November 28, 2013

Some Black Friday offerings on my Simple Goodes Stitched by Jennifer blog....Have a blessed day!!
Happy Thanksgiving night y'all!! What a whirlwind it has been...We celebrated our Thanksgiving on Tuesday so Taylor could be here with us...So, after eating Thanksgiving leftovers for two days we opted to head to Cracker Barrel for chicken fingers and all the trimmings...It was delicious and fun to mix up the holiday a bit..

Now, Luke and I are in our pajamas while Tim is out doing a bit of early shopping...Him and Taylor always went out..I did also until Luke was born, and Luke prefers to stay home is a fun family thing after living in a small country town and not being near stores unless we drove 45 minutes...After moving here 15 years ago we enjoyed planning out our shopping, going through the ads, and going out as a family....Taylor was young and she'd sleep in the cart while we shopped...I may venture out tomorrow...I would love to get my choices of wrapping paper, etc...

Time to go curl up in my chair, stitch a while,
watch some Christmas movies, and snack on leftover chicken fingers and cornbread...Have a blessed night friends!!

From the Farmhouse~~hugs, Jen

November 22, 2013

 Christmas is beginning at the old homestead....

November 15, 2013

 Good Morning!! I have my fireplace heater going and the twinkle of white tree lights to warm my heart this chilly Friday morning...Yes, the big tree is up...Not decorated...Just white lights...I put it up Monday evening after my husband suggested it last Friday..I have all my other trees laid out in the floor in Taylor's old bedroom ready to be put together....I must say it is so much more relaxing to do Christmas decorating earlier...I usually always do it the day after Thanksgiving and rush for weeks to get it done and take pictures...Then I'm stressed and then it's time to take it down...UGH! So, this year I have a more laid back, check back with me this time next week...ha!

Today is the update for the selling group I'm in...Primitive Handmades Mercantile...Have you been over there to check out everyone's wonderful goods? If not, be sure to check it out! New artists have been added to our wonderful group of ladies!
I worked hard at giving each piece a really primitive antiquing and am very happy with how they turned out...I also stitched them on a large count fabric to make them much larger...So, be sure to check out the measurements...

Well, I'm off to put some trees together and hopefully all my lights work since i bought all new ones last year...I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

~~From the farmhouse!!~~hugs, Jen

November 13, 2013

I have to use this day to tell how much God has blessed us... In 2002, I was told I had cancer and that I had 6 months to a year to live...That wasn't in God's plan...As soon as I went into remission I asked my doctor if I could have another baby...I always knew he was meant to be...In 2005, I miscarried...I prayed that if I wasn't to have another that God would take that desire away from my heart...But he didn't! I learned through it all that it is in God's time...Not Mine..In 2006, 2 1/2 weeks after my 40th birthday I gave birth to Timothy Luke...My first words I whispered to him after they handed him to me were"I've waited so long for you." I was at 4 years remission and our family was now complete...His smile lights up my heart everyday...He is a constant reminder of God's grace and that he gave me the desires of my heart....Happy Birthday my sweet 7 year old!!!

November 5, 2013

Good Morning! I have my fireplace heater going this chilly morning...Yes, it definitely feels like Fall here in Georgia! I'm busy in the house and at my worktable....

I have a special...Teresa has 2 of my samplers **Country Rustic Primitives designs** left from her show this past weekend...I wanted to offer them at a special price and then Teresa will mail them out for me from PA...

SOLD!!!! The first one is the one on the far left...It has the santa/Edith/my work/1826...

STILL AVAILABLE!!!! The 2nd one is the turkey that says Gobble...It is in the middle of the samplers...

Both are offered at $30 each with shipping included...Teresa so graciously offered to mail them for me...Email me if

From the Farmhouse~~hugs, Jen

November 1, 2013

My front porch......

Out my back door!! It is cloudy, but an awesome humid 69 degrees already this morning.The high is 78....Flip flops, capris~~WELCOME November!!!