October 8, 2008

What'cha Working On Wednesday!!!

It is a drabby and rainy day here in Georgia!!...But the temp is wonderful!!!!!... I love rainy days when I can stay home, but I had to go get Taylor and go to the post office to get an ebay item mailed...Then I got Luke to sleep so I can post for my first What'cha Working on Wednesday!!!!...I'm working on a x-stitch pattern of Lori Brechlin's of Notforgotten Farm......I love this pattern!!...I'm really bad about buying a pattern and not getting to it for several years because I have so many others I haven't stitched yet....Well, I had to get this one stitched up!!....Isn't he cute??...I can't wait to get him finished and into a coffee bath.....The Fall season is just too short...I just went last week and picked up an order of patterns...On Friday I had 8 more picked out and ordered....But they are all Halloween and Halloween will be upon us soon, so I will have to save these for next year!!!...I'm not sure how much Christmas I will do this year because I have request for everyday samplers and pics....But I'm sure I will be putting some orders in for some Christmas patterns,too!!!ha!

Back during the summer I finally got around to getting patterns drawn to all my patterns...And they've laid on my work desk since then....They have been a thorn in my side because EVERY time I go near my desk I see them and feel bad because there are many unfinished projects stacked up....Not to mention I have to move the stack to use my sewing machine... So last night the stack moved to the diningroom table..YEAH!!!..I may just sit and start drawing patterns this afternoon [inbetween doing the laundry] on the big bolt of osnaburg fabric I've had for a while just for this purpose....So maybe just maybe inbetween my x-stitching I might just get some patterns done and I can share them with you....We'll see!!!

On top of that I've been waiting all summer for the Fall to get here...I've had projects picked out to make.... The summers here are brutal!!!... And I couldn't drag myself out to the garage to work on any wood projects in 100+ temps after I spent 8 hours out there one day early in June cleaning out and organizing....{That was before the snake skin was spotted in the garage}....I pulled EVERYTHING out into the driveway and it was cooler out in the driveway then it was in the garage!!!....So Fall is here and I want to make a cupboard,drysink,settle bench,cabinets to hang, and a big cabinet to put all my supplies in and out of reach of little hands....But first a yard sale to clear out...And that will be next weekend!!!...So hopefully I will be getting those projects marked off my list and pictures to share with you!!!..We'll see!!!

Have a great rest of the day!!!!.........Jen


Leslie said...

Thanks for joining in on Whatcha Working on Wednesday :) I love your cross stitch. It is very cute.

I think that's kind of normal to have patterns and let them sit for quite a while. It seems everyone talks about the same problem! LOL

I looked through some of your other old posts and I love your home. Everything is decorated very nicely and you have lots of blue...my fav color :)

Have a wonderful night!


taylors*farmhouse*attic said...

Thanks Leslie!...And thanks for dropping in...I'm really excited about doing this blog....Come back again!!!....Jen