December 30, 2009

Christmas decor is coming down and Christmas 2009 is officially over in our home...I have candles lit and I'm listening to my blog music as I work...Be sure to praise and thank GOD for all his blessings this past year and all the opportunities and blessings HE has planned for each of us and our families in 2010...hugs, Jen


My Colonial Home said...

Well Jen our Christmas decorations came down today as well....oh man, those greens sure did get dried out and it's everywhere!

Backwoodsprim said...

Hey Jenn,
I'm leaving our stuff up at least 'til Friday...have company coming tomorrow night...then down it comes! Trying to work on painting the bedroom too! Whoo-eee!
Why do I do these things?!! LOL!
Your home looked lovely for it always does!
hope to have some bedroom re-do pics to show yuo all soon!

Hope you & your's have a healthy & happy New Year!

~Judy~ said...

Hi Jen, I'm probably taking mine down New Year's Eve. It never fails though.....just when I think I've put it all away...I find something else.

hugs, Judy

Sherrie said...

OH my gracious goodness Jen, I just love those little stockings!!! I will take a pair of any color. So glad you and your family had a good Christmas!! We did too but I am soooo ready to get back to normal.. Don't have any decorations put away yet, but will probably work on that tomorrow. have a great New Year my friend!! Hugs Sherrie

Sandy said...

As of right now, I have a large pile of Christmas decor laying outside of my kitchen. Normally I keep all my snowmen out and a couple of trees till the New Year. So I guess I will make it to New Years Eve...LOL. But I am SOOOOOO ready to get my house back to normal and simple. So I will be at hubby to get the bins out to clean up and put away everything. I then will be able to say...ah...LOL.

I hope you have a fun New Years to whatever you and your family decide to do. Stay warm and safe :)

ohiofarmgirl said... is such a sad sight...I do hate putting everything away then out house becomes so common. I hate that. It will be another long 10 months without Christmas. Dianntha