April 30, 2013

 When I got up Saturday morning Tim told me he had done some primitive decorating...He told me to look out by my butterfly bush...See his little primitive arrangement with my little old wheel barrel, old watering can, birdhouse, and a part of a shovel? ha!ha! He couldn't care less about primitive decorating, but he knows I love it! I LOVE my Timmy!!! And I will be leaving it just as it is!! :)

April 29, 2013

Happy Monday afternoon! Lucy Blue is working hard at supervising me as i work...ha! I think she has the right idea on this cloudy afternoon!

April 26, 2013

Look what was waiting for me in the yard this afternoon!
The house was so quiet last night...Everyone was caught up in their own thoughts....I spent wayyyyyyy too much time on the computer reading comments from the media and Cartersville paper.....For my long time followers, i have shared little Rob with you...For my new followers Little Rob is my nephew...He was shot and killed December 29, 2010....What was called an accident in the beginning took on a life of itself as the case was closed within 24 hrs....The mourning and living without him began....Then received personal affects~found text messages that detectives didn't even look at~autopsy ruled homocide~stories changed~this happened~that happened~ Well, WHAT DID HAPPEN????~~ALL my family has wanted from the beginning is for it to be investigated thoroughly and honestly...Nothing more than any family would want...From the beginning the sherriffs office were defensive, wouldn't return phone calls, wouldn't talk to my brother and sister-in-law....WHY? WHY wouldn't you reach out to the grieving family and answer their questions?....That is why this has gotten this far....Then we found out that the case was never turned over...Kind of like it never existed...My brother was told that Little Rob's was a "political football"...No one wanted to touch it.....Something was going on that day....Wouldn't any parent want to know?

Sometimes i feel like we are watching a movie in the front seat....But, oh no! No movie! Real life!

So, this is where we are 2 yrs and 4 months later....I'm sooooooooo THANKFUL we live away from it and my children aren't surrounded by all the ugliness that is going on...People have opinions and aren't afraid to give it...Really easy when you are talking about someone elses life and not yours....When your heart isn't feeling the loss and pain...

I try not to say anything except behind my closed doors...I pray ALOT for guidance...I struggle...BUT, I'm a mother and with all the feelings that go with that for my children, nieces, nephews....

I'm sorry if anything is mispelled or written wrong in this post...I'm not even going to go back and reread...I do want to share this one last picture of Little Rob that was taken the last day i saw him before Christmas 2010... 

His life mattered...He didn't deserve to be treated like he didn't matter....I wouldn't want any other family treated like this when they just want answers! 

April 25, 2013

 My brother and sister-in-law fight for little Rob....


April 20, 2013

A new simple design.....:)

April 19, 2013

As I have been listening to the tv this morning to keep up with what is going on in Boston, I have been trying to keep myself busy at my worktable....I did get this sweet sampler (Tina Woltman design of Early America 1815) posted on my page in the Primitive Handmades Mercantile group this morning....I absolutely adore her primitive samplers and pinkeeps...:) I have others to add to my selling blog as I get them finished this afternoon, but first a bite of lunch and a walk around the yard to check out any new flowers growing....I need to get away from the tv and media for a bit...Prayers for our country!

April 13, 2013

Aww!!! I was so excited today when I went out and saw the iris that we planted on Easter day (2 weeks ago) had already opened....We have slowly been planting things the past several years and add a few new things every year.....Last year, we added a new tree in front of the house along with butterfly bushes...They did fabulous! This year we planted irises, more day lilies, and pink ornamental grass, and some wild flowers...I want to plant some more butterfly bushes and some hydrangeas this year....But for now, I'm excited about this little beauty....It is suppose to rebloom in the Fall, so we'll see!

Happy weekend~~hugs,Jen

April 8, 2013

It's spring break here this week...The world has arrived and the Master's practice rounds are in full swing just down Washington Road....And yes, we live right off of Washington Road....Luke doesn't want to go out, so we will be staying close to home this week....I've been playing in some of my early fabrics today....I think I might share and make some pindeeps from some of these since I have several of these prints....It's just so hard to cut it and part with it...lol...I know it's just fabric, but it's old fabric...:) So, stay tuned this week...You might see some pop up on my selling blog...:)

I hope everyone is having a great day...It is 80 here and quite warm...I think I will make a big pitcher of ice tea....hugs~Jen

April 6, 2013

 We've been playing with rocks today....One of our new Spring projects...We're trying to decide on 1 level or 2.....

 Usually this area is completely clear....Sometime while we were in Atlanta last weekend a tree fell...Thank goodness it was on the other side of the creek or it would have hit our bedroom....It is one of those really tall trees and it came out of the ground from the roots....Thank you Lord for watching over our home!

See our roof over the top of the tree?

Anyone have a chainsaw??? :)
 Then we spent some time walking around the historical square and in some shops...Ha!ha! my sweet husband decided he was going to try to take a pic of us in front of the fountain...And with all his concentrating he wasn't smiling...UGH!...Pretty good pics except for him not smiling....I told him I needed a new camera that flips around and you can see what you're photographing...

Lunch at Jack's New York deli....Tim laughs as I take his pictures and asks why i keep taking pics...I simply reply "I'm a blogger!"

Then we were off to hug and kiss on our sweet little boy...

I hope to do it again...25 years together...Wow! Where did the time go? I pray for many many more!!

 Saturday morning was spent at the Marietta Farmer's Market, a quick bite to eat, and a tour of the Kennesaw House History Museum......

The hotel we stayed in.....

A trip to Atlanta, Georgia~Confederate Cemetary and old adjoining cemetary

A little getaway last weekend to Atlanta for our 25th anniversary.....Taylor (our 22 year old) stayed at home, while my parents and siblings looked after Luke, our 6 year old....It was his first time away from us overnight, so i was a bit nervous, but he did great...And since my parents live outside of Atlanta that was our destination since I didn't want to go too far away from Luke....The first afternoon there we spent time in this sweet confederate cemetary...It was beautiful and peaceful...We walked the whole cemetary and I took pics of each state....I love old cemetaries and old headstones....

After walking through the confederate cemetary I spent some time in an adjoining cemetary....Such beautiful old headstones and some had fresh flowers or ones that had weathered over time...But it touched my heart that they are still remembered after sooooo many years and generations...