March 15, 2013

 Oh my goodness! I can't even express how blessed I am to have this opportunity to own so many wonderful pieces of pottery....Does everyone know Lori Triplett??? She use to blog a few years back...Well, that is how our friendship began...Several years ago, I messaged her to ask if she sold anymore of her pieces if she would let me know...A short time after that she messaged me and asked if I would be interested in swapping x-stitch pieces for her pottery...And that is how it began...We did ship things back and forth, but the last two swaps some of the bigger pieces broke, so she has been planning a trip to visit since last year and then she could just bring them...Well, that happened yesterday! I finally got to meet Lori and her son, Jason....
She is such a sweetheart and soooo pretty!!

The visit was too short and later last night I got to short through some of the pottery... My table started out with a few pieces and then I added more and more as I unpacked...So, as of right now I have two sets of dishes...I have the sponge dishes and then a set of snowman dishes(which i got last year)...It has been so much fun going through them...Can I say happy dance and Christmas in March???!!! 
 I see a big new cabinet in my near future....Hopefully Timmy will take care of that! :)

~~From the Farmhouse~~ hugs, Jen
Good early afternoon everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful day...It is beautiful here and the temps for the next few days are 70*78*79*78*70....Oh, can we stand it????!! But I'm also taking care of my sweet little boy who is running a temp...The nurse called yesterday and I ran to pick him up from school...I found a little sweet face with pink flushed cheeks...So, I'm off to cuddle with him..

Be sure to click on the pic on my sidebar that leads to the Primitive Handmades Mercantile...It has been updated for the month...I have already sold the pinkeep I made from a Pineberry Lane design, but I will make a few more if you'd like to order one...Be sure to check out everyone's wonderful offerings!

I hope to be back later this afternoon with another post of my day yesterday...

~~From the farmhouse~~hugs,Jen 

March 9, 2013

I got tickled when i found Maxamillion aka "Max" laying on my primitive dolls today....I kept finding my dolls in the floor and didn't know why....Now, I know! ha!

He usually snuggles with the one in my rocking chair I showed pics of yesterday...Many times I find him laying across her while laying on his back...He's so funny and he loves my primitive dolls for snuggle buddies...

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!!~~hugs, Jen

March 8, 2013

 HAPPY Friday my sweet friends! Thank you for visiting me today! Lucy Blue and I would like to share some re-decorating we have done in the hallway and part of the diningroom...Lucy Blue would be the one in the hallway resting...She is exhausted from following me around...Yep, she follows me everywhere...She is such a sweetheart and loves me! Now, I still have to do some work on the right side of the hallway with hanging more family pictures...I have to get some more frames...So, just ignore it!
But what I really wanted to share with you is the floor...I really need to find the info on it...The paper is buried in the computer desk amongst papers..I think!...I can tell you that we got it at Hardwood Floors and More here in Evans, GA....It is an engineered wood that looks hand planed with knots, and knicks like someone took a hammer to it...

It is soooo cool close up and I will posts closeups another day...I truly love this floor and it fits in perfectly with my look....The only draw back is I have seen some cat scratches on it from when they run through the house and slide on the floor...Well, when they try to stop themselves their claws have left some marks...Now, you can only see them in the bright sunlight...The rest of the time you can't see them with all the distress on it....So, now when they start chasing each other I try to put them in one of the bedrooms to play until they tire themselves out...That way they won't be running around in here....Anyone else have hardwood floors and pets?
You can also see in this pic that I moved the antique ironing board behind the couch to open the area up more...We put a light, short, and soft carpet in the sunk in family room area... I also moved the rocking chair, my parents gave me when I was pregnant with Taylor, over here to open up the other area of the room it had been in...
Well, that is what I have been up to today....What are you all doing?

March 7, 2013

 Hello Peeps! After a busy morning of grocery shopping, I've been busy this afternoon back at my sewing machine...I do love doing a handful of Spring offerings...It makes me want to do a bit of Spring decorating...I'm so over wanting snow this year in Georgia as I watch all my northern friends endure this winter weather...We're suppose to be creeping back up to the low 70's by the weekend and next week...I'm really looking forward to it even though our winter has mostly been in the 50's and 60's this year...I'm fixing to put on my flip flops and head to get Luke from school...It is 60 today...That is flip flop weather isn't it?
From the Farmhouse~~hugs,Jen

March 6, 2013

I've added a couple new things to my selling blog and will be adding more as I get things made...So, be checking in from time to time... :)

What'cha Working On Wednesday????

 Well, I'm working at my work table today...I always have unfinished projects on here it seems...I even managed to sew myself a few things today...
And then as I was taking pics, I realized I haven't shown you my wood floors yet..Duh! Did life gets so busy i forgot??? So, I will plan on taking some pics and doing a post soon on my floors...
Sweet Lucy Blue says "hi there!"...She is busy keeping me company...

I have been away due to everyone being sick, starting with me...We weathered 2 bomb threats at Luke's school...Lots of emotions with Little Rob's case....And on Tim's side of the family we received news we weren't wanting to hear....Life has been hectic and I've been away from the computer...We get curve balls in life sometimes, but we focus on all of God's blessings and carry on the best we can...Surround yourself with what you love and all that love you!! So, as I deal with emotions now I hug my family and I create....

I promise not to be gone as long!!

From the farmhouse!!~~hugs, Jen