October 27, 2009


Kim.........Cabin Creek Farm.........Thanks everyone for entering!!!

Hi Everyone!!!...I had to pop on here and show you a pic of my table setting I'm working on for tomorrow...Or should I say later today!!..HA!HA!...It's 3:36 am....

It's my birthday and today I get to meet a fellow prim lover...Dana and I belong to A Primitive Place...In fact she is the hospitality coordinator...So we are having lunch at my home today...

Wow!...MY 43 birthday!!!....I'm so blessed to be here..As I have shared with you before.... 7 years ago I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and my family was told I had 6 months to a year to live...I use to hate getting older, but now every birthday is a reminder of another year that God has given me that I could not have had...And if I wasn't here then my sweet boy, Luke, wouldn't be here..He will be 3 in a few weeks...

And then this past year I have been blessed with new friendships and creative opportunities that I never expected...I APPRECIATE EVERYONE that takes time out of their life to visit my little world....

Goonight my sweet friends~~hugs,Jen

October 25, 2009

My Giveaway!!

Hi Everyone!..I wanted to get pics of my giveaway on here...Time to get up for church will come soon, but I wanted you to see what you will be getting if I draw your name...I HOPE you LIKE it!!..I free handed without a pattern...Just LOTS of thought as I stitched...You will receive the "Christmas at the Olde Homestead" pinkeep and framed "Christmas 1762"sampler...The quilt piece and coverlet are NOT included...I took pics with flash and without...

I amaze myself sometimes...I free handed the "Christmas" in the frame...Praying the whole time it would fit inside the frame when I finished and not be a waste of my time...Can you see it fit perfectly??!...I just had to share that with you!!..Ha!Ha!...I was so thankful!!!

ok...I'm going COMPLETELY out of my element, but I wanted to ask what your opinion is....I have been getting emails about my free-handed items asking if I sell them as patterns..I'm always VERY flattered...But as I continue to get them I wanted to ask your opinion if my VERY SIMPLE freehand is pattern worthy???...So all my "friends"(Followers) that are x-stitchers or admirers of x-stitch....What do you think???...Give me your honest opinion!!...

Ok.....Go down to the previous post if you would like to add a comment to be added for the drawing...

Until next time~~hugs,Jen

October 24, 2009

taylors*farmhouse*attic giveaway!!

Hi Everyone!!!...I hope everyone is having a great Saturday!!..We were out all afternoon on the river where Mr. taylors*farmhouse*attic works...His boss is leaving.... headed to Owensboro, Kentucky where their head office is...So I met the new boss and everyone had a steak dinner for the farewell to Mr. and Mrs. Honey....It was HOT and windy!!..Yes, we have been enduring the humidity the last several days...But before you know it it will be cool again....

OK, this is a quick post!!....I'm working on something special..I'm free handing it and then I will make a pattern from it...But this will be my first offering on this blog...This month is my 1 year anniversary and my birthday is Tuesday (October 27th), so I want to give something on my birthday to one of my faithful followers.... It only gives you a few days to sign up if you want to enter...

Don't put it on your blogs!..I'm offering it to my faithful followers or ones that visit...You MUST be a follower!!..I'm also offering it to my international followers!!....I think I'm going to be offering 2 items...I'm doing crows and a Christmas theme...I will post pictures of them when I finish them...

So go ahead and leave me a comment to be entered!!

Have a good Sunday!!!~~hugs, Jen

October 20, 2009


I NEVER thought I'd be posting about this...But yesterday I had a bad scare...Luke and I were playing around in the house when we heard a knock on the door...Being home alone and not expecting Taylor and Tim (who have their own keys) I assumed it was a salesman and I ushered Luke to the back bedroom even though I knew the person had probably heard us....Then I went to Luke's room to look out the window...The young male kept ringing the doorbell and knocking on the door...Well, I thought he's just give up and go on...I then saw him duck down behind my vehicle and go between the vehicle and the garage....I checked on Luke and then I heard him banging on the front door again and ringing the doorbell...At this point he was banging as hard as he could....In the process I'm making my way for the phone and trying to see where he was when it got quiet again....I went to the front window beside the front door and opened the blinds really quickly so i could see out, but no one could see in...Just as i got the blinds opened so I could see out he popped up in front of the window...He had been crouching in the corner of the porch behind a bush....I have a curtain on the bottom of the window and I was looking out top of the blinds....I almost screamed....I saw him, but he didn't see me...Then he went down the sidewalk and kept ducking down like he was hiding from someone...Then back to the front door and more more pounding on the door...At this point I was infuriated!!!..I wanted to open the door and ask him what his PROBLEM was!!!!...There is a reason people don't answer doors!!!!....This went on for over 20 minutes...Then the cops showed up and he was arrested at the end of my driveway....(And if I hadn't been so rattled I would have grabbed my camera and taken a picture of him being searched and laying across the police car)....The scary part was I couldn't figure out why he didn't just go on and wondering where he was when he wasn't pounding on the door trying to get in!...At one point I was going to grab my cell and Luke and head out the back door, but I didn't know if he was the only one and I didn't know where he was when he wasn't pounding on the front door...When Tim came home he found the garbage cans pushed up next to the privacy fence and there were footprints where he was trying to climb on it to go over the fence...You can also see where he was pounding on the front door...And I DON'T think he was wanting a primitive decorating consultation!!!HA!HA!...I just couldn't and still can't figure out why he just wouldn't go on and run into the woods or something...Why was he so determined to get in our house?????....I will probably never know!..So today I have tried to just get back to normal activities...

So onto my new haircut!!...And since I don't like to show pics of myself I chose to show it this way!!...I had about 6 inches cut off...Taylor and I were shopping this weekend and she took a pic of my new hairdo!!...I think I'm going to go back and get it shorter...I really like it and I may not let it grow back out...I haven't had it this short since it was growing back from chemo treatments...It was time for a change!!!

This past weekend was spent at my sister's and parent's in Cartersville, GA....above Atlanta...All four of us kids were there since they all live in Cartersville except me....

And I always try to go to an antique store there called Liz's Antiques...Not alot of goodies this time, but I did bring home some..

A wooden box... $11.50...I love them!!..I keeping my eyes out for some more to keep Luke's toys in...I like this one with the lid...Since the lid hinges are a bit fragile I will not be using this for Luke's toys...It is pretty big, too...I will probably use it to hide my stitching supplies in..

along with some little shoes I like to collect for $3...a big basket for $6.50...some stationary to send notes in my simple goodes I have sold... and 2 taper candles...

I also went to Hobby Lobby
for some more paper mache boxes..I came across something I'm going to work on for Valentines...I usually don't do valentine items, but this time I am!

Here are some more Fall pictures.....

I got this in the mail yest
erday!!..It is my rose hip I won on ebay!!..Perfect to mix in with my greens for Christmas!!!

Until next time!!~~hugs,Jen

October 16, 2009

Taylor has been leaving us messages on the refrigerator using Luke's letters....Here's one of them...I'll share another one another day!

Luke is playing with play doh and we're listening to halloween tunes on a music station on the tv...Some are really creepy and most are funny...At 3 he doesn't care...

Well, I'm off to work on some x-stitching..I'm working hard to get my orders finished so I can get some new items made.....I just wanted to pop in and say "Have a great weekend everyone"...We're spending time with family and doing some clothes shopping this weekend...And of course I have some supplies to get along with some antique shopping...I haven't been antique shopping in quite a while!!

Also, keep checking back for details on a giveaway this week....My birthday is coming up and I want to give a gift to someone else also...It is also my one year blogging anniversary this month....I haven't decided what yet...More details next week!


October 15, 2009


Oh the weather is wonderful here today!!...It's been rainy off and on all day with temps in the low 60's....It's toasty warm in the house even though I have some windows open...Mr. taylors*farmhouse*attic reminded me last night how I will be wanting some hot weather when it gets cold...I FREEZE in the winter down to my bones...And I know I will hate it then, but it's suppose to be back up in the 70's this weekend....So I love this weather!!...I have chicken in the crock pot for chicken and dumplins....The house smells heavenly!!

HA!HA!...I have to share this with you..I was watching a television show last night where the woman was talking about her and her husband were going into the second phase of their life ...kid's getting older and making
plans for their lives....She was saying that she wasn't sure what plans they had....Taylor had been listening and I heard the reply "Have another kid like my parents did!"....And I started laughing...It was so funny the way she said it!

I wanted to share a few Fall pictures with you!

I added a new Halloween pinkeep to my selling blog~~Almost finished with Halloween offerings!

Until next time!!!~~~~Jen

October 14, 2009

Primitive Boxes added to my Selling Blog.....

How is everyone on this wonderful Wednesday????...I think the Fall temps have finally arrived...I actually wore pants today but still with my Birkenstock sandals....(I see people wearing sandals here year round at the Walmart...ha!ha!)....The temps were in the 60's and it was rainy, but i LOVED it!!!!....We have some of the windows open now, but it is cozy warm in here...Good weather to burn candles...I've enjoyed watching QVC the past couple of days...Stan Herman has been on there showing all his lounge wear and pj's for the new season...I could have really spent some money!!!...But I was good and didn't order anything......YET!!!

I added some sets of my primitive boxes to my selling blog....And I have 10 x-stitch orders I'm working on...I want to thank each and everyone of you that continue to buy from me!!!..I also want to thank everyone with their words of encouragment and compliments!!..I'm sooooo blessed!!!...

Ok, I'm off to x-stitch!!...Have a good evening!!!~~hugs,Jen

October 9, 2009

EYE CANDY FRIDAY and a New Offering on my Selling Blog!!

I added a new offering on my selling blog...So when you get a chance go check it out!!!

In the meantime go on down to my next post for Eye Candy Friday!!!

Off to do more x-stitching!!

EYE CANDY FRIDAY and a New Offering on my Selling Blog!!

How was everyone's Friday??...It was 90 today!!....Yes, 90!..And it was HOT!!!. It's suppose to 89 tomorrow...And I read on some blogs today that they are expecting snow this weekend!!

Ok....It's eye candy Friday!!...I wanted to share this new book I got on ebay...Several post back on Kim's blog, Cabin Creek Farm, she had some pictures out of her favorite books....When I saw this one mentioned in a comment I had to seek it out!!!...I think I got it for $8...The book is Seasons at Seven Gates Farm...This is an awesome book!!..It takes you through the seasons with beautiful pictures and is a very enjoyable book to read...So if you're in the south grab a iced tea and if you're in the colder states grab a hot chocolate...Sit back and enjoy!!!

Now, go find this book!!!!

Have a good weekend!!~~hugs, Jen

October 8, 2009

Boxes are finished and a new sampler/pinkeep box.........

Hi everyone!!...I did a dance!!...Yes, I did!...The boxes are now complete!!...They have been sitting on my farmhouse table since the first of August...I have never procrastinated so long on them before...So now I can have my table back...So move over boxes...Time for fabric...I'm going to work on some dolls...

Here is my newest sampler/pinkeep box....I really enjoy making these boxes and pinkeeps!!!...This is a box for your x-stitch and sewing needles....I will definitely be keeping one of these!!!...Off to add it to my selling blog!!

Until tomorrow!!!...It will be Eye Candy Friday!!~~hugs, Jen