December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas from the Gass family!!! I hope you had a day of laughter, peace, and love......:)

December 11, 2012

I did a bit of decorating today...Lucy Blue was so tuckered out that she had to curl up under the tree and take a nap...It is her first Christmas...

I only have my greenery up right now...I still need to get my orange slices dried...See the 4 gallon crock on my fireplace? Taylor bought that for me for my birthday back in October...We had just begun the demolition on the floor the day before, so she had to keep it in her room for weeks for safe keeping....

Well, I'm working some in the diningroom before bed...Have a blessed night...:)

From the Farmhouse~~ hugs, Jen 

We just can't get away from this terrible carpet was pulled up and furniture moved for the carpet installers to show up 2 weekends ago...Yep! More tile! Thanks goodness we aren't having to remove this...I'm in the middle of finally Christmas decorating...I started yesterday....I know it's sad! Two weeks before Christmas, but it couldn't be helped this year...I hope to post pics of our new hardwood flooring soon...I didn't want to show pics in the middle of a complete mess...But let me say I LOVE IT!!!! And it has made all the mess and construction sooooooo worth it!! 

I'm so behind on emails and I'm going to try to get to them...We finally had the cable company come out last week and we haven't lost any internet connection since then, so hopefully that problem has been taken care of...I had also x-stitched some Christmas items and I haven't posted them...Still tossing that around since it is so close to Christmas...I'm so behind on things and hopefully can get caught up after I get this Christmas up...I have been so far behind on visiting blogs and just being online...Sorry about that....

Oh, I am getting the information on the flooring for all that have asked about it...The hardwood was labeled wrong, so the information I had originally wrote down was wrong... I will get that information ready for when I post pics of it...Hopefully in a few days!

I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season...Is anyone as behind as I am this year? We just started our Christmas shopping last

From the Farmhouse~~hugs, Jen  

November 16, 2012

I'm enjoying my day working on some samplers/pinkeeps...This is a **  Tina Woltman design **...I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I'm stitching on a larger thread count ( Shhhhh!!!! my lips are sealed**** not sharing...I have to keep a few instead of my usual 28 ct, so the samplers and pinkeeps are much larger....I'm hoping to have a offering of Christmas goodes next week....I hope you all are having a great Friday!!!!

Blessings from the Farmhouse!!!~~ hugs, Jen

Awwwww!!!! Home Sweet Home!!! In the end, the thinset was soooooo thick and couldn't be removed...So the guys decided to remud it to even it out...After a night at a hotel, we were able to come home and Tim sanded it all by hand on his knees...Lucy Blue and Max are still not sure what is going on...It's time for some hardwood!!!

November 13, 2012

 Hi there, y'all!! I wanted to pop in and let you know things are coming along...No floor pics...I can't even find my cord to load them, so i decided to fall back and post a pic of my halloween tree I had up before the demolition began...I got the ornaments from  Kim McKee on fb...She does AWESOME work!

My house is still a disaster and I'm not sure when it won't be...I can't plan for Thanksgiving or plan for Christmas...I'm really in limbo...I do know it will be a simple decorated Christmas this year...One thing I have learned from this demolition is I love the open spaces...And I have noticed for some time that when I look at magazines the less decorated primitive always catches my heart...So, I'm going to see if I can do it...I know! I know! It's soooo hard because we love so many things, but my house is smaller than my other one...So, I'm planning on a stash area where I can alternate things out throughout the year and not have as much out all at once....I also threw something up at Tim the other day...I told him that if he'd make me some furniture pieces I wanted that I'd try a simpler primitive look....He said something like "I will think about that" or something that made me think he might just do it...I  want a buttery area, a dry sink, a huge cabinet to house alot of my pottery, etc....Yeah, I see a list coming! hee hee! Tim can build...He just doesn't like to...Then, if Tyalor moves out next summer as she has planned after she graduates with her degree I will be making her room into my studio and moving all my work things in there...

Right now, everything is still in the gathering room...My work table, pottery collection,etc....Just everything waiting for a new home when the floor is finished...The computer is now sitting on one of my primitive tables for the moment...At one point, it was in the hallway on the floor inbetween being turned off and on....

After finally getting our stove fixed our dishwasher has decided to die...Both were brand new when we moved in 4 yrs ago...Certainly don't make them like they use to!

And today is Luke's 6th birthday...My baby boy is 6...I can't believe it!! He shares this day with my great great Granny Lankford...She was born on this day in 1899...In about 10 minutes, it will be the time he arrived in this world forever blessing me, filling my heart, and making our family complete!

I'm off to put my feet up for a bit and do some stitching...There is only so much I can do in the house right now until the floor is finished....I hope to be able to have some Christmas offerings ready to offer soon....

Have a blessed day!~~hugs,Jen 

November 8, 2012

Tim picked up the wood flooring today...Oh. my. gosh!!!! I LOVE it!!!! So old looking!!! I will share pics as soon as I can...And the flooring is going down on Saturday!!!! Can you tell I'm soooooooooooo excited?????????????

November 7, 2012

Hi everyone! I just wanted to pop in and let you know I'm still here...I finally turned my main computer back on tonight...It is still covered in dust and has been shut down since my last post and construction began....If I was on line it was on my tablet, but I hate typing on it...

I'm living on concrete and thinset floors....I have most everything packed up and I just dug my sewing table out the other day...I finished up my last orders and started on some Christmas things in my spare time...Yeah, lots of spare time....That was said with eyes rolling and

So, Tim and I removed 500 square feet of ceramic tile all by ourselves....Not one single argument between us the whole that is LOVE!!! we both felt whipped and cleaned and dusted ALOT...I had body aches I didn't even know i could have...And right after midnight while we were still removing tile Tim wished me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY...I turned 46...

We worked on removing the tile from 10:30 that morning to 2:30, almost 3:00 Saturday morning....I know the neighbors were hating us because we had the power tool going til then with the windows open, but no police officers showed up with complaints...

So, it has started back up since Tim had a business trip and was gone for 6 days inbetween....We hope to get the rest of the quikset up, so we can start laying hardwood on Saturday...I hope it goes as planned...I will let you know... 

I also got ready for a yard sale and finally sold the rest of the old things we've had in the garage the past 4 yrs....I got rid of things I never thought I would....So, I feel like i can mark off a few things on the list....We have things we need to get done before Upward basketball starts in January and takes Tim's Friday nights and Saturdays...

Hopefully I will be back with some pictures of some hardwood.... 

In the meantime, I won't be on the computer much, so please be patient with responses to emails...I'm wayyyyyyyyyyyy behind with not being online... 

Blessings from the farmhouse.....~~hugs,Jen  

October 26, 2012

 And so it begins!!!!!!

October 25, 2012

Operation tile removal is in phase 1....Tim removed the little strip around the floorboards and 2 tiles are now removed.....We're going to be in a construction zone for a while...But I keep looking at the end result...
On another note...I'm having some computer issues...Our computer keeps going out...Cable Co says its not on their end, but it is cutting out 1 or 2 times a day now...If Taylor isn't home to remedy it I am stuck with no computer....So, if you message me and it takes a couple days to get back to you then that is why...I hope Tim can figure out what the problem is and quick! :)
So, now I'm thinking the Fall decor is just more for me to move and it might be packed back up....Furniture is going to be moved this weekend and it's going to be a mess...I will take pics for you to journey along with us!

Until next time!
Blessings from the farmhouse! ~Jen  

October 15, 2012

Hello friends! I wanted to pop in and let you know I'm having a worktable sale on my Simple Goodes selling blog...Usually I clean off my worktable after the first of the year or as it gets closer to the end of the year...But this year, I wanted to begin it earlier and get it cleared off for Christmas offerings...I like starting off with a fresh blog for a new year....I will be adding things in the following days, so please check back...I also only have 1 available for most items....I'm working on an order right now, but I will try to list some things every day for a few days....I also have marked some things down that are still on there, so scroll all the way back...Most have been marked down at least $10 or more....I figured this would be things i wouldn't have to pack up when we begin the demolition on the house in preparation for hard wood flooring...ha!ha! :)~

So, check back often...If things don't sell, then I will make them down some more...:)

Blessing from the Farmhouse!!~~hugs, Jen

October 12, 2012

Hi there! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday! I have been enjoying working in the house, doing some laundry, nursing the fur babies who had surgery yesterday, doing a bit of decorating, etc....I wanted to share these AWESOME candles I got back during the summer from QVC.....Yes, I'm a QVC watcher and sometimes customer....I wish I could show you these candles in action....They move and look just like a real flame....It is like having real candles going all the time...I have timers on the ones on the fireplace mantle...So every night at 7:39 on the dot they come on...As it gets darker earlier, I'm going to change them to come on at 5:30...And they move back and forth and you'd think you had real candles burning...So, as I arranged my table I just had to add one even though it is white...I'm thinking about staining it, but just haven't yet...In the winter months there is nothing cozier than candlelight don't you think? Even in the day time!

I went on QVC to find the link$uslarge$

Scroll down and click on the video and see for yourself....They have been a wonderful addition to my decor!

UPDATE~~Taylor showed me how to do a video...:) It doesn't show it the best, but i wanted to give you an idea of how it moves....Luke is in the background playing action figures...I will definitely videotape when he is not home next time....:) ha! And now that I know how to do a video I ask myself "why haven't I done this before?"...:)

From the Farmhouse!! hugs, Jen

October 11, 2012

 Good evening! Do you remember this table? It use to sit in my kitchen between the counter and the faux fireplace....Back in the summer I moved it in front of this window in the dining room....I have enjoyed adding a bit of Fall to it this week...Not sure how long it will be out...ha!ha! We have been looking at hardwood flooring and hope to get started after Upward soccer ends in a few weeks...(Tim is the director and is coaching Luke's team)...But first, all the ceramic tile has to come up....It will be a mess, but worth it in the end....We're also trying to decide whether we want to put carpet back in the sunk in living room or go ahead and put hardwood flooring in it also....I have already picked out my hardwood...It has knots, looks hand planed, and looks like it has been beat up a bit...Decisions...Decisions....But it's going to be BEAUTIFUL....Then I can make plans to stencil.....:)

Blessings from the farmhouse!! hugs, Jen

October 9, 2012

What a BEAUTIFUL October morning even if it is chilly and cloudy today! I'm sooooo ok with that! I love a cloudy day! I wanted to share my Lankford Town, Tennessee sampler I stitched last year....NOT the best of pictures, but i wanted it by candlelight!....This sampler has been tucked away this year because i couldn't find a frame to put it in...It measures just a little over 16x20...So, with the border I didn't want to try to put it in a 16 by 20 frame...So, one day when Tim decided to take the day off and spend it with me while the kids were at school we eneded up at Hobby Lobby! And what did he find??? Barnwood frames on sale for half price off...So I got a 18x22 frame and it fits perfectly and is now hanging over my mantle just in time for autumn!

Farmhouse Blessings! hugs, Jen

September 22, 2012

Happy Fall Y'all!!!

Happy 1st day of Fall!!!! We had an early morning soccer game, but now we're home and I have no plans of leaving the house again today, so i can get some things done today...Yesterday i mopped the whole house and did some Fall cleaning...I was getting so much done, but had to stop and get ready to head over and get papers signed to refinance the house...We knocked off 12 yrs...So, if we stay in this house it will be paid off in 15 yrs..

So needless to say after that and picking up Luke from school I just couldn't get back into my cleaning mood...So, my totes of autumn decorating just sat...But, I'm home and ready to get at it! It's suppose to be 90 today, so  great day to work inside...

I hope you all have a wonderful Fall day even if the temps are still summer like..:)

Until next time!!!! Happy Fall y'all!!!!

September 20, 2012

I'm heading off to bed, but I will check back in the morning...I have added 2 large samplers on my selling blog and some offerings on my page in the Primitive Handmades Mercantile...Click on the pic in the upper left hand corner and it will take you there...Everyone's pages will be updated in the morning and be sure to check everyone's page for a letter....The letters form words! ;) Fun! Fun! Let me know if you are interested in anything!

hugs, Jen
It's a busy day here today...We're getting ready for our monthly update on Primitive Handmades Mercantile in the morning and I hope to get a few things on my selling blog also maybe this evening....Lots to do as soon as Luke gets out of school...Homework and getting him dressed for soccer pictures being taken tonight....Yes, homework for kindergarteners...It starts as soon as he gets in the car..."No homework tonight"..."Yes, Luke, you have homework tonight"....And it continues all the way

Hope to be back later...:)

September 17, 2012

What a busy morning it has been here....Yes, Mondays are that way, but I love them so....It allows us to begin another week and plan out all the things that need to be done...So, I've been busy working in the house along with laundry, mopping,etc...

I also sat down and wrote about myself...Not one of my favorite things to do...I mean, where do you I had been delaying getting back to Jennifer  when she emailed me last week....She had asked for Christmas pics of my home back in the spring or summer of 2011 and after last Christmas I sent her a bunch...Her Fall issue sold out and I was lucky enough to get one, so now she and her staff are preparing for the Christmas issue...I don't know who all is going to be in it, but it will be wonderful and a must have....So, go on over and check her site out...

I want to thank everyone that messaged me and left messages with words of encouragement for our family heartache....It means to the world to me!!!

No Fall decorating here yet!! I haven't event gotten any totes out yet...(The pic above is from several years ago) I've been waiting for the feeling...Ya know, the Fall feeling...We have had some mornings with cooler temps for a few hrs then the temps go back up in the 80's and 90's....And even a few days the temps haven't been as bad as they could have been in the south....I've been watching for the signs...One sign is Fall produce at Walmart...Last Thursday I saw it for the first time....Indian corn, gourds, mini pumpkins,etc.....I even saw some candy corn....Now, lets face it if I wait for the Fall temps I might be waiting til November....But I'm still not ready....I might get a tote out and look through it....But in the south it still isn't Fall yet for me.....

DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!! As of this morning my scales said i have officially lost 46 pounds...So, yes! I did the happy dance at 6 am this morning... :)

I'm also working on some new offerings and hope to have some on my selling blog before the week is out...I will let you know ahead of time...

Well, I'm off to get some more things done....I hope you all are having a wonderful Monday!! Every new day is a gift from God!

Hugs, Jen

September 11, 2012

The pattern for "Early Simple Christmas" is ready...$7 for e-pattern and $9 + travel faire for mailed patterns...

Email if so much!


September 10, 2012

 Hi friends! Life has definitely gotten in the way since I last posted....Some good and some not so good...But I wanted to pop in and share with you my new "Early Simple Christmas" 2012 sampler I just finished this morning...I will be starting on the pattern in the morning after I drop Luke off at school...I haven't decided if I will leave as is or sew into a long  pinkeep/bowl filler/pillow....This fabric piece measures 10" x 15"...So, this sampler is a really good size..

I've missed you all and will be back soon!

hugs, Jen

July 23, 2012

Ten years ago, on this day I was at the hospital recovering from surgery~ A simple procedure to remove a lump in my thyroid~I woke up and saw my husband sitting beside me with his head in his hands crying~ I thought he was relieved it was over and then i drifted back to sleep~ cancer was found and my husband and parents were told 6 months to a year survival~ I wasn't told til 2 days later and my journey began~How do you wrap your mind around that news? What do you do? What do you say?~the look on your husband's face~the tears in my momma's eyes~hearing my daddy cry~my siblings sitting with me and making me laugh~having to tell Taylor ( my 12 yr old)~~family coming~family leaving and the quiet almost unbearable~more tests~ 2nd opinion~another surgery~chemo~no hair~Tim reading the Bible to me because the chemo affected my eyesight~every morning Tim would lay his hand on my face and pray before he left every morning~momma traveling to sit with me and sitting up to all hrs when I was in pain from the chemo~my sweet cousin, Carole coming to spend time with me along with my best friend since 7th grade, JoAnn~radiation~lost my voice and didn't know if it would come back~GOD blessed me with special people all the way~And when I was alone GOD was there with me~HE gave me piece that ONLY HE CAN GIVE~HE had other plans for me~Ten years later I have my 5 yr old, Luke~ I got to turn the milestone age of 40 and this year I will turn 46~I can speak and sing even though I still only have 1 workable vocal cord~the other is still paralyzed~GOD allowed me to be able to sing and hum to my baby boy when he was born~My heart is so full and my thoughts are jumbled~I'm just soooooooooooo thankful to be here today with the friends, family, and life I have~I'm so thankful for GOD'S grace and mercy...

I've always said "No one wants cancer, but I was blessed in so many ways that in my experience I'm humbled that I walked that journey at that time in my life as bad as it was"~But as bad as it was there was alot of laughter, heartfelt times, and love~ It made me the person I am today whether good or bad~It made life sweeter......That view of life is a true gift from GOD that i wish I could just gift everyone I come in contact with a piece of....

I'm thankful for you that come on here to read my ramblings...I'm so thankful that you visit...GOD has blessed me in ways words I cannot express~ I'm so BLESSED!!! Today, I celebrate being a 10 year cancer survivor!!!!!

July 19, 2012

Are you ready for Fall????? I sooooo am especially since school starts on August 7 here...I'm ready to stitch some Fall goodies....And i'm hoping that since my baby boy is starting kindergarten this year and at school all day that I can get alot more done...At least that is what I'm telling myself to make my heart feel better that he will be gone that many hrs in my day...So sad! So maybe if i keep telling myself that I might just believe it.....I am working on an order, but I'm also going to get my big Fall notebook out tonight full of patterns to plan my stitching  for this new Fall season.....So, are you ready for Fall????? :)
 Hi ya'll! This is why I have been MIA this summer and staying away from the computer because we all know we can get alot done when we aren't on here...ha! I have been in the middle of a swap for a year and a half with a friend...When she messaged me and offered to swap i leaped on the opportunity...So, I have been stitching her samplers and this is the one i just finished this morning at 5 am...I have had the Carriage House Sampling pattern for 5 yrs and looked forward to stitching it, but never taken the time and I knew I had to save it for a summer project...I was only going to stitch 1 for myself because I knew it would take so long...It has taken almost a month of many many many many many many many many many hrs of stitching....Often stitching from 7 pm to 7 am to get this sampler finished before school starts back....Lori has not seen this sampler and didn't know what I was stitching, so I hope she loves it!!! I hope to stitch myself one next summer....

I stitched it on 22 ct aida with 1 thread over 2....I do this often when I want my samplers larger...It makes the picture bigger, but still makes the fabric look like evenweave...This sampler turned out 7 1/2" by 25 1/2"...

WOW! I'm so glad it's over...ha! And I'm so thrilled with the finished sampler...Now, I can work on some more orders and plan my Fall samplers to be done...:) 

And hopefully be on here more regularly especially since school starts back in less than 3 weeks...UGH! But I can get back to a routine...ha! I haven't slept much this summer....:)

Until next time!!~~hugs, Jen

July 16, 2012

Dreaming of Autumn.....

July 12, 2012

Hi Ya'll....I went through some things today I've had laying on my sewing table for a while and sewed them up to add to my Simple Goodes selling blog....I just finished adding them and I added travel faire in the prices.

I hope everyone is staying cool in these terrible temps...I can't wait for Autumn!!!!! School starts back here August 7th...UGH! I dread it since my baby is starting kindergarten and he will be at "big school" all day...I keep telling myself that I will get more done...ha! We'll see!!

Until next time~~hugs, Jen

June 25, 2012

Hi everyone! Alot going on here as I'm sure with all of you also...I'm doing alot of marathon stitching and staying up til about 5 am...Yep! I can get alot done in the quiet hrs of the night/morning when everyone is asleep...Thank goodness I have a 5 year old that has always been a late sleeper...

I wanted to pop in and share my number of ***********39***********and no, it isn't my birthday..As of today i have lost 39 pounds....Yeah!!!

Until next time!!! BIG HUGS, Jen

June 15, 2012

  I'm still making messes while rearranging around the house...Not sure it will ever

Empty spots...I want Tim to build me a cabinet to put in the empty spot in the kitchen where my table use to be...It now sits in the diningroom...

Good news...The hall is finally piles and loaded laundry baskets kind of shift from area to area...Still deciding on stenciling, painting, etc...We went last week and looked at cabinets and beadboard...Just taking our time deciding! :)

Our new additions....Lucy Blue and Maxamillion  (known as Max)...My primitive doll has been removed because the babies have taken ownership of my doll cradle....Most times when I can't find them they will be found there...

Lucy Blue and Max have added much entertainment and joy to our household after being petless since Taylor was in 3rd grade....There are endless times throughout the day and nights that we hear bells running throughout the house....Nap and play...Play and nap....They are so much fun and I love them dearly...

What started out as one cat became two because Max was the last one and I always say pets deserve to have a buddy....And all my worries and fretting over saying yes to pets were unnecessary...They have been the best kitties from the start..Other than kicking way too much litter out of the litter box we have had no problems from day one....And when I hear them crying for me I drop what I'm doing and let them know where I am...They are like little kids...Especially Lucy Blue..She is such a girlie girl in her pink collar....hee hee!!

I hope you all have a great weekend!! I'm still working on the house and trying to get back to working on things...I have some orders and I have some new things planned....If only there were more hours in the day...:) I'll be back soon!

Until next time~~hugs, Jen

June 12, 2012

Happy Birthday to Little Rob in heaven on this your 15th birthday...We HONOR, REMEMBER, and LOVE YOU ALWAYS!!!! Until we meet again sweet boy!!

Aunt Jenny, Uncle Tim, Taylor, and Luke