October 9, 2009

EYE CANDY FRIDAY and a New Offering on my Selling Blog!!

How was everyone's Friday??...It was 90 today!!....Yes, 90!..And it was HOT!!!. It's suppose to 89 tomorrow...And I read on some blogs today that they are expecting snow this weekend!!

Ok....It's eye candy Friday!!...I wanted to share this new book I got on ebay...Several post back on Kim's blog, Cabin Creek Farm, she had some pictures out of her favorite books....When I saw this one mentioned in a comment I had to seek it out!!!...I think I got it for $8...The book is Seasons at Seven Gates Farm...This is an awesome book!!..It takes you through the seasons with beautiful pictures and is a very enjoyable book to read...So if you're in the south grab a iced tea and if you're in the colder states grab a hot chocolate...Sit back and enjoy!!!

Now, go find this book!!!!

Have a good weekend!!~~hugs, Jen


Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

I already have it! LOL By the way, it has been printed with different covers at different times.

Raggedy Angel said...

I have had this book a long time (years)and I still LOVE it! I can pull it out anytime of year and be inspired!
We are having cool mornings and HOT afternoons here in NC.
Have a great weekend!

My Colonial Home said...

Oh the book is beautiful. Hope i can find one someplace.

~Judy~ said...

I am SO gonna get this book. Thanks for showing it!

hugs, Judy

PrimWyoGirl said...

Jen, you are right, the book is wonderful. I checked it out at the library and then found a decent price on ebay. Great photos! As far as the snow goes, it has been off and on this week. Started again this evening and we have about 2-3 inches right now. What happened to fall? I am sorry it is so hot there still! Jayne

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love that book..love all the cozy inviting photos too..:)

Kim said...

Oh, I think I may have to find me that book. It looks wonderful!
Have a great weekend.

Prim Blessings,

Audrey said...

Keep up with the "book" series I am loving it!!

Thanks Linda for the tip on covers. I found it on Amazon and didn't know which one to order!!!
Now I will go get it.

I so enjoy your blog :)

Linda said...

Oh, Jen,
That has to be my all time favorite book. I have had it for years, since it first came out. I wish we could hear more from Jimmie Cramer. He just kind of disappeared after Dean Johnson died suddenly.

Carey's Farmhouse Kitchen said...

I already have the book too, it's called Seasons, I love it! I can't wait to try the mitten thing on the mantle later for Christmas.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a wonderful book! That looks like Lavender in the first photo. I'll look for it! Thanks!