

October 20, 2011

SICK...Yeah, that's where I've been...Last week, Luke decided to share his allergy cold with me...As if I wasn't already suffering from having the windows up in the house....So, after being out at his soccer game on Saturday it was pretty much down hill from there....Coughing, sneezing every 2 seconds, stuffy nose, watery eyes, into a full blown head cold....UGH!!!...I sat in my recliner most of the day Sunday with a cool cloth over my eyes...I still feel a bit lousy, but better than I did...So, I'm back to working on orders and thinking about Christmas ideas....But I'm thoroughly enjoying putting up my Fall decor...I think I might get a few totes out of the garage tomorrow...

So, in the meantime....I have gone over to my selling blog and marked the remaining Fall items i have left down with shipping included in those prices....So, it you were thinking about a Fall item you might want to go check it out...:)

So, what have you all been up to???

~~hugs, Jen

October 8, 2011

I Know! I Know! I should be sleeping at 1:44 in the morning, but I'm dusting and rearranging....I know I will suffer for it in the morning, but I felt that my farm table in the kitchen needed a change....

I've been working on my Fall decorating and hope to finish it this weekend with Luke having Monday off from his preschool class...So, since he has Fridays off also that means we have a 4 day weekend...Yeah! So, I will be working on Fall decorating and new orders I've gotten this week...In between a soccer game and any other family activities....What plans do you have this weekend????????

hugs, Jen

October 4, 2011

I'm offering a **Fall Special** on my selling blog of one of my favorite simple Fall designs....

October 2, 2011

More Fall temps have finally arrived in Georgia and might stay around some this week...I even pondered over putting on socks this morning....I didn't, but I thought about it...:)

I'm just pulling out some of my personal collection of Fall goodes...I really need to add some more x-stitch pieces to my collection...I will try to do that this following year...

So what are you all up to today??? Have you already decorated for Fall? I always watch for signs at the store before I start putting mine out...Last week, I saw my first signs of decorative gourds and i knew it was getting close to time....So, with the cooler temps this weekend I couldn't resist...I'm definitely sure that we will have many more days of hot temps here in Georgia, but for today Fall is here...:)

Have a blessed day!!!~~hugs, Jen