November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving night y'all!! What a whirlwind it has been...We celebrated our Thanksgiving on Tuesday so Taylor could be here with us...So, after eating Thanksgiving leftovers for two days we opted to head to Cracker Barrel for chicken fingers and all the trimmings...It was delicious and fun to mix up the holiday a bit..

Now, Luke and I are in our pajamas while Tim is out doing a bit of early shopping...Him and Taylor always went out..I did also until Luke was born, and Luke prefers to stay home is a fun family thing after living in a small country town and not being near stores unless we drove 45 minutes...After moving here 15 years ago we enjoyed planning out our shopping, going through the ads, and going out as a family....Taylor was young and she'd sleep in the cart while we shopped...I may venture out tomorrow...I would love to get my choices of wrapping paper, etc...

Time to go curl up in my chair, stitch a while,
watch some Christmas movies, and snack on leftover chicken fingers and cornbread...Have a blessed night friends!!

From the Farmhouse~~hugs, Jen

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