October 20, 2009


I NEVER thought I'd be posting about this...But yesterday I had a bad scare...Luke and I were playing around in the house when we heard a knock on the door...Being home alone and not expecting Taylor and Tim (who have their own keys) I assumed it was a salesman and I ushered Luke to the back bedroom even though I knew the person had probably heard us....Then I went to Luke's room to look out the window...The young male kept ringing the doorbell and knocking on the door...Well, I thought he's just give up and go on...I then saw him duck down behind my vehicle and go between the vehicle and the garage....I checked on Luke and then I heard him banging on the front door again and ringing the doorbell...At this point he was banging as hard as he could....In the process I'm making my way for the phone and trying to see where he was when it got quiet again....I went to the front window beside the front door and opened the blinds really quickly so i could see out, but no one could see in...Just as i got the blinds opened so I could see out he popped up in front of the window...He had been crouching in the corner of the porch behind a bush....I have a curtain on the bottom of the window and I was looking out top of the blinds....I almost screamed....I saw him, but he didn't see me...Then he went down the sidewalk and kept ducking down like he was hiding from someone...Then back to the front door and more more pounding on the door...At this point I was infuriated!!!..I wanted to open the door and ask him what his PROBLEM was!!!!...There is a reason people don't answer doors!!!!....This went on for over 20 minutes...Then the cops showed up and he was arrested at the end of my driveway....(And if I hadn't been so rattled I would have grabbed my camera and taken a picture of him being searched and laying across the police car)....The scary part was I couldn't figure out why he didn't just go on and wondering where he was when he wasn't pounding on the door trying to get in!...At one point I was going to grab my cell and Luke and head out the back door, but I didn't know if he was the only one and I didn't know where he was when he wasn't pounding on the front door...When Tim came home he found the garbage cans pushed up next to the privacy fence and there were footprints where he was trying to climb on it to go over the fence...You can also see where he was pounding on the front door...And I DON'T think he was wanting a primitive decorating consultation!!!HA!HA!...I just couldn't and still can't figure out why he just wouldn't go on and run into the woods or something...Why was he so determined to get in our house?????....I will probably never know!..So today I have tried to just get back to normal activities...

So onto my new haircut!!...And since I don't like to show pics of myself I chose to show it this way!!...I had about 6 inches cut off...Taylor and I were shopping this weekend and she took a pic of my new hairdo!!...I think I'm going to go back and get it shorter...I really like it and I may not let it grow back out...I haven't had it this short since it was growing back from chemo treatments...It was time for a change!!!

This past weekend was spent at my sister's and parent's in Cartersville, GA....above Atlanta...All four of us kids were there since they all live in Cartersville except me....

And I always try to go to an antique store there called Liz's Antiques...Not alot of goodies this time, but I did bring home some..

A wooden box... $11.50...I love them!!..I keeping my eyes out for some more to keep Luke's toys in...I like this one with the lid...Since the lid hinges are a bit fragile I will not be using this for Luke's toys...It is pretty big, too...I will probably use it to hide my stitching supplies in..

along with some little shoes I like to collect for $3...a big basket for $6.50...some stationary to send notes in my simple goodes I have sold... and 2 taper candles...

I also went to Hobby Lobby
for some more paper mache boxes..I came across something I'm going to work on for Valentines...I usually don't do valentine items, but this time I am!

Here are some more Fall pictures.....

I got this in the mail yest
erday!!..It is my rose hip I won on ebay!!..Perfect to mix in with my greens for Christmas!!!

Until next time!!~~hugs,Jen


eeekj35 said...

oh my goodness!! That is soooo scary. I can't believe that happened to you. It is like something right off of the television. I am glad that you both are okay. I'll be praying for peace.
I love the goodies you got and your new hairdo. Take it easy, Kim
the prim schoolmarm

Susannah said...

Hi Jen...that was awful..thank goodness you are okay! And Luke, too! Maybe the police could let you know why that guy was there. Even so, I think you were very brave and courageous.


Janet - underthewillow said...

Hello Jen!....the door pounding incident was frightening!....you had my heart pounding as I was reading because a very similar thing happened to me when we lived in CA....actually on two different occassions something similar happened and on one we found out that the man was on drugs and thought it was his house so maybe that was the case on what happened to you considering his persistence!....and it's really scary to know how long it takes the police to respond!

On a much lighter note, your haircut looks fab and you got some wonderful goodies!


Diva Kreszl said...

How frightening for you! Perhaps he was high and disoriented, not knowing where he was. Will the police ever let you know? Keeping you in my prayers and glad you're safe. Love the new do!!!

Jennifer Ann Fox said...

That is one of the exact reasons we moved from that area up to North Ga.
The week before I moved from Waynesboro, right below where you live, I had the same thing happen. I had to pull a gun out at the window until the police came. It was a druggie. It's frightening.
Now, I'm married to a cop and we moved up to the mountains where it's not as bad as Augusta and Waynesboro was. Man, crime was bad down there!
Hope you stay safe.

Feathers in the Nest

Chatty Kathy~Palmetto Prims said...

Oh my Jen, I'm glad you and Luke are OK. There are some really crazy people in this world!! Love that new do!! Once I decided to get my hair cut short, I never let it grow out again. Love it!!

Black Sheep Lisa said...

Oh what a scary day! I have had salemen and such knock on my front door and my big bad boxer would be standing on his back legs in the window and those idiots still are knocking i would not be able to let them in if i wanted too! LOL
Love the new goodies!

Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

Hi Jen - again, I am so glad you are OK! I was so shook up when I first heard the story. So scary.

LOVE the new haircut. Coincidentally, I had a few inches cut off my hair this morning! But that is as short as I am going. I need to balance my chuuby face! LOL

Love all your new goodies. That box looks so old and interesting. Can't wait to see where you put it.

Stay safe my friend!

hugs, Linda

Martha said...

OMG, that must have been so scary! Can you call the police and ask what happened? I would want to know for sure. I am so happy you are safe and your little one!

I keep my cell phone with me all the time when I am home alone, but then I will go out to get the mail and realized that the garage door was left open and anyone could walk in!

I love your goodies! And I love your haircut and that mask is great. I need something like that when I go visit my grandkids the end of the month for Halloween

Unknown said...

Wow!...that is scary!...glad you are all okay!

I love your haircut...don't be afraid to show pix of yourself...i think you are beautiful!

Love the big box and other goodies you got!

big city prims said...

OMG, Jen, what a story! I couldn't read fast enough to make sure you were ok!!How very scary. Glad someone called the cops -- thought it was bad up here, but wow, this guy was persistant. Glad you are both ok.Yikes! Some sickos out there! (ps-- love the haircut!)

Lewaina@cliffsideranch said...

I would still be rattled! Thanks heavens the police came. Glad you are OK. What a scare!
Your hair cut looks good. And I LOVE the glasses, did you buy them! LOL
Love the new goodies.
♥ Mercy

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Wow, what a scare! I'm glad you and Luke are both okay...people are crazy anymore, disgusting!

Love those rosehips they will look good for Christmas!

We all need a change once in a while and the hair do is really nice on you!

Jenny said...

Oh wow, Jen! I was reading fastest and fastest to find out what happened! I'm glad everything turned out okay....I would want to know what the story was on the kid.

Love your new look, and those glasses are sooo YOU!! lol

Love your finds too!

Take care,

Theresa said...

Maybe he was afraid of someone coming after him and was trying to seek safety??? I had this happen to me in the middle of the night when I was working at a group home. I peaked out the window to see three men at the door. I was soooo terrified that I called my mom and made her call 911(don't know why I didn't call??) the police came and never found them. The police officer said they were probably just idiots trying to scare staff at the home. I sat with a kitchen knife in both hands the remainder of that shift. It was VERY VERY scary and I can totally appreciate your fear. Glad they got him though.

Rhonda said...

So glad to hear the story came out OK in the end. I'm glad you guys are OK. A similar thing happened to my hubby a few weeks ago. It was midnight though. The kid left when DH said he couldn't come in and use the phone. He never called the police though. I wish he had.
Your new do lokks marvelous. Nothing like a hair cut to give a girl a lift.
I am trying to find a Hobby Lobby close to us. The closest I can find so far is Ohio so it'll have to be a day trip. But I love their selection. I go in Texas when I visit my big sis.


Terry said...

My heart was beating so fast reading your post! I am so glad you both are okay! I have a habit of going out to the garden and leaving the house unlocked. Live in a small village, but still, I should be more careful.
I think your new haircut is adorable on you.
Love the rosehips!
Take care!

RachelC said...

Oh, my goodness, Jen!!! That is SO scary! I feel really sheltered here on a military base...I don't even lock my apartment door most of the time. I will have to get back to reality when I return to the US. I am so glad you all are OK. That is one of the most scary things I have heard happen in a long time. I think your haircut is adorable! :-). I also loved seeing all your new goodies. Again, I am so glad you all are ok. I hope you all have a nice peaceful day!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey Jen, I am glad you stayed inside where you were safe..but that would have totally freaked me out..we have guns and you can bet mine would have been in my hands..I love your new do and love those glasses too...love your fall decor too...have a wonderful rest of your week.;)

Christine said...

Wow, I would have been freaked out too! So glad everything turned out okay- but I would still try to check w/the police to see if they have any idea what he was doing. If they arrested him at your house, then I would think they would be nice enough to share what they thought his motive was. You should call them to ask.
My dogs go crazy anytime someone comes up our driveway. Our parking is far enough away from the door that I can usually step out on the back porch before they even get out of their car-I try to do that to see what they want before they even get close to the house. Usually it's someone asking if they can hunt our property or paint our barn or something that I can answer right away to get them on their way as fast as possible. I generally feel pretty safe living out here in the country- break-ins are not common around here, but you never know. You showed great restraint not screaming when he popped up in front of you! I would have been screaming AND peeing in my pants! lol
I, too, have a fondness for wooden boxes! I would have snatched that one up for sure! Your haircut looks great and love the glasses :)


Lisa said...

I would be scared out of my mind. Especially with you being there alone with Luke...yep, I would have called 911 after just a couple minutes of him pounding like some maniac on my door. Just happy that you both are safe!! Praise God.

Love your new hairdo... it looks great!


At Home With Amy said...

Wow I bet you were scared out of your mind. Why didn't you call the police the minute you got suspicious that the kid wasn't there for a consultation!!! Don't ever wait that long to see what someone is going to do. I am so glad no harm came to you and your baby.

You got some really wonderful goodies. Great score from Ebay. Love the rosehip.

Those glasses definitely set your new haircut off. I might just have to get me a pair to wear next time I try a new do!

Enjoy your week and stay safe!

Craftyperson said...

Oh my goodness....Thank heavens you didn't answer the door...If I don't know the person I don't answer it either...You can never be safe enought...Love your new haircut..so cute...Love all your goodies...

Linda said...

Jen........how scary that must have been for you. Now I wonder what the rest of the story on that guy is.
Your hair cut is very cute on you and of course I love the rose hips.
Come visit my blog and see some of my collection of kids shoes, I love them too.

A Bit of Colour said...

Glad to hear that you & your family are safe! How frightening that must have been.

Love your hair & your rosehips, I just received some also through the mail.

Farm Field Primitives said...

Wow,that must have been so scary. Makes me know why now I don't always answer the door when I'm home alone or with the kids. Let us know if you find out any more. Your haircut looks cute and I love all of your goodies. Take care.

Anne said...

Wow...too scary...I had a similar thing happen..only I was home alone only in eigth grade and I tried to open the door for him, The Lord must have been watching over me cuz...the lock was stuck and I could not get it open. Called the police and off he went!! Very scary......love you new doo, looks great!!

Cheryl said...

OMG So glad you are safe. So scary.
I am loving your hairdo and the GLASSES.

Carey's Farmhouse Kitchen said...


Oh how scary for you I'm glad you and Luke are safe. That's really strange.

Love the new Do and the rosehips will be fun to decorate with.


Linda* ~ Josephine’s Daughter said...

Oh my goodness Jen I'm glad that nut didn't get in your house!
You hair cut looks very cute.

My Colonial Home said...

OMGosh Jen, how terrifying!
Now who called the police to make them show up??? Possibly they were already in the process of searching for him.
Glad you had sense to not open the door. I guess I would have gone out when the police had him - just out of curiosity being he had been on my property...but who knows what we would do, huh? YOU DID THE RIGHT THING!!!!
I'm so happy it turned out positive.

Love your goodies kiddo! Oh how cute are those shoes!


Valley Primitives Gift Shoppe said...

My goodness! How scary!! So thankful that you and Luke are okay. Maybe the police would be interested in knowing what happened, and they could give you a little info about him.

Lydia said...

Oh Jen - I agree with what everyone said - thank goodness you and Luke are ok!! I can't imagine how scary that was.

Love the new do - looks so cute with your glasses :)

Patti said...

How terribly scary! I'm so glad that you stayed put and called the police ~ definitely the right thing to do!

Blessings, Patti

Star Mills Candles said...

How scary for you! I am glad you and Luke are ok.
Love your new do...and I have no idea why you don't like to show yourself...you are so pretty!!!

carolyn@simple~primitive~devotion said...

Jenn, that had to be very scary! I am so thankful that he didn't get in. Some burglars try to make sure nobody is home before they break in. It sounds like he was hoping to find a good hiding place from the cops. Did you call them, or were they already looking fro this guy?
One morning right after we bought this house, hubby went to work and I was about to leave when someone tried to break in our backdoor! I called the police and they came, but I guess my screaming must have scared the guy off. The scariest part was that I was running late that day. If it had been any other day, I would have been gone to work and my daughter would have still been sleeping. She had just graduated from high school and was enjoying sleeping late without any responsibilities. She sleeps so hard she never heard the loud crash that morning, and I had to go in and physically wake her up. If I had not been there, the intruder would have found her in bed and no telling what might have happened. I thank God that I was late that day! And before the end of the day, we had an alarm system installed!