December 31, 2009

This is what I woke up to this morning!!...I took all my Christmas down last night..I had everything arranged, vaccumed, and was going to dust really good today....I knew Tim was getting his surround sound hooked up today and we had sporadically discussed holes in walls, speakers, etc since the summer.....Well, today was the day!!..It's about time I guess...Tim has had it since 2002 when he bought it and I was undergoing chemo.... He deserves to have it by now!!!...So as of right now I have two holes for speakers and they are on the back wall...So not too bad...

And what is all these orb looking things in my pictures???...

Happy New Year everyone!!!~~hugs, Jen


Megan @ Stitchinthedayaway said...

I also noticed the orbs, there's one in the first pic too!!! That's one of the first things I notice in pictures, we always have a lot of them too!! I love it, good spirits surrounding you all :)
Happy New Year to you & your family!! I just love your house, looks so pretty & homey!!

Janet - underthewillow said...

why do men always want to put holes in the walls I just don't get it! LOL ::::just kidding:::: the orbs are most likely dust on the camera lens, give it a good blow and hope it works!

Happy New Year!

Black Sheep Lisa said...

U r not alone, we have surround sound speakers too! Mr. Black Sheep is all about being hi-tech so i have lived with it for years! LOL
Wishing u and your family a blessed New Year!

Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

Happy New Years Jen - I hope the guys put the walls back together so you ca enjoy New Years Eve!!

warm hugs, Linda

Chatty Kathy~Palmetto Prims said...

Oh, men and their toys!! We have surround sound with speakers hanging close to the ceiling. They used to bug me but now I don't even notice.

Have a wonderful New Year!!!

basketsnprims said...

A very Happy New Year to you and your family.

Linda said...

Hi Jen.....all that tech stuff is too much for me. I wonder how they know where every thing goes. Prim lovers do manage to live in two worlds hundreds of years apart, don't we?
happy New Year,

~Judy~ said...

Us too! We have the BOSE surround sound speakers. I have hung baskets from some of them!

Happy New Year Jen!

denise said...

Happy New Year!! I' i'm not a big ve been a fan ever since you were featured in Mercantile Gatherings. i'm not a big fan of surround sound either. i guess that's the price we have to pay for technology. LOL!!!

Lee Hill Primitives said...

Happy New Year! I hope 2010 brings us all many blessings and health. Thanks for be one of my clients last year. I notice the orbs too. I have some in my pic's, I think they are good spirits surrounding us.

Shakerwood said...

That's probably the hardest part about prim decorating....decorating around the surround sound! Our speakers are sitting on things right now. One of them is just behind my ear when I sit in my wingback chair. Nothing worse than trying to do hand work while Dear Hubby is watching James Bond!!!

Hillcresthome Prims said...

Jen, Mr. Hillcrest has surround sound also, I guess that is what our husbands like, so what the hay!!
I want to wish you and your family a Hapy New Year!!!!(2010)

Blessings friend,
Hillcrest Home Prims

Robyn ♥ said...

I hope you have a very healthy happy new year!!
I think a pair of the shaker baskets of Pam's will look lovely over those speakers! The holes are big enough to hear through!
Love your new decorations! Anything you do looks great!

My Colonial Home said...

Oh man, don't you love it when they decided it's TIME to do THEIR thing? lol
Well, knowing you, you will have it all hidden in no time flat!
Hugs, Karen