February 27, 2010

I hope everyone is having a good weekend!!...This is what I'm doing!!...I got them all painted and stained yesterday and last night..Today to get them finished, I hope... I worked on them 9 hours yesterday and last night between all the steps I take...UGH!..My back hurts today!..Who would think that painting boxes would be so hard on the body?!?...So what are you all doing this weekend???...As soon as I get them finished, on to working on x-stitch orders and hopefully some good movies this evening...That is my plan anyway!!~~hugs, Jen

February 24, 2010

The bags arrived...........

So the mailed pattern is ready to go!!!...Just give me an email if you want one...Thank you so much!!!~~hugs, Jen

New Offerings.....

Be sure to visit my selling blog...I have added a couple new offerings..........Have a good day my friends!!!~~hugs, Jen

February 23, 2010

Spring Thyme Sampler............

Hi everyone!!...Sorry I haven't been posting much lately...It's been crazy around here!!...I wanted to show you the picture my sister, Heather, sent me of her x-stitched sampler using my pattern on aida and heavily antiqued...She made a red bird for hers...She got the frame from Dollar General....It looks wonderful!!!~~hugs, Jen

February 21, 2010

Just a Note.......

When you email to be put on the list for a mailed pattern, go ahead and include your address in the email...$9 plus shipping....THANKS SO MUCH!!!!...~~hugs, Jen

February 16, 2010

My first pattern............

This is my first pattern...It is also what I made for the Country Sampler giveaway in the next issue...I got permission from Elizabeth to go ahead and show it...Mr. T*F*A and I are still doing some tweaking, but it will be AVAILABLE SOON...I will let you know!!....If you're wanting to make a purchase, then I will go ahead and take your name...It will be offered as a mailed pattern and e-pattern...Just send me an email....

And in case you're wondering the pillow/pinkeep is a really good size...I did mine on 28 ct linen and it measures 6" x 7 3/4" ..... And there is one in the lid of one of my big blue boxes I paint just to show you different ways to display it....So what'cha think?

Until next time! hugs, Jen

February 14, 2010


February 12, 2010

It Is snowing In......

Georgia!!!...Snow flakes, twice baked potatoes, Valentine cupcakes, and x-stitching while spending time with the family...Doesn't get much better than that!!!!~~hugs, Jen

My newly decorated fireplace mantel.............

Here it is...I had it simple with just some wooden bowls and my candles, along with my candle stick and candle mold...But I got asked numerous times when Taylor would pass through the room "Mom, is that all you're going to put on the mantle?"...I wanted it simple for a while...But being asked soooo many times I decided I needed to add some other things, but still keep it simple...I painted the frame black, but not sure if it is too much and maybe I should have left it brown...I will live with it for a while...My mantle is my hardest area to decorate...I'm hardly ever satisfied with what I do to it for long....Until next time!!!~~hugs, Jen

Guess what we have in Georgia????

Ok, all my Northern friends don't laugh, but we're so excited to be finally getting snow!!!!...The first in 8 years!!!...And the very first for my 3 year old baby boy!!!..We're estimated to get up to 3 inches...NOW WHO DID I HEAR LAUGH???..LOL...Us southerners don't see it every year!..So I think I'm more excited then anyone else in the house...When I was growing up in Middle Tennessee we had snow every year and I miss it....So we will enjoy it while we have it!!...It is suppose to snow til midnight to 2 am......So, everyone have a warm evening..I will be watching the flakes fall and x-stitching!!~~hugs, Jen

February 9, 2010

I'm soooooo excited!!!..Can you feel the excitement????...I just got finished, with the help of Mr. T*F*A, graphing my first pattern!!!!...Yeah!!!...Tomorrow I'm going to try some of my past free-hands I did around Christmas and the Fall and play around with it....Hope you have a good Wednesday!!...Until next time~~hugs, Jen

February 8, 2010

I Want To Share Some News With You!!!

Hi everyone!!..I wanted to jump on here and do a quick post to let you know what is going on here at the homestead...I've been away from the computer working on the giveaway for the next issue of Country Sampler...I got it finished this weekend...I must honestly say I had really no idea what I was going to stitch until I picked up the linen and my needle..All I knew is I wanted the words "Spring Thyme".....So that was a little stressful with the time limit...

So with that finished, Tim and I are in the process of making my first pattern to offer...Then we'll see if any of you x-stitchers out there are interested in it....I showed it to my sister, Heather (Homestead Wares blog), and she loved it and then I showed it to my email friend Judy, and she loved it also....So we'll see!!

So other than that I'm finishing up my last Valentine orders and a long time order to be finished soon....Then on to Spring items...I know all our fellow bloggers that are snowed in are wishing for Spring right about now!!

So I wish I could share pics of what we're working on, but you'll have to wait...UGH!!..I know!..I wish I could show you!!..Along with that I have been decluttering and rearranging in the house...I took everything off my mantle ( My problem spot in the house that I'm never satisfied with) and simplified it...I'm still working on it...I just needed a change and it's looked that way since last June...I took my blue and white quilts down in the hallway...NOT sure what I'm doing there...Just need a color change and then maybe put them back up in the summer....We'll see!

I'm also working on getting emails answered...With being away from the computer my emails have really piled up...Please be patient!!

So until next time!!!~~hugs, Jen

February 3, 2010

The Country Sampler Interview....

The interview is over...It lasted an hour and 15 minutes...Elizabeth was so easy to talk to and she told me this had been her favorite interview...We laughed and chatted and it was easy talking to her...I had already seen the pictures for the magazine and it was so thrilling to finally see them as they will be in the magazine...

After it was over I called Karen (My Colonial Home) ...I know I talked her to death!!..LOL...Sorry Karen!!...But I was so excited that everything went well and that I hadn't been so nervous as expected....So I rambled on and on and on!!!...and on and on!!!...and on and on!!!!....LOL...Sorry again Karen!!...hee hee!

As of right now the issue will go out the last of March for those that are subscribers and then at the store around the first of April....

We decided on a giveaway that I need to get to working on...I hope to have it done by this weekend, so I'm glad my x-stitch Valentine orders have slowed down...It's time to move on to springtime and everyday samplers as soon as all my orders are finished and shipped...I mailed out a bunch yesterday, so for those that have ordered and paid then they are on their way...

I also want to THANK EVERYONE that emailed and left me messages of encouragement and well wishes!!..You all are the best!!!

Ok, I'm down from my cloud and I need to do some laundry and take the homemade chicken pot pies out of the oven...Then get to working on the giveaway....Have a wonderful evening my friends!!~~hugs, Jen

February 2, 2010

Country Sampler Interview

My interview with Elizabeth for the Country Sampler article is set for tomorrow at 2...A tad nervous!!!...I was also asked to make one of my goodes for the May issue giveaway...I have to have if done within 2 weeks...So exciting!!!~~hugs, Jen

Goodwill Goodies!!

I go to the Goodwill and I HARDLY EVER find anything but maybe some baskets and the kitchen set I got Luke to play with...I'm usually disappointed, so I don't go often...Maybe twice a year at most....But on this particular day, several weeks ago, before I got sick, Tim wanted to go while we were out....They now have anything that is made of wood grouped together...I walked around the corner and I stopped in my tracks...I looked as several people were going through the items....First I spotted wooden bowls...I NEVER find wooden bowls!!!...So I grabbed them and probably would have fought off ANYONE who tried to take them from me...LOL...Then I grabbed some more smaller bowls...As the women were watching me grab up my wood items in one big swoop I spotted these!!!...I've always wanted some and have looked at them often, but it's one of those things you think about buying, but never do...As I walked down the aisle, Tim met me at the end....The BIGGEST smile spread across my face....I had finally found some goodies at Goodwill!!!..So here are the before and after pics!!..I see some wax fruit in them!!!..I like the look of one sitting on the other!!..Whatcha think???......Until next time~~hugs, Jen