October 7, 2017

 Hi everyone! Happy Autumn! I have been busy getting my home ready for the fall season even if it does not feel very autumn outside...Humidity is going back up this week as Hurricane Nate is heading inland...We just can't keep these hurricanes away...Irma came to visit us and our power was out for a while that day...Thankfully we live just on the edge of town, so we had it back on that night...But some here in our county went a week without it...So we are hoping we only get rain from Nate...It is our 4 day fall break weekend, so we will just settle inside and enjoy our time away from the normal routine...I hope everyone is doing well and are looking forward to all the activities that go with this time of the year...I will pop back in soon with some more pictures! 

From the Farmhouse~~hugs, Jen


Penny said...

Your home looks beautiful, as always! Happy Fall! 🍂

LaNelle said...

Just so warm & inviting...happy Autumn 🌻🌻