October 27, 2017

My "Jenny Day"...Thank you, Lord, for another October 27th! Thank you for 51 years! Last year, Taylor and I came to the old train depot and she took my picture for my 50th...Today, I spent the day as usual with my husband, Tim...So today at the old train depot we just happen to find this "Queen Bee" that some random person had previously written...Fitting for the day, so Tim wanted to take my picture in front of it..And if you notice it says "J + T" at the top...Perfect for Jenny + Tim...The writing was waiting just for me....💙 I am so blessed!

October 26, 2017

I took a "Jenny Day" yesterday and spent the whole day out antiquing and I took a cookie break with my daughter, Taylor, at Jason's Deli...I had not done that since last October...It was fun and the housework was still waiting on me..lol...But we all survived! I need to do it more often!

October 23, 2017

Taking time to reflect today on this last full week of one of my favorite months...15 years! It is like I get a bonus birthday every year...15 years remission...During this month,15 years ago, I had just finished a round of terrible chemo treatments...The strongest they could give me with more meds for a week after I went home..My body went through warfare...I had been given 6 months to a year survival...Radiation was going to begin...Much pain...It affected my eyesight... Cancer had left me with only one workable vocal cord....Radiation took away my voice.... They did not know if it would return...But GOD had other plans....Today I am here, 15 years later....My voice came back....On a good day I can hum and sometimes that 1 vocal cord allows me to softly sing.....I have my 10 year old, Luke, that was added to our little family of 3 to make us a little family of 4...He was born 2 1/2 weeks after my 40th birthday....God has been so good to me!! And on this 15th bonus year, I want to publicly praise HIM for all his many blessings...I could not be here....Luke would not be here....But God was not ready for me yet! So, each year to me is a bonus year! I am forever very grateful! 💙

October 19, 2017

Primitive Handmades Mercantile's October Update....

 The October update is tonight at 9....Be sure to stop by and see all the goods all our talented ladies are offering...


October 17, 2017

In My Garden....

 Roses~Lavender~Leaves....My morning walk about...Autumn temps have finally arrived this morning...The high today is 73° which is cool for us with these 90's we've been having...My roses are loving these cooler temps...I have little buds bursting out everywhere on them...Pink, red, yellow, orange, and white....Leaves are falling everywhere preparing my garden areas for their autumn beds... My first year for lavender plants...I have lost a few, but the 8 surviving ones gave me some unexpected purple blooms...I wasn't expecting them til next year...I'm already dreaming of the spring and some new beds but looking forward to a rest...

I hope everyone is having a good morning..My eldest is home with a sick stomach..I pray it is not contagious...

From the farmhouse~~hugs, Jen

October 16, 2017

Another Monday has come and gone...I have heard that we are going to get some cooler temps after having temps in the 90's for so long...We know, living in Georgia, that our weather is crazy and we never know what our seasons will bring...Last winter was very mild for us and we have been working in our yards since January and February...So, I am ready for a break from our yard duties...I'm ready to hibernate in and do some sampler designing and dreaming of my spring gardens...Maybe start some indoor projects...We have been working on outdoor projects for so long...So, after the first of the year, I am going to share with you the outdoor projects we have been up to that has transformed our simple little brick house with lots of pictures...

In the meantime, I am dreaming of some cooler temps...I have been potting mums in the galvanized buckets I got back in the spring and putting out a few pumpkins...Just keeping it simple..I was thinking about making a few signs...

I hope everyone is having a good start to your week...I will be back soon...

From the Farmhouse! Hugs, Jen

October 9, 2017

Have a blessed day my friends!

October 8, 2017

A rainy candle lit day... Remnants of Hurricane Nate going through...I love a good rainy day!

October 7, 2017

 Happy Saturday y'all! Just popping in to share some more pictures..It is a lazy evening here..Dinner out and now home to relax with some tv and working on a sampler order...I have my candles lit up and a fresh apple tart melting...Mmmmmm! It smells soooo good! 
I love fruit scents! I love to mix the fruit scented tarts in with my balsam fir tarts...Mmmmmm! 

Have a blessed evening!

From the Farmhouse~~hugs, Jen

 Hi everyone! Happy Autumn! I have been busy getting my home ready for the fall season even if it does not feel very autumn outside...Humidity is going back up this week as Hurricane Nate is heading inland...We just can't keep these hurricanes away...Irma came to visit us and our power was out for a while that day...Thankfully we live just on the edge of town, so we had it back on that night...But some here in our county went a week without it...So we are hoping we only get rain from Nate...It is our 4 day fall break weekend, so we will just settle inside and enjoy our time away from the normal routine...I hope everyone is doing well and are looking forward to all the activities that go with this time of the year...I will pop back in soon with some more pictures! 

From the Farmhouse~~hugs, Jen